Technology and computing has become an important part of most people’s lives. We would like to ensure that all children in our school can become competent and confident users of ICT, ready for their adult life.
The curriculum has been updated to focus on ‘computing’ in line with the proposed new curriculum. The computing subject covers all objectives for the new national curriculum for Key Stage One, over Year One and Year Two. Planning in EYFS relates to the Development Matters document and the larger objective of ‘Understanding the World’. The computing curriculum has been designed to give the children breadth of understanding of technology using a variety of tools and equipment.

We have a commitment to ensuring we have equipment that is relevant to the age and stage of the children, and that we embrace and introduce new technologies where relevant. To enhance the curriculum the children are able to access a range of technology in the school including desktop computers in the computing suite, programmable toys and iPads for classroom and group use. Children are able to develop and progress their skills in computing each year to build on prior knowledge and skills they have been taught before.

We have a commitment as a school to ensure that all children are online-safe using technology and the internet. All classes have a poster displayed to promote the key tips for being online-safe. Each half term the children have an online-safety lesson during their computing slot to recap these tips and procedures.

Children across the school have enjoyed using a range of technology and can talk about how this technology can help their learning in other curriculum areas.

  • Computing from the Summer Term 2021


    This term the children in Reception has their first session in the computing suite! They were very excited and concentrated really well on listening carefully. The children learnt to use a mouse and click and hold to draw a picture on purple mash. Some of the children even learnt to use the menu to select a clean page!

    P:\Hannah\computing dylan.jpg P:\Hannah\computing aria.jpg

    Year 1

    This term the children have become more confident with navigating the programs on Purple Mash. In pairs they have used ‘create a story’ to write and illustrate their own short books. The theme of their books was ‘Step back in time’ (our topic for the second half of this term) and the children thought about an event in History that had taken place. The children used sentences, pictures and sound effects to make their books interesting for the reader. The children demonstrated excellent teamwork and perseverance. They enjoyed sharing their completed stories with each other and were keen to make more books in the future!

    Year 2

    The children in year 2 have enjoyed making their own artwork portfolio using Purple Mash. During our Art Around the World topic, the children have created many fantastic pieces of artwork and because we can’t have people in school to see our fantastic work, they have created their own online portfolio’s to share with their friends and family at home. It involved the children having to create a front cover introducing their portfolio and then a new page and write a summary for each piece of artwork. The children had to take photos of their artwork and import the photos from their tablet. Their Portfolios are now ready to view by logging into their Purple Mash accounts from home.

  • Computing from the Spring Term 2021

    This term, the children across the Infant School have really had to extend their computing skills as it has enabled them to be able to take part in their remote learning. The children have had to learn how to use Microsoft Teams, how to put their ‘teams hand up’ and how to mute and unmute themselves to answer questions as well as navigating through different teams that they are on for assemblies and interventions. We are so proud with how all of the children have coped and good they have been at adapting to online learning.

    Both year 1 and year 2 have been completing their spelling using Purple Mash as well as using Oxford Owl and the Active Learn Bug club to help with their reading.

    The children in year 2 have used Purple Mash to explore algorithms this term. They have created their own algorithms using 2code and have been able to debug any errors that occur. 

    They also linked their computing work to their English story of ‘The Storm Whale’. They retold the story using 2create a story and added in pictures to improve their mouse skills and some children even added in animations and voice clips.

  • Computing in the Autumn Term

    Computing in the EYFS

    The Reception children have been using a range of different technology to develop their computing skills. They have been using the interactive screens to mark make as well as helping to develop their mouse and keyboard skills. The children have also been using programs such as  to help with hearing initial sounds and blending words.  Some children have even been playing games to help them with their counting!

    Computing in Key Stage 1

    Computing has looked a little different for the year 1 and 2 children this term. They have been lucky enough to have been allocated their own tablet for their computing sessions. It has been good for the children to learn how to use a different and new device and to learn about logging in and turning their tablets on and off.

    So far they have used their tablets to access purple mash and complete set 2do tasks by their teachers including creating their own algorithms, using 2paint and spelling games.

    The year 2 children have also been able to use their tablets in other areas of the curriculum including using phonics play as well as making their own stop animation stories in English and RE.

  • Computing in the Autumn Term


    The children Reception have been using a range of different technology to develop their computing skills. They have been using the interactive screens to mark make as well as helping to develop their mouse and keyboard skills. The children have also been using programs such as  to help with hearing initial sounds and blending words. Some children have been exploring the use of different technologies such as cameras and smart watches!

    Year 1

    The year 1 children have been creating their own simple algorithms (a clear and precise set of instructions for a computer). They have learnt how to follow algorithms as well as writing their own using positional language.

    Year 2

    During the autumn term, the year 2 children have enjoyed making their own stop animation movies using the kindles. Their short stories were based on their own superhero and were planned during literacy lessons which involved the children having to establish a setting, props and dilemma. The children really enjoyed filming them and using the stop animate app.

