Geography Spring 2024


During the topic “People Who Help Us” children found out about the jobs of members in our community. The first week involved learning about bus drivers.

A bus trip around Dereham and Toftwood was organised for the Reception children with special thanks to the team at Konect bus. The children enjoyed sharing the places they knew with their friends, as they travelled around their locality. “I go to that shop and my house is that way,” said O. “McDonalds and Aldi is down there”, said O. It was lovely to hear the children explaining their findings to their friends, including how to press the button to stop the bus.

During the interview with the bus driver driver, they found the answers to their questions. This included where the bus fills up with fuel, why the bus has a number 8, why the bus is blue and where the bus driver ate lunch.

The children really benefitted from the experience and wanted to get back to school and recreate their own bus and role play being the driver and passengers. 

Staff from the fire service, local vets and police also visited Reception to talk about their roles in the community.

Year 1

As part of their topic “Weather Experts”, year one children studied the weather in our school grounds; they identified daily and seasonal weather patterns in the locality. They also learnt about climate zones. The children also learnt how to use a compass and completed orienteering activities in the school grounds.

Following on from writing weather reports for the UK, the children recapped the UK and it’s 4 countries. They also discussed places they had visited in Norfolk.

The children also worked on finding out about a specific country, including the food, climate and flag.

Year 2

Year two children named and located the UK’s four countries and capital cities; they named the seas surrounding the UK. The children worked on naming the seven continents and five oceans. This will prepare them for detailed work on the continents later in the year.

Geography Autumn 2023

In our school we encourage children to gain an awareness of the world around them and to think about the effect people have upon it. Skills are taught progressively from Reception to year 6, with opportunities for children to build on and embed their learning. The children complete retrieval grids to show their understanding before and after the topic.

By Year 3, in the Autumn Term, the children are building on their mapwork skills by recapping their knowledge of continents and countries, in their ‘Around the World’ topic. They have then learned about places in the UK and developed our understanding of different settlements such as cities, towns and villages. Then, they compared two UK cities (Norwich and Birmingham), and even challenged themselves further by extending their map skills while learning about grid references. 

In Autumn Term, year 5 have been learning about earthquakes, building on prior learning about mountains and volcanoes, talking about plate tectonics and the “Ring of Fire.” They also researched how earthquakes are measured and studied an earthquake in Chile.

The children are encouraged to record their work in various ways, to appeal to various learning styles and use these additional opportunities to practise their SPAG skills and presentation of their work. We make links with local events and discuss things which are happening globally as they occur, especially when the children have encountered them on their television or have been affected by these occurrences, such as local flooding.

Autumn Term Geography


Reception children have been very busy exploring their immediate environment, including talking about animals and plants in their outdoor area, which is known as ‘Ted’s Den’. They have also observed seasonal changes to the weather and the trees.

During independent learning time, Reception children have developed their sense of place by discussing the maps and leaflets in class.

Year one

Year one have been learning about animals and how they adapt to their region. This built on from work in reception when they studied the topic ‘Around the world’.

Year two

Year two children have been locating significant landmarks in Norwich and comparing old and new landmarks. Work included using google maps.

Geography Year 5 Autumn 1

Year 5 have been learning about earthquakes and plate tectonics. This builds nicely on their prior learning of mountains and volcanoes in Year 4; they started the topic developing their retrieval skills, to enable them to build on this knowledge. They then represented their learning in an A3 spread, like the example shown below.

Geography Toftwood Junior

Year 5 have been studying recycling and the environment with cross curricular links with DT and history. We started by considering recycling in the past; Victorian finds, war years, through to the present day.

We have looked at the use and misuse of plastics where we have considered sustainability. In DT we communicated our concerns for plastics in the ocean, by creating sewn wall hangings.

We have also included new content to our curriculum where we have been finding out about renewable and non- renewable energies.

Geography Summer term 2023


During the first half of the summer term, reception children created a class story map from Jack and the Beanstalk. They also had the opportunity to create their own story maps.

C:\Users\SSutterby\Downloads\GSR Class\Reports\a.jpg

A part of the topic ‘Around the World’, Reception children have been learning about maps and plans. They began the topic by looking at a plan of our school, then created a whole class plan of the classroom. They used google maps to find our school and familiar places in the local community, then explored further afield. One child decided to search for the North Pole as he believed he might find Santa’s house. During independent learning time, some children chose to create their own maps. The children develop their sense of place and knowledge of countries over the term.

Year 1

Year one children learnt about Norfolk and their local area. They looked at a map of Norfolk and had a great discussion of places they had visited and where they would like to go. The children were given riddles and had to work out places that could be located on a map. The children had an in depth conversation about the physical features of these places and if they had visited them before.

Year one children also created maps of Holkham Hall, following on from their visit.

Year 2

Year two studied the topic “Art around the world” in spring 2 and the first half of the summer term. They continued to build on knowledge of Antarctica from year one, considering how humans and animals survive in the environment. Sessions also included finding out about Africa, Australasia, South and North America, and Egypt.

Year two also developed their compass skills in the school grounds.

Geography Spring Term 2023

This half term, year 4 have been working on a very exciting cross-curricular project. The children have been using their geographical knowledge of maps and mountains alongside their scientific knowledge of electrical circuits to create electrical board games! They have put a lot of thought into the bright, eye catching design of their games and we have discussed how important it is for our “wires” (made from foil and masking tape) not to cross over so that the circuits are complete and the games works properly. The children have loved researching different mountains in Europe and then plotting them on their maps. Some of them were surprised to learn about the mountains we had in the United Kingdom!  

Year 5 enjoyed studying South America. They started by recapping the map work and atlas skills, familiarising themselves with continents, oceans, then of countries within South America. Using globes, they were fascinated with the scale of the UK compared to South America. The children learnt about the Amazon River and other natural and man-made features. They took part in a deforestation debate, taking on the roles of various departments to get a balanced argument from different perspectives.

This unit was enhanced by linking our recount writing in Literacy, where the children learnt about the life of a child who lives in the rainforest, and the impact and threat that deforestation has on community.

This term in geography, year 6 have been learning about the continent of North America We have identified the countries that make up North America and used maps to create 3D models of the state of Hawaii. We identified the features of Hawaii that were natural and man-made and recreated one of the islands that create the state. Each group made a different island.

M:\2022-2023\Year 6\KH6\Hawaii\IMG_2684.JPG
M:\2022-2023\Year 6\KH6\Hawaii\IMG_2682.JPG

We have also learnt about trade and the sort of products that the UK import and export. We played a trading game to highlight the inequalities of trade between rich and developing countries, and how Fair Trade helps to support farmers in less well-off countries.