History Junior

History is taught in order to give pupils’ an interest in and understanding of significant events and people in the past, the influences that they have on our lives today and to teach them to have empathy with others (understanding that modern views of society are different to those held in the past).

We aim to enthuse pupils with an interest in the past, developing their understanding, enabling them to enjoy the richness of cultural and social heritage in Britain (including British values SMSC) and the world and appreciating how things have changed over time.

Pupils are taught to develop a sense of chronology and to understand society and their place within it. They are presented with opportunities to develop their skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation through a variety of activities.  Pupils experience real history through themed days within school e.g. Roman Day for Year 4 and Viking Day for Year 5, drama, debates and visits to historical sites such as Norwich Castle Museum. Such activities provide a stimulus for cross-curricular opportunities, including speaking and listening and writing. We also use artefacts, visual resources and Information Technology to inspire children to learn more and stimulate their curiosity about the past.

History Spring Term 2019

Year 3  

Stone Age Day

Year 3 has a special Stone Age visitor who taught them all about the history of our country over 12,000 years ago.

Year learnt all about the different types of amazing creatures and animals (bison, boar, cave lion, mammoth and wolf) that roamed the earth then and how Stone Age people lived and fought.  We had no idea that the Stone Age people sought the protection of living together in Community or that they were prey!

It was very exciting to see how Stone Age people made fire using a bow drill.  Our visitor showed us how the fire is started by hitting two sharp pieces of metal together.

Year 3 really enjoyed the day and loved dressing up as Stone Age people.  It was fun and we learned so much about this time period.

Year 4

Anglo Saxons at Norwich Castle

Year 4 enjoyed a fascinating day at Norwich Castle, learning all about the Anglo-Saxons.

As they arrived, the children met a metal detectorist who discovered a brooch in Norfolk that reveals the story of Thurweald, an Anglo Saxon King and his people. As part of the day, the children met different Anglo Saxon characters who revealed the story of Thurweald, who had died. The children enjoyed making replica Anglo-Saxon broaches, they met a trader and handled some genuine artefacts, sat with a wonderful story teller to act out the legend of Thurweald’s defeat of the monsters in the forest and even learned how the Anglo-Saxons buried their dead.

Year 4

Anglo Saxon Day

Year 4 took part in a fun-filled, fact-fuelled day to round off their Anglo Saxon topic.  They learnt about runes; how to make Anglo-Saxon pottery and how to cook an Anglo-Saxon recipe – honey shortbread.  It was delicious!

The children were told with the Anglo-Saxon tale ‘Beowulf’ and then, like true Anglo-Saxons, deciphered original Anglo-Saxon riddles before creating their own.  Year 4 were taught how to do an authentic court dance and then learnt how to play Nine Men’s Morris – an Anglo Saxon board game.

The day was a fantastic finale to a truly memorable topic!

Year 5

Maya Civilisation

Year 5 have had an interesting and fun project learning all about the Mayans. We did not even know where they lived or when at the beginning of the topic and now we know all about their religion.  This involved lots of sacrifice of animals and people.  We have discovered about their everyday lives and how some aspects of their culture lives on in the present day.

We explored them through the Text “The Corn Grows Ripe” which we all enjoyed and we have created some rather spectacular Mayan masks.

Through this topic, we went on to have a South American Day where we learned how to weave and how and where cacao beans are produced and then turned into chocolate.

It was a really information topic and the South American Day was a great finale!

History Autumn Term 2018

Year 3

Ancient Egyptian Day

The year 3 children learned about the fascinating Egyptian civilisation and how the mummification process occurred.

They had a visitor from Portals to the Past and during this day they completed a fact finding activity, played some Ancient Egyptian board games and had the opportunity to look at some artefacts.

An amazing day was had by all Year 3’s and they left Ancient Egyptian Toftwood familiar with everyday Egyptian life!

Year 4


The children in Year 4 had a very special visitor to link in with their history topic, pupils were immersed in all things Roman.

