Year 6 Ancient Greek Day Autumn 2021

On Monday 4th October 2021, Year 6 were transported back to Ancient Greece through our Greek themed day. We are currently studying Ancient Greece as part of our history topic this term. We started the day by being introduced to our Greek visitor who told us a story about Athens, Sparta and Persia. We volunteered to play different characters so that we could really understand what it was like for people living at the time. Our Greek visitor helped us to play a Greek game known as ‘Petia’. We played in pairs with the aim of the game being to block and take your opponents counters. Another activity in the morning was solving a puzzle named ‘Stomachion’. There were lots of different shapes that we had to fit together to create a square. There are many ways to do this and many other shapes that you could make. Some people used a prompt sheet to help them whereas some groups enjoyed the challenge of solving it themselves. In the afternoon we took part in our own Olympic games! We competed in two teams, through traditional sporting challenges. We had great fun encouraging and supporting our team mates. We also looked at traditional Greek weaponry and learned how these tools helped the Ancient Greeks in battle. Our Greek day helped us with our learning as it inspired us to write our own Greek diary entries using the stories we have studied in class as well as the stories told to us by our visitor. It allowed us to visualise the different people of that time and understand their thoughts and feelings.

Year 6 World War Two Day Summer 2021

As part of our current history topic, Year 6 took part in a World War Two themed day on Wednesday 9th June 2021. Our day was enhanced by a visitor who spoke to the children about what life was like during WW2. We started our day with some handwriting practise and code breaking. The children were impressed by the handwriting standard expected of the children during that time. Our day then consisted of various activities including playground games involving skipping, blitz artwork, spitfire plane modelling and a session with our visitor. The children showed great skill when painting and paid careful attention to their colour mixing and blending. The addition of the silhouettes really brought the scene to life. The children enjoyed the skipping games and learning WW2 rhymes that went with the games. Our visitor played the character of a woman living during WW2 and told us about her husband at war and son who had been evacuated to the countryside. The children really enjoyed listening to her stories and joining in with some historical dance routines.

Some of the children shared their thoughts about the day:

‘I enjoyed the stories from Mrs Ethel Brown they were interesting.’

‘I found the skipping fun. We all joined in together and we got to teach others how to do it.’

‘I really liked the code breaking but I found the style of the handwriting challenging, especially the capital letters’.

‘I enjoyed creating the Blitz art. It looked really effective when we stuck the silhouettes on top of the painting.’

Year 6 Summer 1 2021

This half term in year 6 we have thoroughly enjoyed being back in class and having the opportunities to work as a whole class. We have been busy with visitors, having had weekly life coach lessons for all classes from Paddy Venner. He has been teaching the children about resilience, positive attitude and making the correct choices. We have also had staff in from one of the high schools where the children had many opportunities to ask questions. This made them feel more reassured and excited about the year ahead for them.

In class we have been busy with our science work on light. We have learnt about how light travels, can be bent, refracted and split. The children enjoyed the practical lessons involving experiments.

In History, Reading and English we have been learning about World War 2. We have been reading Carries War for our reading and English lessons. The children have written letters and short stories from the perspective of an evacuee. They have enjoyed this and have shown how their own reading is coming through into their writing.

Year 6 World War Two Cooking

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their cooking session which links to our current history topic – World War Two. The ingredients that the children used were all available during war rationing so this gave us an idea of how people had to adapt during this time. They worked very well as a team and shared out tasks and responsibilities within their group. They followed the recipe carefully, making sure that each step was followed in the correct order. The children developed various skills including grating, mixing and weighing in the correct unit. We had to remember to set our scales back to zero each time we added a new ingredient! The biscuits were a success and the children told us that they tasted very nice.

Year 6 Crucial Crew Virtual Visit

On Tuesday 27th April, Year 6 were visited virtually by the Crucial Crew run by Norfolk Police. The Crucial Crew spoke with Year 6 about the importance of internet safety. We listened to the information that was shared and there was an opportunity for the children to ask questions about topics they were unsure about. The key messages shared by the Crucial Crew reinforced the discussions that we have had in our PSHE/PATHS learning in school.

Social media usage was a large focus of the discussion. The Crucial Crew stressed the importance of making social media accounts private and not accepting people we do not know. Photographs that can be screenshot and shared could have a damaging effect on somebody so the children were told to be cautious about sharing photos online. The children were reminded about sending kind and respectful messages to friends that they communicate with online and not sending messages that would cause somebody to become upset. A rule of ‘if you wouldn’t say it someone’s face, don’t say it behind a screen’ was discussed. Most importantly, the Crucial Crew told the children that if they are worried about anything online, to speak out to a trusted adult.

Year 6 Poetry Summer 1 2021

Year 6 have been working hard on creating some tiger poetry after studying the work of William Blake and his Tyger poem that was made famous in 1794. The children carefully considered how the language choices help to create images for the reader. Using these themes, the children produced and illustrated their own tiger poems. 

