Inspiring, Interactive and Inclusive

Our aim is to provide a PE curriculum that focuses on the whole child, improving their social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing through inspiring, interactive and inclusive opportunities.


At the Toftwood Federation, we use the realPE scheme which teaches Fundamental Movements skills (agility, balance and co-ordination) alongside personal, social, cognitive, creative, physical and health and fitness skills from year 1 through to year 6 for 1 session a week.

In EYFS, the children are given lots of opportunity to practise the skills taught in PE and their fine and gross motor skills, by accessing their outdoor areas and by using a wide variety of sports equipment, including, balance bikes, balls, beanbags, hoops and apparatus.

In KS1 and KS2, the children are given a 2nd session of PE in a wide variety of physical activities, e,g. OAA, dance, gymnastics, invasion, striking and fielding games as well as Athletics, to practice, consolidate and evidence the skills taught in realPE.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Opportunities for inter-school competitions and festivals for all of our children to develop greater confidence, teamwork and to learn to win and lose with grace and sportsmanship.
  • Cross-curricular links and opportunities e.g. BBC Super Movers, Outdoor Learning, Go Noodle
  • Celebration of sporting achievements, which are recognised in celebration assembly and put on the celebrations wall.
  • Lunch times and after school sports clubs.
  • Whole school experience days dedicated to develop the whole child, e.g. Mindfulness.
  • Being exposed to and learning about worldwide sporting events, e.g. Rugby World Cup, The Olympics, The Paralympics and Wimbledon.
  • Links to local clubs in the area.

PE and sports are a proud part of pupils experience and we hope that this continues to grow in the future and will prepare our children for a life after Toftwood.

PE at TIS Autumn 2023


Reception children have been exploring the outdoor equipment in Ted’s Den, including the wobble bridge, climbing frame and monkey bars. During indoor PE sessions, they have been creating their own activities using the balls, cones, stepping stones and qoits. The children have also challenged themselves on the climbing frame and large apparatus in the hall.

In the second part of the autumn term, reception have been working around 5 stations to develop their gross motor skills. They have been encouraged to challenge themselves and supported to develop their abilities from their starting points. Activities have included using the small and large climbing apparatus in the hall as well as using the activity mats to develop skills such as balancing on one leg and throwing and catching.

Year 1

Throughout the autumn term, the year 1 children have continued to develop some of their fundamental skills of movement using RealPE. They have worked on developing their footwork, moving with control and balance transferring this skill to be able to balance on one leg. All whilst focusing on their own personal skills as their Real PE cog. In the second half of the half term they focussed on the social cog and developing their understanding of others. They focused on jumping and landing as well as a seated static balance.

Alongside these lessons, the children have also enjoyed a gymnastics lesson once a week, where they have also continued to work on the social and personal cogs through RealGym. They have been completing floor work by creating a range of shapes and travelling, and building on this to develop skills on the apparatus too.

Year 2

This term in our Real PE lessons the children have worked on footwork – following the leader and completing one legged balances with control. And they have also been focusing on balancing using a seated balance. This has meant they have had to engage their core muscles in order to display control and balance.

In our Real Gym unit the children have worked on the apparatus to create multiple different shapes. They have focused on tall shapes, small shapes and wide shapes. Some children have challenged themselves by balancing with one part of their body. The children have also been working on jumping, using different pieces of equipment, for example skipping ropes, hoops and balls.

PE Summer Term 2023

Year 3.

In the summer term, Year 3 completed some athletics activities in the lead up to Race Day. We also studied cricket and we loved learning the skills of bowling (under arm) and batting with the cricket bat whilst others in our team were fielding and gaining practice in catching the ball.

Year 4.

In PE this term, we continued to develop our core skills and put these into practice. We have learnt to play, Tennis, Cricket and Hockey. The children really enjoy applying the throwing skills they had learnt during real PE and where able to hit the wickets with developing accuracy in Cricket. They also really enjoyed learning to play team sports and this helped to develop their communication and problems solving skills. 

Year 5.

During the Year 5 summer term, we focused on playing cricket as well as training for race day. Whilst playing cricket, we learnt the skills in batting, bowling and fielding. The classes enjoyed having whole-class games and were very competitive, which was great to see! 

On race day, the children participated in 3 events – running, relay and hurdles. Prior to the day, the year group had lots of practice of the three activities so that they were confident on the day. The children sensibly practiced how to jump over the hurdles safely, despite some children feeling nervous for that event. We were very proud of the children’s hard work – well done!

Year 6.

During the summer term Year 6 have built upon their previous learning of cricket in year 3,4 & 5. They learnt some of the rules, how to bowl overarm, defensive and offensive batting techniques as well as fielding positions and some tactics. These skills were all utilised during the matches that were played towards the end of the year.

