RSPCA visitor in Year 1 – Autumn 1

On Wednesday 14th October, the year 1 children were lucky enough to have a visitor from the RSPCA. This visit was linked to our topic of Animal Life. The children learnt about the RSPCA Charity and what is stands for. They then learnt about the different animal groups of pets, wild animals and farm animals that we have here in the UK. They discovered how the RSPCA help all of these different animals by rescuing, rehabilitating and then rehoming or releasing them back into the wild. The children had their own animal to care for during the session. During the session, our visitor also focused on wild animals and their habitats. 

Year 1 Summer 1 2021

The children have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning this half term. In English they created some fantastic non-chronological reports about London. They researched to find facts about Buckingham Palace and the underground before putting their ideas into clear detailed sentences. In Maths the children challenged themselves by learning how to tell the time to half past the hour, how to solve fractions using the pizza method (in preparation for year 2) and to identify and name the 3D shapes. We also took time to revisit skills from the rest of the year, as we know how important retrieval is.

This half term we concluded our topic ‘Our Planet and Beyond’. We thought about all the facts we had learnt over the two half terms. Many of the children said this was their favourite topic this year! They particularly enjoyed learning about the astronauts and animals that had travelled to space over the years. The children said they liked naming the different continents and learning more about planet Earth.

In Science, we had so much fun learning about different plants and trees. The children explored the school grounds making observations and naming common plants. The children sketched the plants they observed and learnt to label the different parts of plants. We learnt about what plants need to grow and experimented with planting different seeds. The children cared for them over time and observed how they grew differently.

Year 1 Spring 2 2021

The children have worked very hard this half term and we have been so pleased with how well they have settled back in to learning in the classroom. They have worked independently in English and maths and are showing us how much progress they have made over this term of learning from home.

This half term we started our new topic ‘Our Planet and Beyond’. We began by learning about significant people in the space race. We learnt how animals were first sent into space followed by people and how Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon and the children placed these events on a timeline showing the order in which they happened. We looked at how scientists use moon buggies to go to space and find out lots of information about the moon. Then we had a go at designing and making our own moon buggies!

In science, we looked at materials and their properties and linked this to our topic by designing a space suit and choosing materials for their specific properties. We thought about whether a material was waterproof, flexible or kept us warm and discussed how this would affect the way in which the space suit would work. The children had fun thinking about what it would be like if chairs were flexible rather than rigid and how they would wear clothes if they were rigid.

Year 1 Spring 1 2021

We have been so impressed with the way the children have adapted to learning online for this term. We completed our topic of ‘Weather Experts’ during Spring 1 looking at different types of weather, keeping a weather diary and thinking about how different weathers impact on us such as the clothes we wear and the activities we do.

We were very lucky to have a video especially made for us by the meteorologist and weather presenter Mr Bell. He explained to the children all about how the weather is measured and forecasting weather. He gave us a tour of the studio at BBC Look East where he sometimes presents the weather from live on TV and we even had a special mention on the weather forecast the next day!

The children also had a Padlet with lots of exciting videos and experiments about the weather made for us from Mad Science. We found out how rainbows are made by water bending the light and about lighting and electric storms.

Year 1 Autumn 2020

We are really impressed with how the children have settled back into school and adapted to all the new school routines. It is clear that the children have been working very hard at home and can apply their skills to help them with new learning.

We have been focusing on catching up and filling gaps from the time the children were unable to be in school. We have been doing daily handwriting, fine motor skills, phonics, writing and maths activities along with the other subjects. 

The children have started the new topic ‘Animal life’ and have enjoyed learning how to classify animals and label the different animal body parts. They have also been painting their favourite animals.