The children learnt about key historical figures, significant places, weapons and battle techniques and important dates relating to Roman Britain. After splitting into the three classes, each group participated in themed activities. These included playing a Roman board game called ‘Delta’ which involved sliding counters and scoring points using Roman numerals; learning about and handling real Roman artefacts; and finding out lots of facts as part of a Roman quiz.  In the afternoon, the children were immersed in a Gladiatorial fight in our very own Toftwood Arena with our Toftwood Emperor!

Year 5

Viking Day

On this brilliant learning day, Year 5 met a rich Viking man (who had expensive trousers).  In the hall we learnt about the Vikings as that was our topic in history.  All of year 5 were in the new hall as it was a good experience and fun way to learn about the brutal invaders.  Also it is a bit like a school trip but in school.

First off, we went into the hall and there was a very well dressed Viking who was called Thor. The Viking explained what their countries were called and were they came from which were Denmark Norway and Sweden. He also said that the reason they came to England was because there conditions were very poor and cold .Thor then showed there countries on a massive map and there was also the countries they invaded on there.

Next, year 5 rushed into the assembly hall as we were very late, we were late because we talked about what equipment they would have in their house and what it looked like also the Vikings jobs for the girls and boys. After brake, some classes were lucky enough to play a board game named fox and geese. After that, our class did a quiz on their lifestyle, gods and toys the children played with in the activity we did it with a partner my partner was Amelia.

Then, we went and had lunch in the other smaller hall and had a play before going to see him again. Secondly, we all came back to the new hall and sat around the tall, hairy Viking.  When we were sitting in the circle with all of year 5s classes.  Whilst in the circle, Thor showed us some metal and some coins he then put the coin on the stand and put the decorated metal on it and hit it with a very heavy hammer.  When he was making the special coins there were lots of bangs and some coins did not have the pattern centered so he had to make more.

After that, the man showed us many different weapons that only the men would use because they went to battle. Some of the weapons varied in types like an axe that was as big as a toddler also there was a spear and sword the spear was bigger than him and the sword was very precious as it can break or snap easily.

Then, we saw some armour: a real Viking helmet that had a sharp point on top which was almost as pointy as the spear that was quite scary to be honest. Thor said that the Vikings did not actually have horns on their helmets it was from an opera to tell which Vikings were bad or good. After that, someone from year 5 went up on stage and wore real Viking chain mail! The boy from the crowd said it was very heavy and tried to jump but only managed 2cm off the ground.

Some people had quotes on the afternoon “my favorite part was the afternoon” also “the afternoon was the best because we got to see the weapons”

Near the end of the day, the tired Viking asked us things in old English then we had to figure out what he was saying then say it in English. Most of the time he was saying parts of the body some of it was tricky even though we are learning old English in our English lesson. It was very funny hearing some words.

The overall opinion from Year 5 on Viking day is that it was mind blowing, factual and informative.

Year 6

Ancient Greeks

In the Autumn term, Year 6 studied Ancient Greece as part of our history topic for that half term. We studied the History of Greece by learning about the geography of Greece, roles of women, education in Ancient Greece and the Greek gods and goddesses.

We took part in a ‘Greek themed day’ where a Greek visitor helped us to play Greek games and we took part in our own Olympic games! We dressed up as traditional Greek characters.

This learning inspired us to write our own Greek myths using the stories of Theseus and the Minotaur, The Gorgon’s Head and Persephone. We debated the differences between Athens and Sparta to decide who had the better way of life.

Remembrance Day 2018

With the centenary of World War 1, Toftwood Juniors chose to commemorate the event by having a whole school assembly with Mrs Hughes and then discussing it further in class with the teachers.

The children understood why we wear a poppy as a symbol of Remembrance Day.  The children across the Federation, have been creating their own poppies as a sign of respect.  These were tied to the gates and fences of the Federation schools.

The day was also commemorated by the Kitchen staff. They baked and decorated poppy biscuits for the children as yet another visual reminder of Remembrance Day.

In class, the children participated in discussions about the trenches. They found the trench life of World War One unbelievably difficult to grasp and displayed great respect for the soldiers that took part in it. Many children also shared family anecdotes about their own relatives that had been in both World Wars.