We are so impressed with how all the children have settled into year 5 and have come in every morning ready to learn.

They all worked very hard during the first week of English to write an informal letter, a formal letter and an advert. In week two, the children will be starting their science fiction unit of work which will build up to them writing their own science fiction story. In Maths they have been learning about place value and recapping year 4 objectives as well as covering year 5 curriculum.

  • PE – please help the children to remember their PE shoes on the days they have PE
  • AR5 – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • RL5 – Wednesday and Thursday
  • SJ5 – Tuesday and Thursday

This year the children will not have reading diaries so please send a message on Dojo each weekend to tell us if your child has read 3 times and we will award them with dojos. If we do not receive a message then we will presume they have not read at home and ask them to read in class during play time. Don’t worry, we will be kind and ease them into this rule slowly.

Children will take the quiz for their book in school like they did last year. We will keep an eye on the quizzes that the children are taking to see if they are finding the book too easy or hard and once they have done a few quizzes we may decide to change their ZPD.

Staff in school will be changing books for the children once a week in their library slot so that the children have two books from the library. One book will stay at home and the other book will stay in school. If your child has finished their book, please help them to remember to bring their book in for their library day so it can be changed. The class library days are listed below.

  • AR5 – Monday
  • RL5 – Thursday
  • SJ5 – Tuesday

Homework will be set on MyMaths every Friday. Please also continue to encourage the children to read and go on TTR at least three days a week.

The quickest way to contact the class teacher is to send a message on Dojo and they will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Mrs Rathi, Mr Jacklin and Mrs Lee.

South America Day

On Friday 17th February, Year 5 enjoyed a range of activities to learn about some of the countries in South America. When learning about Peru, the children found out about the Inti Raymi, the “Festival of the Sun” which they illustrated, Aztec style, with pastels.

They also learned about a big party in Brazil, CARNIVAL! The biggest celebration is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, although there are celebrations all over the world. The children enjoyed creating their own carnival dance while listening to samba music.

They also planned a holiday to Argentina which was quite a tricky skill to learn. They researched places they wanted to visit and then chose flights using SkyScanner. Next, they thought about clothes to pack and worked out the best time to call home, thinking carefully about the time difference.

The afternoon was packed full of art activities. When learning about Peru, the children enjoyed doing some yarn weaving to create The Ojo de Dios (Eye of God in Spanish) which is spiritual object. It is woven with yarn and wood, often with several colours. It is a ritual tool, magical object, and cultural symbol. The children also found out about the Brazilian artist Romero Britto and created their own piece of art in his style.

Have a look at our class blog to see more photos and videos.

Autumn 2 Year 5 – RE and British Values

Year 5 have been reflecting on British Values in their lessons, realising their relevance across different continents and at different points in history.

In Re the children have been considering the people of the Old Testament and their prophecy of a Messiah. When examining extracts of the Old Testament, Ben commented that “they wanted strict rules and laws”. Paloma added, “the people of Israel were wishing for a saviour to stop all the attacking.” (Isiah 9 6-7: power and peace will be his kingdom.) We then reflected on what a society would be like if it did not share our British values. We were interested to realise that people in the past, wished for such values, whereas perhaps we take them for granted.

We also found an extract in the Old testament that made reference to equality, where the people of Israel were wanting a Messiah who would treat the poor fairly. (Isiah 11 1-5 He will judge the poor honestly.)

Previously in RE we had been looking at the impact of Nelson Mandela and reflected on what life would be like in the midst of apartheid. Ben said that, “there was no equality in apartheid”.

Year 5 Viking Experience – Autumn 2 2019

On Friday the 15th of November, year 5 enjoyed a fantastically vicious Viking visit. Our learning truly came to life with the help of Thorul Hammerson, our visiting Viking. By dressing up in fantastic costumes, the children felt that they had been transported back in time. We learnt that his trousers that were made of plentiful material, were to demonstrate his wealth, as was his silver-tipped leather belt and bag.

We had studied the significance of artefacts; how they can indicate how far and wide the Vikings had travelled and traded with places as far away as North Africa and Constantinople. Being able to hold them meant that we could appreciate what Viking life was like, with several families all living in a long-house alongside the animals. Through Thor’s clever questioning, we were able to piece together the facts that we had already learnt and apply this knowledge. Eg. where did the horn come for to make the drinking horn?

We were also surprised that many of the Viking words for cutlery and kitchenware are very similar to words we use today eg “ketill”

We were also interested to learn other words with Viking origin eg “Ransack”
from the old Norse “rannsaka” which means to search a house. Also, “window” which literally translated means  “a wind-eye”.

We knew, from our study of artefacts that chess pieces and dice had been found, made from walrus tusk or reindeer antler. Therefore it was great to have the chance to play a fun game of ‘Fox and Geese’ which tested our tactical moves; one fox tries to eat the 13 geese and the geese win if they manage to block in the fox.

In the afternoon, the children watched as he made some coins which would have been worth £25. If you wanted to spend less, you chopped the coin in half or even quarters, known as a “four-thing” (farthing). Who knew a blunt axe could split a watermelon in half as well as split your money into pieces?

The following quotes show how much this visit added to our learning……

Autumn – “It’s been a fun day and it gives you a lot of education.”

Jasmin – “It’s interesting to learn about the Vikings. The day has helped us to learn how they lived.”

Paloma – “A super experience.”

Amelia – “We had a slashing time.”