Music Autumn 1 2020

During the first half term back the children in Years 1 and 2 have enjoyed our regular ‘Music Assembly’.  This takes place each Wednesday and the children listen to a different piece of music that can range from modern pop to classical, movie soundtracks and music from different parts of the world.  After listening to the music children spend ‘reflective time’ thinking about how the song made them feel. Sometimes, the music provides a virtual ‘live performance’ of a song. In the photograph below children are listening to music from the Harry Potter movies. This experience allowed the children to see and hear the instruments involved in the piece.

Year 1 and 2 have also enjoyed continuing their music learning using Charanga! They have developed their listening skills and have focused on beat and rhythm. Feeling the pulse of music and clapping alongside the beat.

In Reception classes the children have enjoyed listening to and singing along to many simple songs. They have also been enjoying exploring and experimenting with instruments across our learning environment.

A variety of music is played in the class environments and outdoor classroom for the children to experience. The teachers make sure this music provides a variety of musical experiences and the children are often seen moving to the music, playing the instruments alongside it and developing dances.

Computing in the Autumn Term

Computing in the EYFS

The Reception children have been using a range of different technology to develop their computing skills. They have been using the interactive screens to mark make as well as helping to develop their mouse and keyboard skills. The children have also been using programs such as  to help with hearing initial sounds and blending words.  Some children have even been playing games to help them with their counting!

Computing in Key Stage 1

Computing has looked a little different for the year 1 and 2 children this term. They have been lucky enough to have been allocated their own tablet for their computing sessions. It has been good for the children to learn how to use a different and new device and to learn about logging in and turning their tablets on and off.

So far they have used their tablets to access purple mash and complete set 2do tasks by their teachers including creating their own algorithms, using 2paint and spelling games.

The year 2 children have also been able to use their tablets in other areas of the curriculum including using phonics play as well as making their own stop animation stories in English and RE.

Infant History Spring 2020

Year one

Year one studied the topic of ‘Our Planet and Beyond.’ The children learnt about the history of space travel including learning about the race to space and the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin. They have been introduced to time lines for the events of space travel.

Year two

During the topic of ‘Air, Land and Sea’ the children have learnt about Lord Admiral Nelson. They found out about important dates in his life and could use prior knowledge of how a timeline works to create their own timeline for Lord Admiral Nelson. Some of the children were able to expand on the information and wrote additional facts for each date.

Infant Geography Spring 2020

Reception children have been learning about the people who help us in our community. They have had visits from the police, ambulance and the fire service. The firefighters gave us a challenge:

1. Can you find the closest water hydrant to your house? Look for the yellow sign with a ‘H’ on it.

2. Do you know your address? If someone from the emergency services asked you where you live, would you know what to tell them?

3. Do you know where your smoke alarm is in your house? Does it work and when was the last time it was tested?

In Year 1 the children have been Weather Watchers and have been learning all about types of weather and climate in different parts of the world. They created their own weather forecast on a map of the UK. They have learnt how a tornado works and listened to a BBC weather forecaster telling them all about his job. Year one explored places using Google maps. The children used their prior learning about maps to create their own maps with a key and symbols.

Year two have been learning to locate places on globes and maps, progressing with their map work skills from year one. They have been naming and locating the world’s seven continents and the oceans. The children shared their knowledge of countries and found out additional information about specific countries, including Africa. They looked at and discussed a selection of objects from around the world and matched these up to the correct continent on a map.



RE Spring Term 1 2020 – Infant

In Reception the children were learning about Chinese New Year.  This involved reading the story of the animals’ race and learning about Chinese customs, clothes and food.   The children took part in role play and creative table activities, and enjoyed Chinese New Year Lion dancing with a dance visitor.

In Year 1 the children were introduced to Judaism.  They learnt about the Jewish story of Queen Esther who saved her people long ago.  People of the Jewish faith celebrate this during the party festival of Purim.   Children were introduced to Jewish artifacts, and took part in creative and role play activities, including making Hamantashen biscuits and enjoying a big circle dance wearing their party hats in the hall!

Year 2 were also learning about Judaism through Shabbat.  The children were joined by visitors from Norwich Synagogue for a day of learning and role play.  The visitors brought many interesting  artifacts  for the childrento explore so they could understand more about the Jewish faith. Each Year 2 classroom was set out for the celebratory meal of Shabbat. The children were able to bring their RE learning to life by recreating what a Jewish family would do on Friday night and how they finish celebrating on Saturday.

