Year 6 Maths

Some of the children in year 6 have been doing some extra challenging work in their learning on fractions and decimals. We looked at this problem from NRICH and spent some time working on solving it. We then had to write our answers in fractions and decimals.

\\MUTLEY\Staff$\Planning\Year 6\2022-2023\KH\maths\website\IMG_1705.JPG
\\MUTLEY\Staff$\Planning\Year 6\2022-2023\KH\maths\website\IMG_1707.JPG
\\MUTLEY\Staff$\Planning\Year 6\2022-2023\KH\maths\website\IMG_1708.JPG
\\MUTLEY\Staff$\Planning\Year 6\2022-2023\KH\maths\website\IMG_1706.JPG

Erin in GG6 went home and continued to work on the problem and found the solution!