Year 3 Spring 2021


Year 3 have been reading a book called, “I am Neil Armstrong” this half term which describes Neil Armstrong’s life in a comic book style biography, written in the style of an autobiography. The children investigated the different features of an autobiography and then wrote their own in first person. In their final task connected to this style of writing, the children were asked to incorporate their wellbeing focus of ‘staying connected’ by contacting a family member or a friend and interviewing them to write a biography about them. The children really enjoyed doing this and found out lots about their adults that they didn’t know before! They were then able to use these interesting facts in a biographical piece of writing.

At the end of term, we investigated persuasive texts and persuasive techniques used in different examples of writing. The children role played different people to consider different viewpoints and practised debating opposing points of view for the first time! They then wrote their own persuasive letters.


Year 3 started the term focusing on statistics in maths and learnt how to use tally charts and connected pictograms to represent data. We also learnt how to interpret given pictograms and bar graphs. We then learnt how to measure objects in mm, cm and m and had great fun comparing the lengths of objects we found at home and in the classroom! We also learnt about perimeter and how to measure the perimeter of shapes. Since then, we have recapped our learning about multiplication using the expanded column method and division using a place value grid using 2 digit numbers by one digit numbers. 


Year 3 have been learning about famous scientists and inventors and how they have influenced the world of science today. We learnt about how crop rotation was based on the findings of George Washington- Carver, how Alexander Graham Bell developed his understanding of sound to inspire the telephone and how Marie Curie’s scientific passions impacted her life. We have also looked at the human skeleton and how muscles are used for movement. 


This half term we have focussed on our athletic skills and have learnt how to best propel our bodies when changing speed and direction. 

Geography and computing

This half term Year 3 have investigated the local area by researching information about Dereham using search engines on the internet. We have also explored symbols used in a key on a map to represent important human and physical features and found such features on a map of our local area. We then presented the information we wished to share about Dereham in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation created in pairs. 


\\mutley\staff profiles$\KMorgans\Downloads\IMG_1474[1].JPG \\mutley\staff profiles$\KMorgans\Downloads\IMG_1452[1] (1).JPG \\mutley\staff profiles$\KMorgans\Downloads\IMG_1454[1].JPG \\mutley\staff profiles$\KMorgans\Downloads\IMG_1453[1].JPG This half term we have studied the author and artist Jeannie Baker and her unique collage representations of landscapes. We particularly focussed on her book, ‘The Window’ as we have spent so much time looking out of our windows at home and then the children created their own collage view ‘from their own window at home’. We discussed rural landscapes and cityscapes and how colour was affected by the change in these areas. 


This term, Year 3 have explored the beliefs and practices of Hinduism and have learnt about some of the gods and deities and what they mean to Hindus. We also learnt about some of the Hindu festivals. In the second half of term, our topic has been how Christians worship. We have learnt about the different types of worship in church such as singing, praying and reading the Bible. We have studied Christian baptism and Christian weddings and how these help people feel part of the Christian community. We have learnt about the Salvation Army and how they put their faith into practice in the community and we have discovered how Christians celebrate Easter around the world.


In Year 3 Mr Hardy started doing live lessons (following parental demand!) for the whole year group and we have carried this on back in school.

In Spring 1 children were learning the colours and also found out about Chinese New Year.

This half term children have been learning all about the items in their pencil case and will be making mini-books by the end of the Spring term.

Year 3 Autumn 2020

We had a busy Autumn term; we welcomed the children back after a long time away from school and all the children worked hard and settled in very quickly to the new routines. Here are some of the things we got up to:


The children have all been having whole class Ukulele lessons with Mr Hardy. They have learnt the names of the parts of the Ukulele, learnt the strings and started to put together chords to play along with music. The music the children have been playing has been a delight to hear across the classrooms! We also managed to learn to sign along to some Christmas carols this year!

Egyptian Day:

As part of our Egyptian topic, the children spend a day immersing themselves in some of the Ancient Egyptian traditions. We created gold collars, clay cartouches and carved scarab beetles out of soap. We then had the opportunity to play traditional Egyptian games such as Senet and Hounds versus Jackals.


As our visitors are currently limited in school, we had the opportunity to watch Rapunzel the pantomime, provided by zoom from the Norfolk Music Hub. We enjoyed joining in with the traditional “He’s behind you!” and “Oh no he didn’t!” elements of the Panto.


We created some lovely pieces of writing during our Non-Chronological Report topic. We focused on adding detail to our writing with interesting words and phrases and the traditional format of a Non-Chronological Report. We then typed up our reports, adding labelled pictures to the text we had drawn in preparation for the writing.


We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to have a class set of tablets for each class. As with any form of technology they have had their teething problems but we have enjoyed having access to our tablets. We have been able to access Microsoft Teams, in preparation for any bubble closures, and have become increasingly familiar with the programs. The best part is that we have been able to access TTRockstars and other learning programs through them easily and practice our times tables, spelling and Purple Mash computing skills through them.


As part of our DT work, we created some lovely pop-up cards in class. We had to follow a tricky set of instructions to be able to create our master pieces.

Please have a look at the PowerPoint to see some of the amazing work the children have created during the Autumn Term in Year 3.