RE Autumn Term 2019

Year 1 learnt about the celebration of Harvest and why this is special for people around the world. They read the story of the Creation as told in The Bible, and learnt that Christians celebrate all the things that God made when he created the world, and are thankful for what they have received. They also explored some fruit and vegetables to see what they felt like and smelt like, and learned about where our food comes from.

Year 2 also learnt about Harvest festival, and about the biblical The Creation story. They found out that this is a story that is special to both Jews and Christians and their Harvest celebrations are about thanking God for the good things he has given. They retold the story, and made their own version of it.

Reception had a great Harvest activity morning with lots of different activities related to our food and the season of Autumn.

As part of their work about Celebrations Reception have been learning about the celebration of Diwali; the Hindu Festival of Light. They have experienced some cultural aspects of Hinduism, for example they designed their own Mehndis, lanterns, rangoli patterns and Diva lamps. They also had a dance workshop with Miss Helen who taught them some dance moves and told them the story of Diwali. The children learnt all about Rama and Sita, Ravana the ten headed demon and Hanuman the Monkey King! Everyone enjoyed trying on and dancing in some traditional clothes. In class the children have looked at Diwali information books, read stories and watched videos.

During the second half of the term the whole school celebrated Christmas and learnt about the Christian concept of Incarnation – God coming to earth through the birth of Jesus, as told in the Nativity story in The Bible. 

The Reception classes talked about Christmas and how and why it is celebrated by so many people around the world.  The children watched a short clip about a family preparing for Christmas and compared it to some of the things they do in their own family homes.  They read the Nativity story and were also given opportunities to retell the Christmas story through play.  

Reception classes then watched a video of an artist creating the Nativity story through sand art. The artist used his hands to shape the sand on a light box into the characters from the story. Children then tried this for themselves and created angels and stars using sand. 

Year 1 discussed how people around the world celebrate Christmas.  They talked about why this celebration matters to Christians and why Jesus is so important to Christians. They were given the opportunity to retell the Nativity story in different ways and took part in various Christmas crafts linked to the Christmas celebration and accompanying tradition of decorating homes. Children also had a go at making traditional mince pies!

Year 2 learnt about Advent and about the symbolism of the Orange celebrated in the Christingle  service. Children were able to explain that for Christians the orange represents the world, the candle is the light of Jesus, the red ribbon is the blood of Jesus, and the sweets are God’s gifts to the world.   Year 2 also read different versions of the Nativity story and used their knowledge to compare each version. They also learnt about the Christian concept that Jesus’ birth shows the Incarnation of God in our world.  Classes made their own Stop-Motion animated versions of the Nativity story using puppets. 

In Christmas Club children made a Christmas Wreath which was displayed at the Baptist Church in Dereham as part of the Christmas Wreath Festival.  Our wreath represented the federation well and demonstrated the team effort of all involved.

Music – Autumn Term 2019

This term children took part in the ‘Get Singing’ event which was part of the national BBC Music Day. In Year 1 and 2 children used advice from a professional singer about how to relax their bodies and warm up their voices before singing as part of the event and sang with children from over 1000 schools across the country via a web event.

In Reception classes the children have enjoyed learning and singing nursery rhymes with a modern twist.

In Autumn 2 the children also experienced a live music event at the Junior School. This was arranged through the Norfolk Music Hub. Please see the update about this event on our Special Events Page.

Christmas Music 2019


In the EYFS children have been practising the Christmas songs, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’, ‘Santa Shark’ and ‘Jingle Bells’.  The children all worked hard to remember the words and actions to the songs and looked great in their festive hats as they performed to Year 1 and Year 2 and their adults.

Key Stage 1 Performance:

Children in Key Stage 1 worked very hard to perfect and perform their ‘Aladdin Trouble’ Musical Pantomime in December. The panto shared the adventures of Aladdin, a princess, a magical lamp and a genie who could grant 3 wishes. The children did a great job remembering their lines, acting, dancing and singing some very catchy and intricate songs!  Staff and families were very proud of the excellent performance. Well done to everyone involved!

Christmas Choir:

During the Autumn Term children from Year 1 and 2 were able to join a regular singing club and be part of our ‘Christmas Choir’. The Choir were excited to learn several traditional songs and carols as well as some modern songs and took part in two special performances for the whole school and their grown ups.Songs included in the performances were: ‘Jingle Bells, ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’, ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ and ‘Deck the Halls’. Well done everyone!

