Infant School Meals

Hot lunches are provided by NORSE who provide a two-course lunch with a drink. Menus are sent home termly and children can choose which days they wish to have a hot lunch. From September 2014, all children in infant schools from Reception to Year Two will be entitled to a daily meal free of charge in term time. All parents are required to fill in a form for this but this does not mean your child has to have school meals or have them every day. They can choose when they have them from the menu sent home and displayed below.

If you receive income support or income based job seekers allowance or if you are receiving child tax credit but are not entitled to a working tax credit, e.g. your annual income has been assessed by the Inland Revenue at less than a given figure, (currently £16190); then you need to fill out all sections of the form. The school receives extra funding which it uses for additional support for the children, resources such as books to use at home, after school clubs etc. This is called ‘pupil premium funding’ and this year the children eligible for this have had home learning packs provided, reading books for home, an after school club and many more activities and support paid for. If you do not apply your child cannot access the activities or resources through school. If your child has a brother or sister who has free school meals you do need to fill all sections of the form in.

If you do not receive benefits just fill in sections 1, 2 and 4 only. If you need any help with this, please let us know.

Special meals are available on request for children on restricted diets. If your child has to follow a special diet for medical reasons, please see the Head teacher.

The mid-day supervisors are on hand to help the children at lunchtime, although we do encourage independence from the beginning. We often have special menus and ‘theme meals’ and local pensioners join us for lunch on occasions.

Children bringing a packed lunch require a named sandwich box and a plastic container for cold drinks. No glass bottles, cans or fizzy drinks should be sent in. Hot drinks and pull-top cans of desserts are also not allowed because they could be dangerous. In accordance with our healthy eating policy children should not bring sweets or chocolate in their lunch box. It is helpful if spoons for yoghurts, puddings etc and straws for drinks, if required, could be sent in the child’s lunchbox. No products containing nuts or shellfish should be sent in with the children to eat as we have some children with severe allergies. We appreciate your co-operation with this, as this can be very dangerous to those children. It can affect some children if they smell it or come into contact with another child who has eaten it, and can be fatal.

For further information about NORSE please see their website, but please note that our school menu is not the same as the standard NORSE menu –

Norse Commercial Services menus adhere strictly to the School Food Standards and all staff endeavour to cater to the majority of the school population. We are aware that not everyone is able to eat all foods safely, so if a child has a medically diagnosed allergy, intolerance or health condition we work with parents/carers and health professionals to develop an individual menu where possible. Please see our Special Diet Policy and Registration Form below for more details.

Special Diet Policy

Special Diet Registration Form