PE Vision

At Toftwood Infant and Junior Federation it is the aim that all children are able to participate in and enjoy physical activity. We recognise the importance of regular physical activity and the promotion of physical health and well-being. We also recognise the need for children to be able to work co-operatively, demonstrating team work and building on individual skills.

All classes throughout the school from Year 1 to Year 6 have 2 hours of dedicated PE slots in their timetable. In addition to this, we have additional sports activities in our sports enrichment weeks. Through our membership of the School Sports Partnership, we attend festivals and competitions.

Physical development is a key part of the EYFS curriculum and there are lots of opportunities for children to develop both their fine and gross motor skill through child led learning in the indoor and outdoor environment. We have a range of equipment and facilities to allow the children in the EYFS to develop their coordination and gross and fine motor skills. They also learn how to use equipment safely and to develop their sporting and physical skills, indoors and outdoors.

We follow the real PE scheme throughout the Federation which develops children’s physical literacy skills through fun games and stories.

We deliver an ongoing programme of training and development in order to drive forwards the delivery, planning and assessment of the PE curriculum through funding from Sports Premium. Staff attend training, lead training and benefit from a range of professional advice and support through the School Sports’ Partnership. Since this began the children have reported that they have experienced more active PE sessions and staff have improved their confidence at teaching PE.

In the coming year it is our aim that we continue to build on staff’s good practice making sure that new staff to the school benefit from courses provided by the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership and through Create Development’s Legacy Package.

If you would like to find out about what sports clubs are available in the local area please click here.

To find out more about the PE competitions and festivals we take part in click here.

Wellbeing Week – summer term

In the summer term, the children across the whole federation came off timetable and wore their PE kit into school for a whole week to focus on wellbeing activities. Here is what the Junior School got up to!

Bee competition

One of the challenges for the week was to design a garden which would attract bees.  The children learnt a lot about our furry friends during this activity include their favourite colour, when they like to nest and the importance of pollen. They also loved painting their designs! Some children’s garden designs were entered into the Radio 2 garden design competition. Two designs from each class were also chosen to be included in a proposal to the town council for a £500 grant to improve our school garden!

Running races

Although there were no parents watching Race Day this year, it did still happen in every year group! The classes in each year group were able to get outside together and safely stay in their bubbles while they raced or spectated. The children absolutely loved the different races and learning how to pass a baton correctly.

Day of Calm with Mrs Owen from the School Sport Partnership

On our day of calm, the children focused on wellbeing activities which included a mindful walk, labyrinths, breathing exercises and colouring.  Mrs Owen also spent some time with each class going through mindful activities. With Mrs Owen, the children learnt that being mindful means to think about only one thing and using your senses can really help to focus your mind. Some children also wrote a super hero mantra to say to themselves to boost their confidence if they ever need to feel a little bit more like a super hero!

Team games with class

The children also had the opportunity to participate in some team games with their class organised by their teachers. For some children, this involved playing diamond cricket or a game of rounders. Other children did a carousel of competitive activities against their peers!

Sports Day Competition with Mr Mann from the School Sport Partnership

On Friday, Mr Mann and his team came into school to lead a covid safe sports day! The children worked with their class friends to compete against the other classes in their year groups. They took part in javelin, sprint, long jump and agility competitions. Well done to the winning classes: FB3, ZK3, BL4, AR5 and GG6!

Pupil Voice

“What I liked about wellbeing week is that you got to do lots of fun activities and lots of sports that keep you fit and energised. I also liked the mindfulness that we did with Mrs Owen because it made me feel peaceful and relaxed,” Wren.

 “I liked it because it was awesome and the best part was Mr Mann because he taught us jumping, racing and throwing. I also liked it because we got to design bee gardens. I liked doing a mixture of sports and mindfulness.” Kacper.

“We enjoyed coming to school this week in our P.E clothes and can’t wait to do it all again next year!” TH4.

