Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

An Introduction to SEND at Toftwood Infant and Junior Schools Federation.

Many children need a little extra support at certain times in their school life. Early identification of children with special needs is made by close consultation with parents from school entry and by the monitoring of individual pupils through their pupil profiles and the regular assessments and observations that take place in school. 

The Inclusion Lead (SENCO) follows-up a teacher’s concern and works with the teacher to look at ways to help the child. It may be necessary to devise Individual Education Programs (IEPs) or Inclusion Plan. These provide individual targets for children and are linked specifically to their individual needs. We use the Identification of Needs descriptors in educational settings (INDES) to support with the identification of needs and also the Provision Expected at SEN Support (PEaSS) documents to advise on support that may be appropriate when needs have been identified.  

It may also be appropriate to monitor the child’s progress for a set period of time to see how the child progresses. The federation has a policy for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and follows the Code of Practice. Parents are fully involved in all discussions about their child’s progress. Where appropriate, additional support may be given within the federation or by reference to an external agency. Any referral to an outside agency is undertaken with parental consent. 

Following cycles of assess, plan do and review, it may be evident that a children requires further support in the form of an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP). An EHCP is a legal statement about the child’s educational provision, which is reviewed annually. 

All children are encouraged and supported in order to reach their full potential and make good personal progress. We firmly believe that all children have strengths and talents in different areas and work hard to ensure they experience success in whichever area they can. 

Jill Wilson is the federation Governor for SEN. 

Our SEN(D) Information Report is linked from our Federation homepage and also the Our Schools – Policies page

If you would like further information relating to SEND provision within the Federation you will also find our Policy for the Inclusion of and Provision for Children With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND), Federation Accessibility Plan, Toftwood Single Equality Scheme and policy for Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions on the Policies page.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see below some useful resources and activities that you may wish to try with your child at home. Within each folder are a series of activities and worksheets to support their learning.

Does my child need an EHCP and how is the decision made on assessing them for one?

In considering whether an Education, Health and Care needs assessment is necessary the local authority  will consider whether there is evidence that, despite the early years setting, school or post 16 institution taking relevant and purposeful action to identify, assess and meet the special education needs of the child or young person, the child or young person has not made expected progress.

This may mean that a child has identified SEND but does not need an EHCP as they are making expected progress with the available support in school.

Please click on the link below to see more information from the local authority on EHCPs.


When your child has an EHCP, it can seem quite complicated at times. This animation may help you to understand the annual review process

New EHCP County Contact Number

We have set up this number so that any family with a child with an EHCP or having an assessment for one can contact us quickly and easily.

You’ve told us that you often find it hard to get hold of people, with telephone calls going unanswered.

We’ve set up the County phone number so you know you can always get through to us. If we cannot answer your question straight away, we will come back to you in 48 hours.

Over the last 3 months we have trained our teams to be able to answer your calls or to refer more complex queries onto an LA Officer who will contact you.

We hope this new county wide line will build better communication between us.

New customer contact telephone number is:  01603 679183

The phone line is open between the following time:

0900 and 1700 Monday to Thursday

0900 and 1600 on a Friday