    The children have also started to use Purple Mash to improve their maths and spelling skills. Remember to use your login to access it at home too and use the link below:

  • Computing Spring 2021

    Year 3

    Geography and computing
    This half term Year 3 have investigated the local area by researching information about Dereham using search engines on the internet. We have also explored symbols used in a key on a map to represent important human and physical features and found such features on a map of our local area. We then presented the information we wished to share about Dereham in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation created in our pairs.

    Year 4

    In the Spring term, while the children were taking part in remote lessons, the focus for learning was E-safety. The children began by evaluating websites then they considered which aspects of internet safety were the most important. To round off the topic, the children could choose to design a poster or leaflet for someone younger than themselves to display all their new E-safety knowledge.

    Our latest series of lessons have involved using 2DIY3D on purple Mash, a program which enables the children to create their own game. The activities included creating 2 levels of a game, creating hazards, designing the features of the game and finally writing a set of instructions for others to play the game

    Year 5

    We have enjoyed learning about spreadsheets, especially how to use formulas. We have been using the spreadsheets to check some calculations which we had also done mentally.

    In Spring 2, the focus has been staying safe online. Specifically, the children have been learning about copyright and plagiarism as well as looking at fake websites and designing their own!

    Year 6

    During the Spring Term Year 6 have been learning about Spread sheets. The children learnt how to create a spreadsheet for an event and put in data into it. The children manage to do this at home as part of their online learning. This half term we are doing blogging which is proving very enjoyable, this is being done on Purple Mash.

    Autumn 2020

    Year 3

    The children in year 3 have been working on coding, providing specific and detailed instructions to make a car move. We used Purple Mash to complete the tasks and after a lot of perseverance we successfully made our vehicles do what was expected of them.

    Year 4

    In the Autumn term, the children in year 4 began their computing lessons by taking part in Dance Mat Typing. The aim of this programme was to improve and develop their keyboard typing skills.

    After this, the children had great fun learning to send and receive emails to and from each other. These lessons taught the children how to include an email address, how to add a subject and an attachment. Later in the term, the children enjoyed a series of lessons using Scratch. This enabled the children to create programs by dragging blocks of instructions to make animations move. The children were able to think creatively and reason systematically.

    Year 5

    The children in year 5 were busy in the Autumn term becoming more familiar with using their blogging page. They have loved using this as a way of communicating with each other both in class and when at home. The children can like posts as well as leave comments. They love to see how many people have gone onto the blog and from where about in the world. Click on the links below to have a look!

    The children also created their own stop motion films! Some chose to include their Viking ships that they had recently created in DT. They learned out to create a story using photos and thought carefully about how to show if a character is moving quickly or slowly.

    Year 6

    This term we have been working on coding, giving clear instructions, known as algorithms. We used Purple Mash to complete set activities to practise using the algorithms and using different variables to complete different tasks. This culminated in the children creating their own games involving the variables such as timers and directions through Purple Mash. We then looked at and focused on Online Safety and how to keep others and ourselves safe online.

  • Neatherd Computing

    Adam Gibson, Head of Computer Science at Dereham Neatherd High School has been running free and informative CPD workshops based on delivering Computing. These provide learning opportunities’ for pupils and CPD for teachers based around delivery of Computing.  Toftwood Junior School has benefitted from regular Wednesday afternoon sessions for Years 3 to 5.

    The focus of certified Schoolhouse workshops, as part of Ukie’s Digital Schoolhouse programme, is to help empower and inform teachers in the delivery of Computing.

    Throughout the workshops, we have taken pupils and teachers through various elements of Computing, for example computational thinking and algorithms. We have also incorporated simple play-based learning techniques, which have engaged pupils and helped teachers to deliver complex topics using familiar classroom resources.

    Digital Schoolhouse is delivered by the UK games industry trade body, Ukie. It was originally seed funded by the Mayor of London’s Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) and is supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The programme is powered by Nintendo Switch®, sponsored by SEGA, Warwickshire Council and Ubisoft, to offer schools the support and professional development they need without cost. In turn, helping to prepare the next generation with the digital skills they need for their future.

  • Spring 2018

    Year 3 have been working on their word processing and typing skills. They have used dance mat typing to help them learn how to type correctly and consolidated their learning from Literacy and their topic by typing up non-chronological reports and creating posters.

    They have been continuing to learn about coding using the code4life website and writing code and algorithms to direct a vehicle.

    Year 4 have also been developing their word processing and typing skills.  They have been using Scratch to learn how to manipulate sprites to begin creating a game.  The children then used PowerPoint to create presentations on the Islamic Pilgrimage and used iPads to create movie trailers!


    Year 5 have been concentrating on improving their typing speed by using touch typing skills and creating spreadsheets. The children have used their spreadsheets and know how to complete calculations using the ‘auto sum’ function.

    Year 6 have continued to develop their typing skills and have created music using the Garage Band app.  The children have also extended their spreadsheet knowledge and have presented data in different ways, such as in numerical or graphical form. The children have also created PowerPoints following their Holt Hall residential trip.