School Uniform

The Federation  promotes the wearing of school uniform at all times. It gives the children a sense of belonging and creates a sense of identity. We expect all children to wear uniform to show we are a part of our Federation schools.

Logo branded uniform is available to buy from Birds of Dereham. You can order online at but please see below for alternate suppliers of non branded uniform also. Please note that you are more than welcome to buy uniform that does not have the logo as long as you have the correct colours and styles. We have included on this page alternate places to buy non logo based items at a reasonable cost. We have found that you can buy 2 non logo sweatshirts and a pack of white non logo polo shirts from a supplier such as Asda for less than £10.

Toftwood Infant and Junior Federation Uniform

The following items are the expected Federation uniform across the two schools in the Federation.

Grey or black trousers. Leggings or jeans are not acceptable and neither are skinny or tight trousers.

Knee length black or grey shorts. Short/tight shorts or sports shorts are not acceptable.

Knee length black or grey skirts. Any child who has a skirt that is too short will be lent a spare skirt of an appropriate length. Both high schools insist on this and we are preparing them for the future.

Grey, white or black socks or tights.

Black shoes or boots.  These must be plain in colour/design, with no logos. Shoes with heels, ugg type boots are not acceptable. If a child’s shoes are not suitable for school and do not meet the uniform code then we will ask them to change into their plimsolls for indoor use. Plain black trainers with no logos and black soles are permitted. 

Black or white flat sandals. Socks should be worn if a child chooses to wear sandals and they must be suitable for playing outside. Children will not be allowed to use the adventure playgrounds if they are wearing sandals.

White polo shirts. Birds will sell polo shirts with the coloured logo on, or you may buy plain white ones. We have chosen this as plain white polo shirts can be bought cheaply from any shop.

Royal blue round neck sweatshirts or cardigans. Birds will sell these with the logo on, which will be the white version of the logo. If you are buying from elsewhere, then please make sure you have the correct colour. Please see information on this page for alternate suppliers.

Blue and white check knee length Summer dresses. 

Black PE shorts. Very tight shorts or very short shorts are not acceptable.

Royal blue plain PE t shirt OR Royal Blue Sports’ shirt. Birds sell the plain T shirt in the correct colour from £2.50.  The sports shirt is of a different fabric and  is more expensive but may be preferred by some parents/carers and children. You can buy these with or without the logo.

Trainers for outdoor PE. 

Wellies for outdoor working (This is for Infant children all year round. We will request for Junior children if necessary)

Hair bands etc should be blue, black or white and functional.  They should be functional, eg to tie hair back, and not for decoration. Large hair decorations, jojo bows etc are not acceptable. Hair should be of the child’s natural colour, not dyed or coloured. Excessive hair decorations, nail varnish, make up and tattoos are also not allowed. Any inappropriate hair decorations will be placed in the going home tray for safekeeping.

Jewellery, apart from an analogue watch and/or one pair of small stud earrings, is not to be worn. Children are not allowed to have fit bits, smart watches or other types of watches or any form of wearable technology. Children will not be allowed to participate in PE if earrings are worn. Health and safety regulations state that earrings must be removed for all sporting activities. Please remove your child’s earrings at home on PE days if they are unable to remove them themselves, and ensure that any ear piercing is carried out in the summer holidays only. Children with long hair should have this tied back on PE days and will not be allowed to participate if it is not tied back. This is for boys and girls!

PE kit should be in the school at all times in a labelled bag. At Infant School we send home PE kit each half term. In Junior School it will come home each Friday for you to wash, if necessary, and return on a Monday. 

All items of clothing should be carefully labelled with the child’s name.

If your child is not wearing appropriate uniform you will be sent a reminder letter regarding this. In sending your child to our Federation, you are agreeing to the uniform code we have in place. Wearing a uniform shows we all belong to our Federation, and sets out expectations for our children for the future.

Sweatshirts, cardigans, book bags, school bags with the Federation logo are all be available to buy from Bird’s school wear in Dereham. However, you do not have to buy uniform with the logo on it, but we do request that you keep to the Federation’s colours. Most children have the sweatshirts/cardigans with the logo on. With polo shirts, we advise you to buy plain white ones from a supermarket as these are much cheaper in the long run.

Other items are available to buy from Birds if you choose to buy them:

Royal blue sunhats with logo 

Royal blue bookbags with logo. Children in Infant school should have a book bag. Junior School children do not generally bring a book bag. However, please make sure their bag is only big enough to carry essentials, and not overly large as we don’t have the space. 

Rucksacks with logo. There is not sufficient space, or a need, for Infant children to have a rucksack, a bookbag is all that is required.


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