Mobile Phones

Mobile phones in school

The use of mobile phones in school by adults, including visitors, is covered in our safeguarding policy.

We would just like all parents/carers to be aware of the following in relation to children’s phones in school.

Only children in Year 5 or 6 who walk to or from school alone may bring a mobile phone to school.

Any phones that are brought in for this reason should be handed to a staff member in the class and put in the class box for the whole of the school day. Children are not permitted to leave phones in their bags or on their person for any reason.

Children should ensure their phone is switched off and out of sight when they enter the premises and once handed back at the end of the day it must not be seen or used until the child has left the school premises. Any phones seen out on the premises will also be confiscated and parents or carers will have to collect them from the office.

Please do talk to your child about safe use of their phone whilst walking to or from school, including not using it whilst crossing the road.

School staff have the right to search bags etc for mobile phones

Any phone that is not put in the box will be confiscated and kept in the office until an adult is able to collect it

Any phone that is brought in by a child in another year group or by a child who does not walk to or from school alone will be confiscated and kept in the office until an adult is able to collect it

Government guidance says Headteachers and authorised staff can also search for any item banned by the school rules which has been identified in the rules as an item which may be searched for. In this federation, this includes mobile phones and devices such as smart watches.

Please ensure you discuss this with your child and that they follow the rules. We thank you for your support with this.

These rules also apply to children in relation to other mobile devices, including smart watches and fit bits, which are not permitted to be brought into school by children.

We are signed up to the PTE campaign as a phone free school for children. You can read more about this by visiting their website