Year 6 World War Two Day Summer 2021

As part of our current history topic, Year 6 took part in a World War Two themed day on Wednesday 9th June 2021. Our day was enhanced by a visitor who spoke to the children about what life was like during WW2. We started our day with some handwriting practise and code breaking. The children were impressed by the handwriting standard expected of the children during that time. Our day then consisted of various activities including playground games involving skipping, blitz artwork, spitfire plane modelling and a session with our visitor. The children showed great skill when painting and paid careful attention to their colour mixing and blending. The addition of the silhouettes really brought the scene to life. The children enjoyed the skipping games and learning WW2 rhymes that went with the games. Our visitor played the character of a woman living during WW2 and told us about her husband at war and son who had been evacuated to the countryside. The children really enjoyed listening to her stories and joining in with some historical dance routines.

Some of the children shared their thoughts about the day:

‘I enjoyed the stories from Mrs Ethel Brown they were interesting.’

‘I found the skipping fun. We all joined in together and we got to teach others how to do it.’

‘I really liked the code breaking but I found the style of the handwriting challenging, especially the capital letters’.

‘I enjoyed creating the Blitz art. It looked really effective when we stuck the silhouettes on top of the painting.’