Accelerated Reader

Accelerated reader (AR) is a reading scheme to promote word reading and comprehension. The books are banded according to progressive levels and matches the children’s reading needs and interests. Children take computerised quizzes on books that they have read to develop comprehension skills while reading a text. The aim is to earn over 80% on each quiz to show that they have a good comprehension of the text and this is rewarded in points and then being able to progress to the next reading level. Children can become reading millionaires once they have read 1million words. This scheme leads on to the feeder High Schools in Dereham who use this also.

Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Reader  - Spring 2023

Throughout the spring term, the children have been working hard with their reading and we have seen some excellent reading ages from most of the children. We have been fortunate enough to receive lots of new books for the library, as well as our class book corners, which have been a great hit with the children.

A special congratulations to Wren Knights, who has read over 3 million words. We are very proud of you and your commitment to reading! Well done to Sam Watson, Rose Dunstan and Phoebe Davis, who are also Reading Millionaires.

Over the spring term, congratulations to the following classes, who have scored the most Accelerated Reader points.

  • CT3 – 155.0
  • MM4 – 122.5
  • LW5 – 169.5
  • GB6 – 571.4