Wellbeing Week June 2021


The reception children have thoroughly enjoyed their wellbeing/sports week! They started the week with a visit from Ellise who gave us some activities to do for a ‘day of calm.’ They learnt how to do deep breathing and hand breathing, and also did a listening activity where they had to focus on the sound of a chime. The next day they learnt all about bees and some of the children made hives to take home to hang up. They have also enjoyed playing some parachute games such as cat and mouse, having a boogie underneath in ‘I like to move it’, and running underneath to switch places. The mushroom we made at the end was fun too! We had fun on Wednesday at team day, earning points as a team trying different sports activities and on Thursday the children took part in ‘sports day’ led by Mr Mann, where they had a go at running different races and throwing javelins. On Friday, they spent some time doing yoga and some colouring in while listening to some relaxing music.

Year 1

Year 1 began the week with ‘A Day of Calm’ activities with Mrs Owen from the Dereham and West Norwich School Sports Partnership. Children were able to do this in their classes.

We thought about designing a calming garden to attract the bees. Part of our learning for this was to learn about how bees collect the nectar from flowers and bring it back to their hive. The children played a fun game to demonstrate this using coloured water for nectar and pipettes to extract the nectar and carry it back to the hive. We found out a lot of information about bees and what they liked and tried to include this in our design. We also did a collaborative mindfulness colouring of a giant bee.

We also had great fun learning a new team game of throw rounders. The children picked up the rules quickly and some children were able to think in a tactical way.

Mr Mann and his colleagues from The School Sports Partnership joined us on Thursday for some sports activities

Year 2

On Monday, Ellise Owen came in to teach the children strategies to keep calm, breathing strategies and some Tai-Chi movements. They also did some chime listening to heighten their listening sense.

The children all entered the BBC Radio 2 Design a Bee Garden competition. We were impressed with how detailed the children completed their designs and some of them were keen to include some of the aspects in their own gardens.

During the latter parts of the week, the children enjoyed playing a variety of different games and team building activities. This included trying to get their team across shark-infested waters with just 2 mats and lots of obstacles to overcome. They used excellent communication skills. The children enjoyed a visit from the West Norwich and Dereham Schools Sports Partnership who ran a mini sports day. The week ended with the children partaking in a variety of physical activities and such a lots of fun with parachute games!


We have had to be creative in PE this year to ensure children are engaged and learning new skills as well as staying safe!

Year 3 Summer 1

Year 3 learnt the basic skills of tennis including forehand, backhand, controlling the racket and were set the challenge of maintaining a rally.  For our core Real PE, the children worked together on their social skills to create sequences of jumping. The children were also supported to coach their peers and offer positive feedback. 

Year 4 Summer 1

Our PE this half term was energetic and very exciting! We enjoyed relays and participated with great enthusiasm in covid friendly games! We worked hard on developing our social skills by listening carefully to our teammates.

Year 5 Summer 1

We really enjoyed learning about rugby this half term. We played lots of different games to develop our movement, throwing and catching skills and also learnt some rules about how to play rugby. In Real PE, we had some challenging team games which made us think hard about tactics and how to score points. We also enjoyed changing some of the rules for the games to create more challenge.

Year 6 Summer 1

We really enjoyed playing cricket this half term, particularly diamond cricket! We worked hard to develop our throwing, catching and batting skills.

Autumn 1

In Autumn 1, all children completed orienteering lessons, which they really enjoyed. It was great to see all children from year 3 up to 6 running around the school grounds with such enthusiasm! The teachers were also particularly impressed with how well they worked with a partner to solve the challenges that had been set each week.

Click on the link below to see some videos and photos from one of our lessons.

For the second hour of PE, each class completed a number of athletics challenges set by the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership (SSP). This included a long jump, high jump and set tasks to complete in a given time. The children had to use their measuring and timing skills to record their results. They had time to practise each activity and then they tried to beat their best score. The following children were congratulated in as special assembly led by Matthew Mann (from the SSP) for showing determination and passion throughout the lessons. Well done!

Year 3Arthur
Year 4Harriet
Year 5Elijah
Year 6 Jack

Autumn 2

Year 3 

Real Gym in the second half of the Autumn term has been a hit in year 3! The children have made great progress with learning a variety of shapes and using these when jumping and balancing. Throughout the unit, the children have focused also on social skills, team work, giving feedback and how to remain safe whilst completing activities outside. As you can see, the children really enjoyed using hand held apparatus too! 

