Year 6 Autumn 2020

This half term we have been busy working on the practical side of our foundation topics. As our topic is life in Ancient Greece, we have based our art and DT around this too.  The children designed a Greek style mythological beast which they then made from clay, and for DT they designed their own 3D maze which they then made from art straws, for the minotaur to hide in! The children had some brilliant designs and we were very impressed with the completed products.

Our science this term was called Animals, Including Humans. We learnt about the circulatory and digestive systems in our bodies, and the impact of cigarettes and other drugs. We have also learnt about the benefits of a healthy diet and active life style, and have loved playing Endball in PE. The children have worked brilliantly as part of a team and improved their passing and catching skills.

In English, we studied the fictional world of Pandora. The children created their own insect which lives on this amazing moon and then wrote a non-chronological report about it. They really enjoyed being creative in their designs and were able to use a variety of literary devices in their writing, such as relative clauses, extended noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions, as well as a wide range of technical vocabulary. They also published their completed work on the word processors.

Our mathematical work has been very much based on fractions and properties of shape this half term. We can now add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions from unit fractions to mixed numbers. We have also learnt to draw and measure angles and calculate missing angles in triangles, straight lines, quadrilaterals, other regular polygons and around a point.

It has been a busy but enjoyable half term.