Year 2 Summer 1 2021

Year 2 have been focusing on their topic ‘Art around the World.’ The children have been creating a range of different artwork, including their own Aboriginal dreaming, and an African clay hand. The children designed their artwork before creating these wonderful masterpieces. This meant they were able to evaluate their finished design and they are very excited to take these home and share them with their families.

The children have also been learning about Islam in RE. They talked about who is part of their own community, and wrote their own rules that they thought would make the world a better place. The children drew on knowledge from previous RE teaching, our PATHs rules and also discussions around environmental issues.

Year 2 Spring 2021

Year 2 took part in an art inspired writing week for the last week of half term. We looked at a range of painting styles, artists and also writing genres.

The children had a daily painting or sculpture to share their thoughts and opinions about and decide if they enjoyed that piece of work or did not like it.

Each day the children focused on a certain artist including Henri Rousseau, Banksy, Picasso and Norfolk painter, Kieron Williamson.

The children were given an art task to recreate their own work based on the days’ focus artist. They created self-portraits, abstract faces in the style of Picasso and also landscape designs.

From these pieces of artwork, they wrote instructions, gave opinions for a balanced argument and also wrote about their favourite location in Norfolk.

Each day the children plotted the famous artwork on the time line in chronological order.

Year 2 English Autumn Term 2020

Year Two have been looking at the book ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. As part of one of the lessons based around this lovely book the children thought about what made the world a wonderful place to live in. We listened to David Attenborough narrate the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong with amazing photos of nature to inspire the children’s ideas. The children then worked as a class to develop a poem by writing about their favourite thing on Earth.

The poems are shown below for each class and KT2 recorded their poem to share on the website and the children joined in with the repeating elements of the poem. We hope you enjoy reading them!

CC2 Poem

What A Wonderful World Poem KT2

What A Wonderful World Poem PA2