As of September 2019

Federation Staff

Name Role
Mrs Joanna Pedlow BA Hons QTS Executive Headteacher (DSL)
Mrs Amanda Bell BA Hons PGCE Executive Deputy Headteacher (Alternate DSL)
Mrs Lucy Coy BA Hons QTS Federation Inclusion Lead
Mrs Fiona MacDonald Federation Finance Officer
Infant School Staff
Teaching Staff
Name Role
Mrs Laura Rudd BSc Hons PGCE Assistant Headteacher,  (Alternate DSL)
Miss Isobel Coombes BA Hons QTS Reception Teacher
Miss Hannah Tataryn BA Hons QTS Reception Teacher
Miss Alysha McTavish BA Hons QTS Reception Teacher
Mrs Ann Reeve BA Hons PGCE Year One Teacher
Mrs Sally Sutterby  BEd Hons Year One Teacher
Mrs Deborah Chapman BA Hons QTS Year One Teacher
Miss Elizabeth Thomas BA Hons PGCE Year OneTeacher
Mrs Katie Adams BA Hons QTS Year Two Teacher
Mrs Kelsey Thompson BA Hons QTS Year Two Teacher
Miss Charlotte Clarke BSc Hons PGCE Year Two Teacher
Mrs Kirsty Ponder BA Hons PGCE Year Two Teacher

Miss Chrissy Gold BA Hons PGCE


Additional Teacher for support and intervention and cover


Teaching Assistants and Support Staff
Main Year Group Names
Reception Mrs Kirsty Catton (maternity leave till Jan 21), Mrs Deborah Last, Mrs Ana Ratcliffe, Mrs Caroline Brown,
Year One Mrs Diane Pilbrow, Mrs Catherine Hartley, Mrs Tracey Salisbury,
Year Two Mrs Bev Gamble, Mrs Emma Ebbage, Mrs Karen Gibson
Additional support and intervention Mrs Lisa George, Mrs Stacey Crowley, Mrs Kathy McManus, Mrs Joanne Newcombe, Mrs Rebecca Herring, Mrs Corrina Partridge, Mrs Catherine Hartley, Miss Kirsty Long


Name Role
Mrs Diane Borgars Secretary
Secretarial Assistant


Caretaking and Cleaning
Name Role
Mr Rob Barnes Caretaker
Mrs Joan Morris, Ms Hayley Gooch, Cleaners


Midday Supervisors and Kitchen Staff
Mrs Val Richardson, Mrs Rachel Joyner, Mrs Stacey Crowley, Mrs Sarah Spouge, Mrs Kerry McNulty, Mrs Amanda Holmes, Mrs Marie Beckett, Mrs Corrina Partridge, Miss Melanie Easton, Mrs Lisa Clitheroe, Mrs Tracey Salisbury, Mrs Deborah Sumner, Mrs Lara Ferreira
Cook in Charge Mrs Sue Purse
Kitchen Assistants Miss Kelly  Hunt, Mrs Samantha Scott, Mrs Christine Woodgett, Miss Teresa Jarvis, Mrs Christine Swann
Junior School Staff

Road Crossing Patrol

Name Location
Mr Douglas Charles School Lane