In preparation for their final sports day at Toftwood Junior School, the children practiced sprinting, hurdling, relay and their obstacle course. This practice paid off with some fantastic performances that also included a sibling race at the end. Well done to all.

We hope all the children continue to use the skills learnt at Toftwood Junior School on their next step in their educational journey at High school and continue to enjoy PE to ensure a happy & healthy lifestyle.

PE notes for Spring 2 term 2023

Year 3
This term, children have enjoyed learning how to play tennis. They learnt the correct technique for the forehand, backhand and volley as well as having a go at serving to start a point. There were lots of fun games to play throughout the unit of work and the children also enjoyed playing competitive points at the end of the term. 

In Real PE the children have been using various equipment to send and receive accurately to a partner.  The children have been using their dominant and non-dominant hands to pass the ball and have progressed to using their feet for same activities.

Year 4
During our PE lessons in Year 4 this half term, we have been focusing on the Real PE creative cog whilst working on our sending and receiving skills. The children have enjoyed challenging themselves to find different ways of passing balls between themselves. We discussed how having a different sized ball can increase or decrease the challenge, as can being further away from one another. We have also had the opportunity to learn some cricket skills this half term. The children have loved practicing bowling, batting and fielding skills all whilst working together to develop their teamwork skills.

Year 5

This half term, Year 5 has been focusing on playing Hockey. The children have learnt how to pass a ball accurately to another team member, as well as working on how to defend somebody. They have really enjoyed playing smaller games against their peers and now feel confident using these skills. Year 5 have also been swimming this term looking to build on their swimming ability and water safety.
All children will look to achieve the National curriculum expectations for KS2 to:
* Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations
* Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
* Use a range of strokes effectively, for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.
Any children unable to reach this target during year 5, are given extra support and lessons to achieve this in Year 6.

Year 6

Spring has seen Year 6 learning the skills of Basketball. They have been dribbling with both hands, varying their passes (bounce, chest and lob), defence and shooting. They have also been working on their tactical knowledge of this sport. The children have enjoyed practicing and displaying these skills during games and drills.
In Real PE we have been looking at team work and body control. This has been through activities such as: Jump ball, Relays, Balances, Ball Champs, Jump-Roll-Balance and Jumping & Landing. The children have enjoyed the varied activities and looked to improve their dynamic movements and balances through these. Combining the skills to improve fluency and accuracy.
In the Summer term we will look to continue the use of these skills within our Cricket and Creative modules of work.

PE Autumn term 2022


In Autumn 1, the children from year 3 to 6 have enjoyed working independently as well as in a group to develop routines. A real highlight has been using the climbing wall in the main hall to extend their learning about balance, counter-balance, shapes and sequences of movements. The children also loved using hand apparatus to create strong shapes as well as fluid movements with their bodies.

The focus in the second half of the Autumn term has been learning about balance and flight, as well as developing social skills to perform as part of a group to the class. We have been developing our jumping skills, then balancing by ourselves as well as with a partner. We progressed to small then large apparatus, including the climbing frame. We learnt to praise each other’s ideas and routines, identifying how well we worked in a group.

Real PE

In year 3, the children developed their two footed jumps as well as hopping across an obstacle course The children had to think carefully about the space around them as well as how to jump differently when jumping for height or distance.

In year 4, the children really enjoyed jumping and competing against each other to see who can travel the furthest and which jump was the most successful for this. They also loved the dice warm up and thinking creatively about their own movements to get their bodies warm.

In year 5, the children most enjoyed adapting the ‘throlf’ game. They had to think carefully about the different handicaps to challenge themselves as well as negotiating as a class to ensure all were happy with their adaptions.

In year 6, the children have been developing their throwing, catching and batting skills in cricket this half term. They have enjoyed being taught across the term by a Norfolk County Cricket coach.

PE Autumn 2022

In year 2 the children have been making different shapes during their gymnastics focus. They were able to show that they could make these shapes and hold them on the floor and on the apparatus. We have also looked at jumping and reminded ourselves of jumping techniques, the importance of bending our knees, swinging our arms and landing on the balls of our feet.

During our core real PE sessions the children have been revisiting different ways of travelling including side stepping, galloping and skipping.

The year 1 children have really enjoyed focusing on gymnastics this term in PE. During the first part of their series of lessons the children focused on holding balances. They enjoyed completing floor work and using apparatus to balance. During the second part of the term they focused on jumping from 2 feet to 2 feet. We also discussed landing and using their previous knowledge of balance to help them to land.

Reception have been enjoying learning how to use the equipment during their PE lessons. 

They have been developing their gross motor skills and working in groups to have a go at all of the activities. The circuits contain a bridge to climb over, balance boards, textured beams to balance on, agility tables to jump off and the large apparatus to climb up. 