Real PE 

The children enjoyed the continuous relay warm up in the Autumn term where they were focussing on spatial awareness. They were also developing their footwork coordination and how to give positive and constructive feedback to their partner.   

Year 4
Year 4 have enjoyed focusing on our footwork skills in Real PE. We have been practicing our sidesteps, skipping and one leg balances to name but a few! Every child worked hard to improve their balance skills by discussing and implementing different techniques such as keeping a straight back and staring straight ahead. Our Real PE unit helped us with our gymnastics as the children had to work in small groups to develop their own sequence of balances with different ways of travelling in between.  

Year 5

Year 5 have enjoyed developing their ball skills as well as reaction and response skills throughout the second half of the Autumn term. The children were able to apply these skills to some competitive games: throw tennis and end ball. It was fantastic to see the children working as a team to score points. They were really thinking about who to pass to, who they should mark and we also worked on always congratulating the winners! Well done year 5!

Year 6

After half term, we really loved playing Throw Tennis and End Ball.  The children improved their throwing and catching skills and worked well as part of a team. End Ball was especially popular as the children enjoyed improving their defending and attacking skills.

Spring 1 – PE in lockdown!

The children have continued their Real PE learning at home with their own login to The website is broken down into 12 different skills. This half term, the children worked on their one leg balance, seated balance and dynamic balance as well as floor work and stance. Each skill has six levels of challenge with the black level being the hardest to master. Once the children have had the opportunity to practise their skills, there are some suggested games and challenges to complete. It has been fantastic to see photos and videos of children completing their challenges from home with other family members!

The children have also completed challenges that have been specially designed for staying active and developing PE skills while schools are closed. Each video works on a different skill and there are lots of ideas to support and challenge children. There are also great ideas to participate with the whole family!

Click on the link below to watch some of the exciting videos.

As well as the above, the children have also completed Joe Wicks workouts,

Go Noodle videos, Jumpstart Johnny dance routines and some Cosmic Yoga. It has been a busy half term!

Sports Leaders 2019

Our year 6 sport leaders have been helping the infant children to stay active at lunch times!

The year sixes have been meeting with Mrs Rathi to think of games and practise leading them. They have really worked on giving instructions, using an outside loud voice and working closely with the younger children to support them.

The year sixes have then been going to the infant playground in groups of two or three to lead games with year one and two. The infants particularly enjoyed a competitive game of freeze which is very similar to musical statues, but they copied some tricky balances made by the sport leaders.

It has been lovely to see children from across the federation working so well together and the confidence of the year 6 children grow throughout the term.

PE Intervention 2019-20

Mrs Sugarman has been working with key stage 1 and year 3 children to give them an opportunity to be more physically active one afternoon each week. Some weeks she has had to be creative with the space available due to weather, nativity rehearsals and Christmas parties! As well as focusing on fitness skills, the children have also worked on their maths, gross motor and social skills. One child said that they had enjoyed the sessions so much that they were now choosing to take part in active session with year 6 at lunch times. Another child has also shown a lot more enthusiasm to take part in whole class PE.

Autumn Term 2019

The biggest change to our PE curriculum in the Autumn term throughout the federation is that all classes have followed the Real Gym scheme of work for their hour of gymnastics.

Real gym

  • Is a vibrant and holistic approach that makes gym relevant, meaningful and challenging for every child.
  • A unique whole school approach to gymnastics, which is stage appropriate and progressive.
  • Builds confidence and inspires teachers to enjoy teaching innovative, outstanding gymnastics.
  • Is market leading, exciting, colourful resources to develop transferable gymnastics skills.
  • Is directly aligned to and enhances real PE outcomes and approaches.
  • Is creatively written by Sarah Moon, National Award winner for her work in primary schools and Team GB Olympic Coach

Year 3

Real Gym

Real Gym throughout the whole of the Autumn term has been a hit in year 3! The children have made great progress with learning a variety of shapes and using these when jumping and balancing. Throughout the unit the children have focused also on social skills, team work, giving feedback and how to use and set up the equipment safely.

Real PE

The children enjoyed the continuous relay warm up in the Autumn term where they were focussing on spatial awareness. They were also developing their seated balances and created greater core strength by moving objects with their feet.

