Reception Autumn 2020

The Reception children have been settling in very nicely to their new school over the last few weeks. They have been exploring their new classrooms and having fun in the outdoor areas, including Ted’s Den. The children have been enjoying using the big playground at lunchtimes and then coming in to eat their lunch together in the hall. They have been working hard in class and have already started learning about letters and numbers. They have also been very busy making new friends and getting to know each other.

Spring 2 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘People Who Help Us’. We have been very lucky and have had lots of visitors coming into school to help us learn more about the different jobs that people do to help us. We met paramedics, fire fighters and police officers. We all had a great time looking at the emergency vehicles, and going inside the police car, fire engine and ambulance. We talked a lot about what we would like to be when we grow up, and we learned about the jobs that people in our families do.

Spring 1 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Fantasy’.  We enjoyed starting the topic with a dressing up day where we all came to school dressed as our favourite character.  We have been busy reading lots of stories, and have had visits from fairies, aliens and pirates!  We have explored potion mixing and making treasure maps, and we have been using our imaginations to write many of our own stories.

Reception December 2019 – A Special Letter

The children in Reception have been really busy in their first term at school, learning all of their single sounds, some digraphs and even a couple of tricky words.

They have been working really hard to apply all this new knowledge and have all written a letter to Father Christmas! They practised hearing initial sounds and sounding out words as well as their letter formation. The children have thought carefully about how we ask nicely for something and discussed with each other what they would like for Christmas.

Once the letters were finished, the children helped to stick a stamp on and seal the envelope. The letters were ready for posting so the children all went for a morning walk to the nearest post box to post them.

On returning to school the children learnt about the journey of a letter and they saw how the letters are sorted and get ready for delivery.

They have now got to wait patiently to see if they a reply from Father Christmas! 

Autumn 2 2019 – Reception celebrate Olive’s big birthday!

Olive’s 104th Birthday!

In Reception we have been learning about Birthdays. We found out about a lady in Great Yarmouth who is having a special birthday and turning 104! For her birthday she wanted to receive pictures from children all around the area. We decided to make her some pictures.

We thought about what Olive would like to see on her pictures for her birthday and found out how to write the number 104. When we were finished we put them in an envelope and have sent them in the post for Olive to receive. We hope she loves our pictures and has a wonderful birthday!

If you would like to find out more about Olive and how you can help celebrate her birthday, you can find more at this link

Autumn 1 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Ourselves’. We have spent time talking about our families and our pets, where we live, the things we like doing and we have been learning about our bodies and how to stay healthy. We painted self-portraits and made a display for the classrooms out of pictures of ourselves.

At the end of the first half term the children in Reception enjoyed a morning of activities linked to the celebration of Harvest, and to the season of autumn.  Grown ups were invited in to join their children to explore the wide range of different activities on offer.

It was fantastic to see so many adults attend the session, and sharing in the learning experiences with the children.  Everyone had a fantastic morning!