Year 4 Literacy Autumn 2 2019

Year 4 have been working on persuasive writing. The children watched the Aldi advert about Calvin the Carrot and had to write about him. They then created their own very persuasive  advert selling Christmas Food. Have a look and see if you would buy from them! 

Year 4 Autumn 2 2019 Computer Science: Computational Thinking and Conditional Formatting

In Year 4, thirty children were delighted with the opportunity to have the Head of Computer Science from Neatherd: Mr Gibson, introduce us to Computational Thinking.

Week 1

We started off the session by playing bingo.  Mr Gibson gave each child a different grid with 0’s in different cells.  As he read the co-ordinates out to us we had to mark them off on the sheets.  The first child to win the game was delighted as Mr Gibson was reading the co-ordinates very fast and we all had to keep up!

The children were keen to demonstrate their skills and were able to complete the second activity with aplomb!  They were tasked to create a drawing on a grid and then write the co-ordinates of each cell.  Mr Gibson then told them to pass their instructions but not their drawing to someone the other side of the room.  They all then attempted to follow each other’s instructions to duplicate each other’s drawings, some were very accurate, some discovered the instructions needed tweaking and others had not followed the instructions implicitly.  Lots of hilarity ensued when the instructions and drawings were displayed.

Week 2

This week Mr Gibson brought two very professional and able Year 10 students to assist with the topic of Conditional Formatting.  The children were delighted to welcome Mr Gibson back for a second week and were keen to get started on the new lesson.

Mr Gibson gave the children a warm up exercise in which they had to colour a grid following the co-ordinates on the paper, they had to remember that each comma meant they had to leave a cell blank.  It was very impressive to see the concentration and focus from all the children – well done Year 4’s.

The main activity required intense concentration from the children as .listened intently to the instructions on how to change the colour of a cell (pixel) using conditional formatting.    One child was so competent with his new found skill that he created an image of a dog on the grass with a brilliant blue sky.

Yet another fantastic learning experience! Year Four would like to extend a huge than you to Mr Gibson and his assistants.

Year 4 Roman Day Autumn 1 2019

The children in Year 4 had a very special visitor to kick start their history topic: The Romans.  On this day, the pupils were immersed in all things Roman.

The children learnt about key historical figures, significant places, weapons, battle techniques and important dates relating to Roman Britain. After splitting into the three classes, each group participated in themed activities. These included playing a Roman board game called ‘Delta’ which involved sliding counters and scoring points using Roman numerals; learning about and handling real Roman artefacts; and finding out lots of facts as part of a Roman quiz.  In the afternoon, the children were immersed in a Gladiatorial fight in our very own Toftwood Arena with our Toftwood Emperor!

Goldcrest Visit Summer 2 2019

On the 18th June 2019, Year 4 participated in an excellent outdoor learning experience courtesy of Goldcrest Outdoor Education Centre. Linked to their learning about habitats and food chains, the children participated in an orienteering activity based around the school ground. On the day, they also learnt about how to read a satellite map and use a compass to navigate.  Rounding off the day, the children played a fun and exciting game entitled ‘Hawks and Blackbirds’ which was based on understanding food chains, predators and preys. The children had a fantastic time learning outside and the weather even blessed us with some sunshine! Inside the classroom, pupils examined and identified common Ordanance Survey symbols and plotted some of these on a grid.

Summer 2 2019 – Year 4’s Arts Enrichment Week

We began the week with a fantastic investigation into ‘The Beatles’.  The children were fascinated by all the facts they discovered about the Sixties pop heroes and their cutting-edge hairstyles!

This led onto some lovely artwork including sketching portraits of the Fab Four, amazingly colourful Pop Art using a range of media and re-creating their famous album covers to show the children’s photography skills.

We also investigated the work of Andy Goldsworthy who is an environmental sculptor and photographer.  Goldsworthy is inspired by nature and uses natural materials for his artwork – which is often temporary.

The children really enjoyed letting their imaginations run wild to produce a group installation.  They followed this by working collaboratively with their peers in year 4, to create an outdoor artwork using the trees in our school grounds.  We present ‘The Year 4 Infinity’.

When thinking about musical art, we used collage to decorate musical notes and then demonstrated exceptional team-working skills to produce a “jigsaw” picture on the theme of music.  The children were fortunate to be visited by a String Quartet who shared their knowledge and technical application playing a range of music from the classical composer, Elgar to the Harry Potter theme. To change genres, the children also enjoyed how to Samba with a partner and learnt ‘Katoto Lala’ – a song in Swahili.

To finish the week, the children were thrilled to be a part of the ‘Toftwood Arts Show’ which took place at both the Infants and Juniors. What brilliant performances from all the contestants.  A great afternoon had by all!

The Arts Enrichment Week would not have been the same without the amazing support of the parents whether they have provided resources for musical instruments or come into the class to take part in the activities.  We have had a number of special moments which we cherish.

Year 4 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 4’s super sweet summer STEM Day 2019

For our summer term STEM Day, year 4 have been thinking about healthy snacks and drinks and, in particular, how much sugar we all eat. The children have practiced lots of maths skills as part of their learning today.