Computing in the Autumn Term


The children Reception have been using a range of different technology to develop their computing skills. They have been using the interactive screens to mark make as well as helping to develop their mouse and keyboard skills. The children have also been using programs such as  to help with hearing initial sounds and blending words. Some children have been exploring the use of different technologies such as cameras and smart watches!

Year 1

The year 1 children have been creating their own simple algorithms (a clear and precise set of instructions for a computer). They have learnt how to follow algorithms as well as writing their own using positional language.

Year 2

During the autumn term, the year 2 children have enjoyed making their own stop animation movies using the kindles. Their short stories were based on their own superhero and were planned during literacy lessons which involved the children having to establish a setting, props and dilemma. The children really enjoyed filming them and using the stop animate app.

The children have also started to use Purple Mash to improve their maths and spelling skills. Remember to use your login to access it at home too and use the link below:

D&T Autumn Term 2019

EYFS, Reception

Our topics for this term is ‘All about me’ and ‘Celebrations’.

The children made Harvest Vegetable soup.

Here are some observations of children designing and making;

‘The child had set up four poles of two different lengths in some wooden planks. He then got a block to try and fit on top of the poles. He tried several times to get it to fit but it wouldn’t work. He took out the shorter poles and went and found two more poles the same length as the original longer ones and fitted into the planks. It took a few attempts but he eventually got the block to fit on top of the poles. He was really pleased and jumped up and down with excitement. He then got another block and was very happy to be able to fit this on top as well. Well done for persevering to build your model.’

‘The child was making something with the mobilo this morning. He carefully fixed several pieces together and showed me, telling me it was a robot. He pointed out the arms and legs and showed me that they could move. I praised Hayden but wondered if his robot might need a head too! He looked in the box and found the pieces he needed to make his robot a head. He then attached a piece to the back on the arms and explained that it was a handle to make the arms move together. He continued to adjust his model and, a little later, showed me that he had added some discs to the handle. I thought it looked a bit like Buzz Lightyear’s jetpack and the child liked this idea! One of the discs kept coming off and he looked closely to work out why. He realised there wasn’t room for both of them and decided to take them both off and attach a different piece as the jet pack. He also added some long blue pieces as “wings” and told me, “now he can fly like Buzz too!”’

Key Stage One

Year 1

The topics for this term are ‘Animal Life’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’.

The children have made ‘fork’ biscuits.  They weighed the ingredients and took it in turns to mix carefully.  They then used their biscuits to build and make a little Winter Wonderland snowman treat.

The children also made apple crumble.  They peeled and chopped up the apples, weighed the ingredients and made the topping by rubbing the butter, flour and sugar together.

In Year 1 the children also designed and made a product for a specific purpose.  They were asked to design a toboggan for a small character doll.  As part of the introduction they were asked questions such as, what is a toboggan and what is it used for? The teachers then shared some toboggan facts. Each child became a designer and they had to think about what they might use to make a toboggan, and what they would need to measure it.  They had to ensure that the doll would fit safely on the toboggan.

The children were reminded to draw their picture clearly and to write all the materials and equipment they might need.

Year 2

This term our topics have been ‘Norwich’s Past’ and ‘Night time’.  In Design and Technology the children have designed and made a castle.  They designed the castle individually and thought about the equipment and materials they would need.  They made sure the design had a moving part such as a drawbridge, portcullis or flag pole.  They then worked in small groups and used all of the fantastic ideas together to make a team castle.  Everyone worked really well with their team and we all made sure we listened to each other and communicated our ideas in a fair and polite way.

After the children made their castles we evaluated the products.  This is a really important part of the Design, Make and Evaluate process as it allows us to think about what worked really well and anything that could be improved next time.

As part of our Medieval Day all of the children had the chance to make Medievel Pottage. This is a type of soup which was made using lots of vegetables.

In Year 2 the children also created a lantern by bonding fabrics together.  They designed their lantern first, writing down the equipment and materials they needed.

The children created their lanterns using materials and their design. Drawing on their knowledge of design as they worked.

The children had a battery operated tea light between two and they took it in turns to put the light in their lantern with the lights turned off.

They evaluated their lanterns and thought about what they could improve next time.