Year 6 Spring 1 2021

We started this term like no other. Very quickly the children became adept at working with TEAMS and developing their computing skills to a very high level. We have all been incredibly impressed at how hard they have worked. We continued teaching our curriculum with a few small changes to the planning for the home learning.

In maths, the children worked on percentages and algebra, which they did very well.

In science the children learned about evolution and inheritance; their work included researching the life of Charles Darwin and Mary Awning, as well as applying all their learning to create their own evolved creature.

In English we have been reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar, the children then took their knowledge of the story and characters to write a newspaper report about how the main character, Stanley ended up at Camp Green Lake.

During our last week of the half term we studied the poem Tyger Tyger by Willaim Blake and the children wrote their own Tyger poem.

Tyger, Tyger

The Tyger sits with his darting eyes,

Watching his prey get ready to die,

Licking his sunset-coloured fur,

He then starts to loll and purr,

Tyger, Tyger he’s not weak,

Just sitting there, prim and sleek,

Bathing under a lush green tree,

Tyger sees a bee and decides to flee,

Ready to pounce,

He spies a mouse,

Look at his razor-sharp teeth,

Trying to blow away a leaf,

Tyger, Tyger he’s so smart,

He always has a bounding heart,

He likes to rest,

So that he hunts the best,

Did you know that he has a solid tail,

Which has immaculate detail?

Tyger, Tyger, hear him roar,

The Tyger is certainly not a bore,

Be careful of his sharp, white claws,

And watch out for those scary jaws,

Tyger, Tyger, covered in stripes,

Why are you always full of hype?


The stripy, amber Tyger who is very savage,

Causes a lot of unexpected damage,

Rips apart it’s dinner with his razor – sharp claws,

Feasts upon it with his immense jaws,

The Tyger is exceptionally large,

But it takes charge,

It is extremely ferocious,

Leaps but creeps,

Springs and flings,

Like the king of all kings,

The mean, intimidating eyes are amazingly bright,

But gives a fright,

The beautiful, charming Tyger is very clean,

Looking almost pristine,

It likes to sneakily prowl,

When it catches its prey it lets out an ear- piercing growl!


Tigers panting in the sun,

Like their life has just begun.

Silky black fur pounces on its food,

And it is just like a jet going past.

Looking closer to see their jaws,

Then to feel their claws.

Seeing their legs dropping down,

Then getting up to go to town.

Seeing the stream overflowing,

And the trees blowing.

The lines of a plane are not to plain to see,

Emerald green eyes glaring at who might flee.

Roaring at each other every day,

Wait for your suspicious prey.