Infant Debate Club – Autumn 1

The infant school debate club met this month for another interesting debate – ‘Should everyone be treated the same’.

The session began with a discussion about what a debate is and what rules we might need in place to ensure that our debate runs smoothly. We looked at our British Values poster and discussed ‘Respect and Tolerance’. During our debate we agreed that everyone’s opinions would be listened to and whether we agree with them or not, as a group we would respect each other. Our debate question had no wrong or right answer.

The children got into two groups (for and against), discussed their ideas, and decided which ones they should use to get their views across. Once we started our debate the children took turns to speak and respond creating some interesting discussions, with some children confidently challenging their peers and swaying their opinion. The debate was really interesting with lots of good points made and references to some of the recent things we have been learning in class about Black History Month.

For those children that could not attend the club they left their vote at the two voting stations in the KS1 corridor.

Here are some of the comments made during the debate. What do you think?

“We should treat others the way we want to be treated.” Yr2

“We are all different and that is fine, it doesn’t affect me what matters is being nice and not hurting others.” Yr2

“If people treat everyone the same then everyone will feel happy and play together and be friends.” Yr1

“Treating everyone the same makes it fair.” Yr2

Gardening Club Autumn 1 2023

The children in Gardening Club have spent lots of time weeding and tidying up the raised beds this half term. When we came back to school after the summer the beds were very over grown with weeds but still had some beautiful sunflowers for us to admire.

To finish gardening club for 2023 we planted 3 rows of garlic in our vegetable patch and added more spring bulbs to bring a bit of colour into 2024. The children have worked so hard this half term and have enjoyed watching our little garden area change week on week.

Time for a rest before the Spring time is upon us once again!

Autumn 2023 – Running Club

A group of 24 children from Years 1 and 2 participated in a running club in their lunch time. This was to prepare them for the cross country competition after half term. The children worked really hard on following the course accuratley and running at a pace that they could keep up for a set distance. 600m for Year 1 and 800m for Year 2. The children did great and were super speedy! Well done Year 1 and 2!


Summer 2023 – Infant School Gardening Club

It has been a very busy time for the Infant Gardening Club over the summer term. We have been planting out lots of summer flowers, tended to the watering and weeding on a regular basis, and have enjoyed watching our potatoes and garlic grow!

The weather really has made our job a little tricky over the last two months. Some very hot weeks resulted in the loss of some of our lovely plants, but the sunflowers are still growing well and during our last session we were able to harvest some of the garlic we planted back in the autumn.

As we were coming to the end of the school year once again, a big thank you goes out to all the children who have worked so hard to tend to the Infant School garden. We have had lots of lovely comments about how wonderful the flowers have looked and the minibeasts have certainly enjoyed visiting the wild flower bed. Well done gardeners!

Maths Club – Summer 2

During the Summer term a group of children from Reception to Year 2 attended a Maths Club during lunchtimes.

The children really enjoyed playing different Maths games with other children from different classes and year groups.

They also enjoyed using lots of different Maths equipment to make the number 8. We thought of lots of different ways!


Sports Club – Summer Term

A group of children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been attending a lunchtime Sports Club in the second part of the Summer term.

They have been learning some new games, as well as doing some familiar PE activities.

The children have learnt how to play ‘scatterball,’ which is a modified version of the game of rounders where they have developed their batting and fielding skills.

They have also enjoyed playing some parachute games, skipping, hoop work and making obstacle courses.

They also worked hard in some team building activities where they worked in mixed year group teams. The children had to use their problem solving skills to decide how to get their team from one side of the room to the other using only a few pieces of equipment including rubber spots, balance boards and beanbags.

WNDSSP Kwik Cricket competition (Year 5/6)

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On Thursday 8th June 2023 selected children that had been a part of Mrs King’s cricket club attended the WNDSSP Kwik cricket competition with 12 other schools.

Toftwood have been practicing very hard under the expert coaching of Mrs King and this was evident in their performances.

The first part of the competition was a round robin competition with Toftwood playing Beeston (93 vs 26 win). After this they played Astley and came through a closely fought match
(59 vs 40).

The team had qualified for the semi-finals where they faced Thomas Bullock. After some fantastic batting and some strong bowling the team overcame the opponent (73 vs 42) and had reached the final.

In the final Toftwood faced a Taverham side who had also clearly been practicing. Unfortunately, due to injury Taverham were unable to field a mixed team and after a hard fought game came through as victors (106 vs 65).

Although disappointed with the result all the children should be very proud of the effort and attitude they had during the event. Being the only team to congratulate or commiserate with all opponents.

Excitingly by finishing runner-up the team will be attending the county finals on the 22nd June at Horsford CC and we look forward to continuing to show the great work rate and positive attitude that got the team there in the first place and fingers crossed they will perform as they did at this event.

Well done team.

Junior Clubs 2022-23

Drawing Club Autumn 2

This half term, Junior school children had the opportunity to sign up to a lunchtime drawing club. We looked at everything from how to hold a pencil, how to shade 3D objects and even had a go at creating our very own Zentangles! A Zentangle is a method for drawing, which not only promotes concentration and creativity but at the same time supports wellbeing. The children loved experimenting with different techniques and building on their existing skills.

Board Game Club Spring 2

During Spring term, Junior school children were thrilled to have the opportunity to play board games at lunchtime! The club was run by two Year 6 girls who had put a lot of thought and preparation into the club. Every week, they would gather a variety of different board games and then make sure they were returned to the correct classrooms afterwards. It was wonderful to see the children playing well together and enjoying some board game classics such as Cluedo and Operation!

Art Club Summer 1 and 2

During Summer term, two Year 6 girls organised a lunchtime art club for the Junior school children. They had put a lot of thought into the club and had planned out an engaging session for each week. The children were able to try out a range of mediums such as sketching pencils, watercolour paints and acrylic paints. Every activity was incredibly well resourced and the girls even brought leaves to one session so that everyone could have a go at using them to make prints!

Summer 1  – Mindfulness Club

Children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have had a lovely, calm time at Mindfulness Club this half term! The children have completed some colouring, as well as a nature walk outside, using their senses to find different things, including things they could hear and things that made them happy!

Each week we have finished our club with a physical activity eg. star jumps or bunny hops, as well as breathing exercises. We talked to the children about using these exercises at home too.

Infant Treasure Hunt Club Summer 2023

This half term 18 children from Reception to Year 2 took part in Treasure Hunt club. Each week the children worked together, in groups and pairs to find different things. The children completed nature scavenger hunts, mini-beast hunts, colour scavenger hunts and senses hunts. They showed great team-work and collaboration and really enjoyed all of the hunts. In the final week the children took part in a Pirate Treasure hunt to decode a clue, the children won the hunt, and received the Pirate’s loot, they each got a certificate to congratulate them. Well done Treasure Hunters!!