Reading Gladiators

The rigorous requirements of the reading framework require deep engagement and response to texts. Reading Gladiators can help prepare pupils for these demands in an engaging way, within the context of reading for pleasure. Immersing children in quality, demanding and varied books. Participation in high level discussion helps develop deeper reading skills, builds reading stamina and helps to nurture adventurous readers.

Reading Gladiators – Year 2, Spring 2

In Spring 2, the year 2 Reading Gladiators have been reading the book ‘My Life as a Goldfish’ which is a collection of poems.

In the first session the children discussed what they thought of as a poem. They came up with poetry features such as: alliteration, repetition and rhyme, and were even able to name some different types of poem, such as: diamante, acrostic and free verse.

We then looked at the poem Never Never Never, and the children were impressed with how many features they could pick out independently!

In the second session the children focused on the title poem of the book My Life as a Goldfish. They wrote predictions of what they thought it could be about before reading the poem, some children were impressed with how accurate their predictions were!

The children then acted out their own version of the poem in partners, taking it in turns to read the poem, and then be the goldfish! We then did some freeze frames of how the goldfish must have felt every time it saw the cat.

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In the third session the children started discussing what they thought about when they heard the word ‘fire’. They came up with some brilliant ideas.

Then children then read a poem called Flame. They really enjoyed this poem and did some role play to re-enact.

P:\Photos for Evidence\Reading Gladiators 2022\My life as a goldfish\IMG_4167.JPG P:\Photos for Evidence\Reading Gladiators 2022\My life as a goldfish\IMG_4172.JPG

In the final session the children began by thinking about the following quotes:

Poets often turn to writing a poem when they experience a strong emotion and have the need to express it.”

The reading of other people’s poetry can also give comfort or a sense that you are not alone in how you are feeling.”

The children discussed lots of different emotions that they can have and how this can make them feel. Scarlet said that a poem might be a “lovely way to describe how you are feeling”.

To finish the session the children read aloud the limerick A Sad Ending. The children found it very entertaining, and were surprised that this was actually a funny poem!

Reading Gladiators – Year 2, Spring 1

In Spring 1, the year 2 Reading Gladiators have been reading the book ‘Horace and Harriet by Clare Elsom.

In the first session the children discussed statues – what they are and what they are made from. The children listened to the first page of the book which describes the statue and had a go at drawing what they think it looked like.

We then looked at what the word ‘perfect’ means to us. The children thought that it was ‘something that was the best it could be.’

In the third session, the children used their vocabulary skills to skim read pages to find particular words, and then try to work out what they meant. These words included ‘cringed’, ‘assemble’ and ‘envious.’ The children thought about the question ‘Are Horace and Harriet friends?’ and we couldn’t all agree! It was great to hear the children discuss their opinions.

In our last session we striked poses like statues! We finished by talking about what we thought Horace and Harriet have learned by the end of the story. The children showed some fantastic inference skills!

Reading Gladiators - Year 2

The year 2 Reading Gladiators have really enjoyed reading, sharing and discussing the book ‘Perfect’ by Nicola Davies.

The first session asked the children about what they thought the term ‘Perfect’ meant to them. We created a definition and then checked our definition with a dictionary.

The children said that they thought that ‘perfect meant it could not get any better’.

During the next session the children were thinking about emotions of the main character at different points in the text and how the boy was affected by different situations that were occurring.

Each child was able to connect the symbolism of the swift fledglings with the arrival of the main character’s baby sister. They looked closely at the illustrations to draw on more knowledge of this and related the language of soaring, racing, chasing and screaming with the movements of the swifts.

Reading Gladiators - Year 6

This term we started to read “Rebound” by Kwame Alexander. It is about a young boy in America called Charlie and his journey as he grieves the loss of his father. The books is written in a variety of poetry styles which some of the children found hard at first. However, they all persevered and found it is good to try new styles of books. We are looking forward to reading “Strange Star”, based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,  over the Christmas holidays, ready to meet again in the new term.

Mrs Hughes.