Year 6 Summer 1 2022

This half term, year six have been working incredibly hard. The children have started to learn about World War 2 in history; they have found out about the causes of the war, key events and the evacuation of children. They have also started to read the children’s novel, Carrie’s War, and used the knowledge they have to write a letter home in role as an evacuee. In addition, they have also written instructions on how to survive in an air raid.

In science, the topic has been on Living Things. They have been able to classify animals according to their characteristics, and have learnt about the 3 main types of micro-organisms – fungus, virus and bacteria. The unit has been completed by devising an investigation into the conditions needed to grow mould on bread.

In maths the children have started to plan some recipes for baking cupcakes. This has involved scaling recipes and creating nets to make packages for the completed goodies!