Teaching staff are always carefully assessing what children can do and understand in order to carefully plan next steps in their learning. This is an ongoing process, but there are also some key points of statutory assessment in school. These are specific points where assessment information is gathered and submitted to the Local Authority and Department for Education to confirm the attainment of each child in school. 

In Reception, there are two statutory assessments: 

  • Reception Baseline assessment which takes place within the first 6 weeks of starting reception. 
  • EYFS profile which takes place at the end of the summer term. 

In Key Stage 1, there is one statutory assessment: 

  • The Phonics Screening at the end of Year 1 (and 2 if applicable). 

In Key Stage 2, there are two statutory assessments: 

  • The end of Key Stage 2 (SATs) which take place during May. 
  • The multiplication tables check for Year 4 during June. 

We hold parent workshops to share information about the Phonics Screening, end of Key Stage 1 and end of Key Stage 2 assessments. 

Here is the information we shared in case you would like a refresher or were unable to attend. 

Y1 Phonics Presentation for Parents

If you have any questions, please ask your class teacher. 

Also, the Department for Education have a useful website for parents and carers of children who are in statutory assessment year groups in school. The links are provided below:

Reception baseline assessment: information for parents

EYFS Profile: information for parents

Information for parents: national curriculum tests at the end of key stage 2

Multiplication tables check: information for parents