South America Day with visitor, Summer 2021

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Janet at the end of term, to consolidate our learning about South America, Central America and the Mayans, during the year. We built on our guided reading lessons, where we learnt about the significance of the corn gods and rain gods in Mayan culture. We replicated these traditions in our dance. Our knowledge of the hierarchy in Mayan society was excitingly challenged; we watched our friends and gave feedback, saying who we thought they were representing in society, looking carefully at their body movements and gestures. Finally, our knowledge of rainforest life and animal habitats in the various rainforest layers, helped us to explore new movements in our animal dance. We also had an enjoyable carousel of activities, writing leaf poems, making masks and dancing.

DT Summer 2021

Year 5 have been learning about recycling this half term. We used the opportunity to convey the plight of plastics in the oceans, through our DT sewing lessons.

Having seen several images of plastic in the ocean, we carefully designed our work, thinking of the materials we would need and for what purpose.

To frame our work and avoid fraying, we made a cross stitch border. Long running stitches represented the water and waves. French knots and beads were used to attach our fish and other creatures. We used stem stitch and chain stitch to create plant stems and felt for coral and rocks.

Every piece of work incorporated an element of plastic in their design. Satsuma nets, trapping fish or plastic bags and bubble wrap entwining the creatures.

We gave each other some constructive feedback, as we evaluated and reflected on our finished pieces.

Year 5 Poetry Summer 2021

Year 5 have enjoyed learning about classic poetry in the summer term. They studied ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson and ‘Night Mail’ by WH Auden. They then wrote their own train poems and performed them to their friends. Next, the children moved on to learning about Kenning Poems. Here are two that our children wrote. One about night time and the other about Covid 19!

Year 5 Cooking Summer 2021

Year 5 have enjoyed cooking again, in their DT lessons, after careful risk analysis, due to Covid.

Following their studies of the Mayan culture, in their history, the children researched the ingredients that would be readily available to the Mayan. The children had also studied a book called, “The Corn Grows Ripe” by Dorothy Rhoads, as part of their guided reading. They knew the importance of the corn and the gods in their agriculture. They also learnt how the butternut squash was hollowed out to make a water jug.

The children have learnt about healthy eating and food groups as part of their PSHE studies too. We then compiled a list of likely ingredients for our recipe. The children were regularly washing their hands as they shared utensils. They learnt safe ways to chop different shaped vegetables and how to make a “bridge” shape with their hands, in order to chop safely.

We then thought carefully about the presentation of our soup – one lumpy and one smoothed with a blender. We added sprinkles of chilli, pumpkin seeds, sage and a twist of lime to make it look appealing.

Year 5 Geography Summer 2021

Year 5 have been learning about the Norfolk Broads as part of our local area studies. The children were interested in the following quote:

“Human influence created the Broads and human influence is contributing to its destruction.”

The children were able to explain that the Broads were manmade in Medieval times, when they needed to dig peat for fuel, when the population of Norfolk increased. They subsequently flooded when sea levels rose.

They then went on to explore what is meant by “eutrophication” where human activity like farming means that nitrates and phosphates are washed into the Broads. This causes too much algae to grow on the surface, using up oxygen from the water and blocking the sunlight.

The children then shared their experiences of seeing algae build up in their fish tanks and ponds. We decided to explore this further by looking in our school pond.

Whilst we were there, we also practised some of mindfulness techniques, connecting with and enjoying exploring our beautiful surroundings.

Year 5 Science Summer 2021

It has been 2 weeks since we planted our sunflower seeds at Toftwood Junior School.  We are starting them off in our greenhouse and checking regularly, if they need watering.

We are happy to report that they are now approximately 1cm tall and have a span of almost 4 cm.

Here are some photos of us planting our seeds and caring for them in our school greenhouse at Toftwood Junior School.

Year 5 Spring 2021

C:\Users\k.morgans\Downloads\IMG_1342[1].JPG The week beginning 1st February 2021 was Children’s Mental Health Week and we recognised this week in year 5 in a number of ways.

We started the week by discussing the theme ‘Express Yourself.’ We talked about different ways you can express yourself creatively and why it is important to find healthy ways to express yourself. 

We had many opportunities throughout the week to express ourselves creatively. One of the activities was to make a Gratitude Tree which involved collecting twigs and decorating them. The children enjoyed writing what they are grateful for on their trees.

Year 5 Autumn 2020

Year 5 have been working hard to develop their art skills of light and shade, using various media of pencils, pastels and water-colours.

We have made specific links to our science topic and our shadow experiment.

We have brought all these skills together in a sunset image of Stonehenge.

We are so impressed with how all the children have settled into year 5 and have come in every morning ready to learn.

They all worked very hard during the first week of English to write an informal letter, a formal letter and an advert. In week two, the children will be starting their science fiction unit of work which will build up to them writing their own science fiction story. In Maths they have been learning about place value and recapping year 4 objectives as well as covering year 5 curriculum.

  • PE – please help the children to remember their PE shoes on the days they have PE
  • AR5 – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • RL5 – Wednesday and Thursday
  • SJ5 – Tuesday and Thursday

This year the children will not have reading diaries so please send a message on Dojo each weekend to tell us if your child has read 3 times and we will award them with dojos. If we do not receive a message then we will presume they have not read at home and ask them to read in class during play time. Don’t worry, we will be kind and ease them into this rule slowly.

Children will take the quiz for their book in school like they did last year. We will keep an eye on the quizzes that the children are taking to see if they are finding the book too easy or hard and once they have done a few quizzes we may decide to change their ZPD.

Staff in school will be changing books for the children once a week in their library slot so that the children have two books from the library. One book will stay at home and the other book will stay in school. If your child has finished their book, please help them to remember to bring their book in for their library day so it can be changed. The class library days are listed below.

  • AR5 – Monday
  • RL5 – Thursday
  • SJ5 – Tuesday

Homework will be set on MyMaths every Friday. Please also continue to encourage the children to read and go on TTR at least three days a week.

The quickest way to contact the class teacher is to send a message on Dojo and they will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Mrs Rathi, Mr Jacklin and Mrs Lee.