Year 6 Spring 2 2021

This half term year 6 have been working hard on a variety of curriculum areas.

We have continued to learn about evolution in science and the impact of human behaviour on other organisms on the planet.

In maths we have learnt how to find the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes, triangles and parallelograms. We have also made sure that we have revisited anything we were unsure about from our time during home learning, including finding percentages of amounts and converting fractions, decimals and percentages.

 We have written a fantasy story in English based around the idea of finding a prehistoric creature, linking to our science theme. We have also written a formal letter based upon the book Holes by Louis Sachar which we have been studying in Guided Reading.

Our geography topic has been based on Fair Trade this half term and the children have been learning about how this organisation is working for fair pay and conditions for farmers who provide our chocolate, bananas and other imported crops. We have linked our art to last half term’s topic of America and are studying the work of North American photographer Ansel Adams.

In PE we have been doing a variety of socially distanced team games.

Year 6 Spring 1 2021

We started this term like no other. Very quickly the children became adept at working with TEAMS and developing their computing skills to a very high level. We have all been incredibly impressed at how hard they have worked. We continued teaching our curriculum with a few small changes to the planning for the home learning.

In maths, the children worked on percentages and algebra, which they did very well.

In science the children learned about evolution and inheritance; their work included researching the life of Charles Darwin and Mary Awning, as well as applying all their learning to create their own evolved creature.

In English we have been reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar, the children then took their knowledge of the story and characters to write a newspaper report about how the main character, Stanley ended up at Camp Green Lake.

During our last week of the half term we studied the poem Tyger Tyger by Willaim Blake and the children wrote their own Tyger poem.

Tyger, Tyger

The Tyger sits with his darting eyes,

Watching his prey get ready to die,

Licking his sunset-coloured fur,

He then starts to loll and purr,

Tyger, Tyger he’s not weak,

Just sitting there, prim and sleek,

Bathing under a lush green tree,

Tyger sees a bee and decides to flee,

Ready to pounce,

He spies a mouse,

Look at his razor-sharp teeth,

Trying to blow away a leaf,

Tyger, Tyger he’s so smart,

He always has a bounding heart,

He likes to rest,

So that he hunts the best,

Did you know that he has a solid tail,

Which has immaculate detail?

Tyger, Tyger, hear him roar,

The Tyger is certainly not a bore,

Be careful of his sharp, white claws,

And watch out for those scary jaws,

Tyger, Tyger, covered in stripes,

Why are you always full of hype?


The stripy, amber Tyger who is very savage,

Causes a lot of unexpected damage,

Rips apart it’s dinner with his razor – sharp claws,

Feasts upon it with his immense jaws,

The Tyger is exceptionally large,

But it takes charge,

It is extremely ferocious,

Leaps but creeps,

Springs and flings,

Like the king of all kings,

The mean, intimidating eyes are amazingly bright,

But gives a fright,

The beautiful, charming Tyger is very clean,

Looking almost pristine,

It likes to sneakily prowl,

When it catches its prey it lets out an ear- piercing growl!


Tigers panting in the sun,

Like their life has just begun.

Silky black fur pounces on its food,

And it is just like a jet going past.

Looking closer to see their jaws,

Then to feel their claws.

Seeing their legs dropping down,

Then getting up to go to town.

Seeing the stream overflowing,

And the trees blowing.

The lines of a plane are not to plain to see,

Emerald green eyes glaring at who might flee.

Roaring at each other every day,

Wait for your suspicious prey.


Year 6 Autumn 2020

This half term we have been busy working on the practical side of our foundation topics. As our topic is life in Ancient Greece, we have based our art and DT around this too.  The children designed a Greek style mythological beast which they then made from clay, and for DT they designed their own 3D maze which they then made from art straws, for the minotaur to hide in! The children had some brilliant designs and we were very impressed with the completed products.

Our science this term was called Animals, Including Humans. We learnt about the circulatory and digestive systems in our bodies, and the impact of cigarettes and other drugs. We have also learnt about the benefits of a healthy diet and active life style, and have loved playing Endball in PE. The children have worked brilliantly as part of a team and improved their passing and catching skills.

In English, we studied the fictional world of Pandora. The children created their own insect which lives on this amazing moon and then wrote a non-chronological report about it. They really enjoyed being creative in their designs and were able to use a variety of literary devices in their writing, such as relative clauses, extended noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions, as well as a wide range of technical vocabulary. They also published their completed work on the word processors.

Our mathematical work has been very much based on fractions and properties of shape this half term. We can now add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions from unit fractions to mixed numbers. We have also learnt to draw and measure angles and calculate missing angles in triangles, straight lines, quadrilaterals, other regular polygons and around a point.

It has been a busy but enjoyable half term.