Year 6 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 6 really enjoyed focusing on maths as part of STEM Day. Our first activity involved us managing money with a quick and easy game. It included small elves and a tree farm. The game was based on probability where we had to try and make the most money. Although, like the taxman, you had to take risks. It was a really fun way of being competitive.

Next, we started cracking codes using symbols (Morse code), a mixed alphabet and surprisingly maths! We used letter and code frequency to decipher hidden messages and texts.

Our final task involved us looking at Vedic patterns with our parents. Vedic maths teaches how to solve mathematical problems; it comes from India and Persia and is at least 3000 years old. We reduced 2 digit numbers to single digit numbers, for example 32; 3+2 = 5. The single digit numbers were then placed within the multiplication square. We then connected all of the 1’s, 2’s, 3’s etc. together to create patterns.