Year 4

Real Gym

The children’s favourite warmup throughout the term has been skipping. They have loved experimenting with different ways of skipping and the teachers have seen their fitness levels improve. The children have worked hard to put a four-jump sequence together thinking carefully about linking each movement. They have particularly enjoyed all of the games in the Real Gym planning which develop transferable gymnastic skills.

Real PE

The focus in Real PE has been on personal skills. The children have worked hard to persevere with their co-ordination to get better at a tricky footwork routine. They found the four-jump sequence difficult because it was tiring and hard to remember but they really enjoyed the challenge.

Year 5

Real Gym

The children have loved the wide range of warmups in Real Gym including skipping, follow my leader and the continuous throwing relay. Their favourite activity was ‘learning to fly’; where the children learned how to do a hurdle step. This involved jumping from one foot and landing on two feet on the bench ready to spring in the air and then land the other side on the mat securely. Once the children were confident with their hurdle step, they tried to turn in the air too!

Real PE

In real PE, the children were developing their ball and reaction skills through throw tennis and end ball. They really enjoyed being part of a team and showed great cognitive skills by analysing and evaluating their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses. They thought greatly about team tactics and were able to change the tactics each week to develop their game even more.

Year 6

Real Gym

The children have made really good progress in Real Gym throughout the term. They have focused on balancing with a partner and particularly enjoyed counter balances and supported balances. The children were able to really trust their partner and once they had mastered the skill, they were then given the opportunity to teach others in the class too.

Real PE

The children have really enjoyed Real PE throughout the term. They liked the continuous relay warmup where they needed to focus on spatial awareness as well as follow the complex instructions. They played dodgeball to practise their football and balancing skills. The children enjoyed the opportunity to referee a game and have a turn to lead the group in a game of dodgeball.

Autumn 2 2019 – Children In Need Big Morning Move With Joe Wickes

Children across the federation took part in the Big Morning Move with Joe Wickes as part of their fundraising activity for Children In Need this November.

For more information about this please see our Special Events Page

Summer Term 2019


All children participated in circus skills activities including balancing, ribbon dancing and stilt walking.

Learning to play tennis….


Year 1

Year 1 have busily been preparing for Race Day this term with some practise running and obstacle races. They have also been practising their rolling and retrieving skills through the real PE Program. Year 1 have also had time to learn a simplified version of Rounders which involved kicking the ball. They have had to think about tactics for both fielders and throwers.

Year 2

This term the children have been refining their skills and applying them to team games. They have learnt the key skills for teamwork including communication, strategy and sportsmanship. The children took ownership of their learning by taking on roles as leaders in each team and used problem solving to complete a variety of tasks. We can see great progress with the children’s sending and receiving skills since the beginning of the school year. Many of our children attend sports clubs and activities outside of school and they demonstrated that they could apply these skills to our PE lessons.

Year 3

In the summer term, year 3 enjoyed learning some new skills from Brett who is a cricket coach from Chance to Shine. They worked on their agility skills, to improve their runs. Year 3 also played a cricket competition across the year group where they had the chance to put their skills into a competitive game. In tennis, the children practised their forehand skills by trying to hit the ball into their partner’s hands, they then moved onto forehand rallies. Some of the children even progressed to backhand rallies.

Year 4

The children in year 4 enjoyed athletics in the summer term. They found the hurdles fun and also liked drawing around their bodies and then trying to jump the length of themselves. In cricket, the children really enjoyed improving their catching, fielding, batting and under arm bowling skills. They also played some matches within their classes which improved their ability to work as small teams.

Year 5

In Real PE, children enjoyed playing a bean bag game to think about tactics and work together as a team. They also liked how physically challenging this game was. In cricket, they learnt some new techniques for bowling and batting which were very useful as they could see themselves getting better. In athletics, the children focused on the correct start position for a race. This was challenging but they learned the importance of using their whole body to gain speed.

Year 6

In year 6, the children focused on athletics and cricket in the summer term. In athletics, the children found the relay challenging but worked as a team to overcome their difficulties. They loved playing cricket and particularly enjoyed French cricket which was a fast paced game. In real PE, scatter ball was a fun and physically challenging game.

