Year 6 Autumn 1 2023

Year six have been learning about World War 2 as part of our history and English curriculums. We started our topic by learning about the events that led up to the war, and have spent the first half term learning about how life changed for ordinary people during the war period, especially during The Blitz. We have been reading Carrie’s War which has helped in our understanding of evacuation and rationing. We were able to use our knowledge of the war to do some amazing writing in English. We imagined ourselves as soldiers in the Normandy Landings, writing a letter home to loved ones, describing the feelings and experiences of being there; we used a short film called “Beyond the Lines” to support our understanding. We also wrote some instructions on how to survive in an air-raid, using a formal style of language.

In RE we learnt about Judaism, and the suffering of the Jewish population of Europe during the Holocaust. We thought about how different people turn to God in various ways during times of suffering, using texts from the Old Testament and reading the writing of Anne Frank and Simon Winston – two Jews who lived through the Holocaust. Simon Winston survived but Anne Frank sadly, did not.

In science we learnt about animals, including humans. We have been able to understand how the circulatory and digestive systems work, and did an investigation into how exercise affects our heart rate and general well- being. We also learnt about how to maintain a healthy life style.

In PE we have been doing Real PE and basket- ball and in music we have been learning some soul songs and adding a musical accompaniment.