Year 6 Crucial Crew Virtual Visit

On Tuesday 27th April, Year 6 were visited virtually by the Crucial Crew run by Norfolk Police. The Crucial Crew spoke with Year 6 about the importance of internet safety. We listened to the information that was shared and there was an opportunity for the children to ask questions about topics they were unsure about. The key messages shared by the Crucial Crew reinforced the discussions that we have had in our PSHE/PATHS learning in school.

Social media usage was a large focus of the discussion. The Crucial Crew stressed the importance of making social media accounts private and not accepting people we do not know. Photographs that can be screenshot and shared could have a damaging effect on somebody so the children were told to be cautious about sharing photos online. The children were reminded about sending kind and respectful messages to friends that they communicate with online and not sending messages that would cause somebody to become upset. A rule of ‘if you wouldn’t say it someone’s face, don’t say it behind a screen’ was discussed. Most importantly, the Crucial Crew told the children that if they are worried about anything online, to speak out to a trusted adult.