The children have demonstrated really good listening and showed they can use the equipment safely. 

P:\Photos for Evidence\PE\23-24\Cross country\IMG_5081.JPG

Autumn 2 – KS1 Cross-Country

On Wednesday 11th November 16 children from Years 1-2 competed in the WNDSSP’s cross country competition. The theme for the event was honesty, with the children needing to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Albie from Year 2 won a special sticker for demonstrating this theme, after he lost his shoe during the race and had to run … Read more
View Photos Autumn 2 – KS1 Cross-Country
M:\2023 - 2024\Year 3\HP3\Speed Stacking Photos\IMG_5561.JPG

Speed Stacking Festival

On Friday 20th October, 10 children from Year 3 participated in a Speed Stacking Festival at UEA. This involved a carousel of activities which involved variations of speed, numbers of cups, and sizes of the stacks being built. The children played a range of team games that utilised important skills such as communication and listening … Read more
View Photos Speed Stacking Festival

UKS2 Tag Rugby Festival

On Thursday 12th October, year 5 enjoyed competing in a tag rugby event. The festival was organised by the WNDSSP and some sport leaders from Langley School. The children enjoyed a carousel of activities that introduced the skills required in this game: passing, tackling (grab the tag), running and then also practiced these skills in … Read more
View Photos UKS2 Tag Rugby Festival

Race Day for Infants

On Tuesday 11th July the Infant children completed their races. Each child took part in 2 races against other children in their year group. They all competed in a running race and an obstacle race. They all had fun and showed a good spirit of personal achievement and sportsmanship, cheering for their friends. There were … Read more
View Photos Race Day for Infants

Quad Kids Event

On the 25th May 2023, Children from Toftwood were invited to a ‘Quad Kid Event’ at the University of East Anglia’s Sports Park, organised by West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership. The theme of the event was ‘Compete’. 4 Teams (4 Yr3 Girls, 4 Yr3 Boys, 4 Yr5 Girls and 4 Yr5 Boys) were … Read more
View Photos Quad Kids Event

Ultimate Frisbee 18th May 2023

A selection of Year 5 children attended the WNDSSP Frisbee event to develop their skills in this fast paced and technical game at Taverham High School. The children took part in a round robin of activities which included target practice, relay passing and a penalty box challenge. All children were challenged to do their personal … Read more
View Photos Ultimate Frisbee 18th May 2023

Positive Relationships May 2023

The Infant and Junior schools were lucky to have a visit from Ellise Owen who has previously run wellbeing lessons with each class. This time Ellise, worked with each class to recap on recognising your feelings and understanding it is ‘how you present to others that is important to keep good relationships’. The pupils loved … Read more
View Photos Positive Relationships May 2023

Dance Festival

On Friday the 10th of March, a group of 18 children from Year 5 and 6 attended a Dance Festival at The Space in Norwich. The children performed with 8 other schools to the theme of ‘A Moment in Time’. The children dressed up as vicious Vikings as Year 5 had been learning about them … Read more
View Photos Dance Festival

Year 3 Speed Stacking Festival

On Wednesday 22nd February, 10 children from Year 3 participated in a Speed Stacking Festival at UEA. This involved a carousel of activities which involved variations of speed, numbers of cups, and sizes of the stacks being built. The children played a range of team games that utilised important skills such as communication and listening … Read more
View Photos Year 3 Speed Stacking Festival

WNDSSP Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala

On Thursday 26th January, 8 children from Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to attend the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership (WNDSSP) Swimming Gala held at UEA Sportspark. The children took part in a variety of different races including breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. All of the children were incredibly supportive of each … Read more
View Photos WNDSSP Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala

KS1 PE Festival January 2023

On Thursday 19th January 2023, 10 children from Years 1 and 2 went to Easton Tennis Centre and participated in the PE Festival. The children participated in six different activities and worked well with other children from different schools. They had a go at curling, bowling, basketball and much more! They really enjoyed themselves and … Read more
View Photos KS1 PE Festival January 2023

Girls’ Football 1.11.22

On Tuesday 1st November, a group of 16 girls from Year 4 and Year 6 attended a football competition. The girls had been part of a lunchtime club leading up to the event to practise their skills and competitive football. On competition day, the 8 girls who were part of the Year 4 team played … Read more
View Photos Girls’ Football 1.11.22

KS1 and KS2 tag rugby event

On Thursday 13th October, year 6 enjoyed competing in a tag rugby event which was organised by the SSP and some sport leaders from Neatherd High School. The children showed incredible resilience as they competed against experienced teams. The Toftowood team were really pleased to score some try points by placing the ball over their … Read more
View Photos KS1 and KS2 tag rugby event