Infant Debate Club – Autumn 1

The infant school debate club met this month for another interesting debate – ‘Should everyone be treated the same’.

The session began with a discussion about what a debate is and what rules we might need in place to ensure that our debate runs smoothly. We looked at our British Values poster and discussed ‘Respect and Tolerance’. During our debate we agreed that everyone’s opinions would be listened to and whether we agree with them or not, as a group we would respect each other. Our debate question had no wrong or right answer.

The children got into two groups (for and against), discussed their ideas, and decided which ones they should use to get their views across. Once we started our debate the children took turns to speak and respond creating some interesting discussions, with some children confidently challenging their peers and swaying their opinion. The debate was really interesting with lots of good points made and references to some of the recent things we have been learning in class about Black History Month.

For those children that could not attend the club they left their vote at the two voting stations in the KS1 corridor.

Here are some of the comments made during the debate. What do you think?

“We should treat others the way we want to be treated.” Yr2

“We are all different and that is fine, it doesn’t affect me what matters is being nice and not hurting others.” Yr2

“If people treat everyone the same then everyone will feel happy and play together and be friends.” Yr1

“Treating everyone the same makes it fair.” Yr2