To create a scrumptious, vegetarian flatbread, the children needed to measure accurately to check they had the correct amount of each ingredient and to think about time intervals to make sure their snack was cooked in the correct time. As well as that, they also needed great team-working skills to complete this complex task.

The children were all shocked by how much sugar was in their favourite drinks. They loved designing and making fruity Mocktails, using sparkling water to dilute the very sugary juices. They used bar model to work out the ratio of the juices they used and recorded this carefully. They then chose appropriate measuring cylinders to measure their ingredients. As well as all this, they also thought of ways to advertise their drinks and convince others they should make healthier choices.

They also investigated the secret added sugar in foods – they were surprised that foods like crumpets, bread, quiche and breaded chicken all had added sugar! They also looked at the advised amount of sugar children should eat per day and different words which can be used on food labels which mean sugar. Looking at food packaging and nutritional information taught the children how to make healthier choices even if the packaging is designed to make the products look healthier. The children then took a food category to investigate and compared the sugar levels of different products to help us make healthier food choices.

Year 4 Summer 1 2019

Year 4 Pentecost Afternoon with the Salvation Army.

Year 4 had an interesting afternoon last week, learning all about the Christian festival of ‘Pentecost’.  The children were lucky enough to be visited by two informative members of the Dereham branch of the Salvation Army, who actually used to teach at this school, many years ago. The children really enjoyed hearing and acting out the story and then thinking about the ways the Holy Spirit makes Christian people behave. The afternoon was rounded off with a special version of the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’.  The children impressed our visitors with their lovely, polite behaviour and with the interest they showed.

Spring 2 2019 – British Science Week

Year 4 had a great time in British Science Week learning about different types of “Journeys”.

As part of our week, we all had the chance to create a tasty lasagne made from ingredients we could by in shops in Dereham…but where did these foods come from? We carried out our own research and were really surprised to find out how far some of the things we eat might have travelled. For example, Chloe found out that most olive oil comes from Greece (1927 miles to the UK), Autumn was surprised to find that most of the world’s peppers are grown in China (5,551 miles to the UK) and Daisy was amazed to learn that some of our tomatoes travel 2244 miles by sea from Jamaica to reach our shops!

During the week, we also thought about some of the journeys that plastic objects make after we have finished using them. We were all very concerned about the effect that our waste plastic can have on wildlife all around the world. We researched animal species that live in the Mediterranean Sea and created a display to show what this habitat could look like. We all thought we should try to remember to always recycle plastic if we can.

Everyone in Year 4 really enjoyed British Science Week and learned loads!

Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Day

What an amazing fact filled, fun fuelled day Year 4 have had exploring Anglo Saxons and how some lived so many years ago!

Year 4 immersed themselves in the daily lives of Anglo Saxons.  We learnt all about runes  – the language system they used to record events.  We decoded a message written with runes, created our own message for partners to decipher and used clay to make our own runes.

We were able to create our own pots using one of the three methods the Anglo-Saxons were known to have used – thumb, pinching or coil.  We then shaped the pots into various styles to try and follow the design we had created based on Anglo Saxon pottery uncovered by archaeologists.

To taste Anglo Saxon cooking, we used an authentic Anglo-Saxon recipe for Honey shortbread and worked in pairs to create this delicious dish.  We were able to use our maths skills: Measure and showed how well we could work as part of a pair in the kitchen.  Loved ones have been able to sample the Anglo-Saxon recipe as we took it home for eating at the end of our busy Anglo-Saxon Day.

After lunch, Year Four were engrossed in the tale of Beowulf and then took part in riddle making a favourite Anglo-Saxon pastime.  We were told riddles from Anglo-Saxon times – which were really difficult!  Then we created our own riddles ready for the riddle competition later on in the afternoon.

Having experienced Anglo-Saxons at work and at play, we then took part in Anglo-Saxon dancing.  It was quite tricky and not like modern dancing.  First, we learnt how to complete the dance sequence really slowly, then we added faster Anglo-Saxon music and had a dance off with each other.  It was brilliant and really tiring – the Anglo-Saxons were very energetic and fit!

Finally, we learnt how to play an Anglo-Saxon board game: Nine Men’s Morris.  It was a little like Tic Tac Toe but more complicated.

Year 4 meet the Anglo-Saxons

On Thursday, 7th March, Year 4 enjoyed a fascinating day at Norwich Castle, learning all about the Anglo-Saxons.

As they arrived, the children met a metal detectorist who discovered a brooch in Norfolk that reveals the story of Thurweald, an Anglo Saxon King and his people. As part of the day, the children met different Anglo Saxon characters who revealed the story of Thurweald, who had died. The children enjoyed making replica Anglo-Saxon broches, they met a trader and handled some genuine artefacts, sat with a wonderful story teller to act out the legend of Thurweald’s defeat of the monsters in the forest and even learned how the Anglo-Saxons buried their dead.

One of the children said, “I enjoyed the trip because I actually thought I was an Anglo-Saxon. I learnt how the women had their legs bent when they were buried but the men’s legs were straight.”

Another commented, “I learnt about how the Anglo-Saxons traded things, even to India! It was amazing!”