World War Two Mystery Autumn 2

On Thursday 23rd November, year 6 were treated to “A World War II mystery “. Dr Amanda Hartley planned an interactive lecture style workshop based on solving a DNA identity case, just as it would be solved in a DNA testing laboratory. She told the story of two children whose Granny was moving in with them. She married during the war but her husband died in battle. She never spoke about him and his identity has remained a mystery in the family. When moving Granny’s things, the children discovered a shoe box full of love letters, a locket and photos. They traced their grandfather’s family who gave them some of his old things. She spoke to the children about how we would obtain DNA from the items given to them (a ration book, army uniform and gas mask) and prove that the man in the photographs really is their grandfather. This was a very interactive and visual session with children finding out additional information about RAF pilots in World War II, and how we can use science to answer questions about the past.