Spring Term 2019


The children in Nursery looked at the Bear Hunt Story and pretended they were going on a bear hunt. They used different equipment for each part of the story and moved around the different stations. They also created their own obstacle courses in the outdoor area practising their balancing, climbing and jumping.


Reception children have started to explore the warm up stories from the real PE program. There are lots of different activities to do to practise different movements through a fun story. The favourite ones so far have been, ‘find the nut’ and ‘puffing along’.

Year 1

In Year 1 this term we have been beginning to practise some of the skills for athletics. We have been playing games that involve us practising our running jumping and throwing skills. During our real PE session we have been practising how to control a ball and roll it with control and we have been practising some balancing with a partner.

Year 2

Year 2 have linked their PE to their topic ‘Art around the world’. The children have learnt dance styles such as salsa, samba, street dance and African dance. The children really enjoyed the different music to move to and expressing themselves in their routines. In real PE the children have practised the ball skills of sending and receiving. They practised their skills through the fun game of human hungry hippos.

Year 3

Throughout the year, the year 3 classes have taken it in turns to go to the local pool for swimming lessons. To begin with, getting in the pool was a challenge for lots of children but they were able to overcome their fears and now get into the pool confidently. The children work towards being able to swim front crawl for 25 metres. They are also taught basic water safety. The children have enjoyed their swimming lessons.

In the Spring term, year 3 focused on hockey. They learned the correct and safe way to hold a hockey stick. The children worked really hard to develop their passing skills, focusing on the correct force and direction of the ball.

Year 4

In the Spring term, the children focused on tennis to develop their skills. They really enjoyed getting outside for their learning the extra challenge of hitting the ball over the net. One class also had Mr Upton (as well as their teacher) to help them with their tennis. He was so impressed with their learning that he challenged them to a double competition which they thoroughly enjoyed.

In Real PE in the spring term, the children played a variety of games to develop their cognitive and creative skills.

Year 5

The children worked hard in small groups to produce a creative dance routine which they performed to the class. It was lovely to see the girls and boys passionately discussing the next move for their routine and supporting each other with this.

The children loved learning how to play tag rugby. In lessons, children focused on weaving, defending and attacking and they played a range of fun games to develop these skills.

In Real PE, the focus was on developing the children’s social skills. The children played a river crossing game where they had to get their entire team across the river by only stepping on the equipment they were given. The children made very good progress with this game and were able to use equipment with different heights and very small spaces.

Year 6

The focus in the Spring term in year 6 was basketball. Some year 6 children had a coach in their lesson as well as their teacher to help develop their basketball skills. The children were very focused throughout all lessons and worked hard to develop their shooting and dribbling skills. They also played 5 a side matches which was a great opportunity for them to apply the skills they had just learned.

Another unit in the spring term for year 6 was Outside and Adventurous Activities. They enjoyed taking part in team games where they had to rely on their peers to complete a task. The children also developed their map skills by studying a map of the school to work out where clues were hidden to complete a challenge.

Autumn Term 2018

Nursery children have enjoyed playing parachute games. They have been learning to listen to and follow instructions during the sessions.

This term in PE, Reception have been playing team games and practising their listening skills to complete the games. We have been practising our gross motor skills by using the large gym equipment in the hall which was lots of fun! We have also been outside using the bikes to practise balance and exercising.

Year 1 children started the year playing cooperative games through using the parachute, playing listening games, exploring different ways to move around and learning the rules and expectations from their class teachers. They have also begun to follow the real PE scheme playing fun warm up games about pirates and practising using their balance.

The children have also been playing with some new resources from the Premier League and built maths into their PE lesson by having to find one more or one less than a number.

During the Autumn term, Year 2 have been practising throwing and catching skills using beanbags and balls. They learnt about how they could aim at a target as well as throwing the ball or beanbag to a partner. They also had opportunities to develop their accuracy and control in a group and using different boundaries.

In Real PE the children completed PE activities based around the book ‘The birthday bike surprise’. They discussed different ways the children can travel and practised the skills of skipping, hopping and side stepping. They really enjoyed applying their skills in a variety of games.

Year 3

In the Autumn term, year 3 focused on gymnastics and Real PE. In gymnastics, the children developed their balancing and rolling skills which they then put into a sequence and performed to the class. In Real PE lessons, children played a variety of games to improve their perseverance.

Year 4

In dance in the Autumn term, year 4 enjoyed creating a Roman battle in groups. They thought carefully about the shapes they could make with their bodies and their facial expressions to try to tell a story when they performed.

The children in year 4 also developed the hockey skills in the Autumn term. They particularly enjoyed the pace of the game when playing competitive matches.

Year 5

In gymnastics in the Autumn term, the children developed ways to roll, balance, travel and jump. They linked these movements into sequences which they performed individually, in pairs and in small groups.

Year 5 enjoyed their hockey lessons in the Autumn term. They recapped the correct positioning of their hands on a hockey stick and played attacking and defending games. Hitting the ball a long distance was challenging for some children and there was lots of discussion about the best technique to use for this.

Year 6

To link with their history learning, year 6 learned a Greek dance in the Autumn term. The children had to work hard as a team to ensure they were all in time and in the correct formation. In Real PE, year 6 played a variety of games to develop their creative skills.

PE Summer Term

Nursery PE Summer Term

The Nursery children have been practising their climbing on the new pirate ship climbing frame that was installed in the Nursery outdoor area this term.

They have also been preparing for their Pre School Sports Morning with some practise races and setting themselves challenges like throwing the beanbags into tyres.

Reception PE Summer Term

Reception had a special visit from Mr Mann to teach us some rugby skills. They practiced holding the ball and running, and throwing it underarm, over arm and swapping from each side. They also got to practice kicking the ball and making tries.

Harry came in to teach us some football skills. Reception children practiced scoring goals whilst holding the ball and then had a go at dribbling. They had some magic dust sprinkled on our feet so the ball would stick to them and then had to try and score goals past the goalkeepers!

Year 1 PE Summer Term

Year 1 have busily been preparing for Race Day this term with some practise running and obstacle races. They have also been practising their rolling and retrieving skills through the real PE Program. Year 1 have also had time to learn a simplified version of Rounders. They have had to think about tactics for both fielders and throwers.

Year 2 PE Summer Term

This term in PE the children in year 2 have been working together on a range of team work activities. The children have been working on their communication. They have learnt different ways to communicate through various activities. The children really enjoyed these games and liked working together to solve problems. The children also have been working on their ball skills this term, building their control and accuracy when passing a ball.

Year 3 PE Summer Term

Year 3 have had a busy term in PE with swimming, tennis, Real PE and cricket! AH3 have had a great time swimming this term and the teachers have seen some great progress. JS3 and CT3 have been taking part in Real PE. In Real PE, we have focused on the skills of teamwork, balance and worked on our reaction times. All classes have also had a focus on cricket and tennis. The children have really enjoyed learning the basic skills in tennis, focusing on aiming and rallying with each other – they had lots of fun putting this all together at the end and playing a game. Cricket has been fantastic! We have had Brett Gates to teach us the skills to play a game of cricket. We have spent time focusing on aiming to help with our bowling skills, catching to help with fielding and in games we have been practicing some quick fire batting skills. We have seen some great teamwork and progression throughout the term.

Year 4 PE Summer Term

In PE this term, the children developed their ball skills through Real PE and on our unit on Kwik Cricket. The pupils really enjoyed working on improving their batting, bowling and fielding abilities. During this learning, they began to think more tactically about the fact that their team needed to work together to win the game. More recently, we have been focusing on athletics on a range of field and track events including: sprints, relays, hurdles, longer distance races, shot put and javelin.  All the hard work, culminated in a very successful race day where the children really impressed all the adults with the sporting behaviour and dedication to their class. As with all sporting events there had to be a winner and on this occasion congratulations to RB4.

Year 5 PE Summer Term

During this term, year 5 have been following real PE during one of their weekly PE slots. Not only are the children developing their physical skills but they are also becoming better all round athlete by working on their social and cognitive skills, making them better team players, and developing strategies.

Alongside these lessons, we have also done gymnastics, tag rugby, hockey and kick cricket.

Year 6 PE Summer Term

This term Year 6 have been doing some cricket, they have learnt to bowl and bat. They have also played diamond cricket as a team game, which they have enjoyed. During their other lessons, they either have been doing racing, for sprint races or relay.