RE Spring Term 2021


In RE this half term the children have been learning about the Christian celebration of Easter. They have talked about why Christians celebrate Easter and discussed how their own families or people they know celebrate. The children talked about Easter taking place on a Sunday and that Christians go to church on a Sunday. The children also know that Easter celebrates the death and coming to life again of Jesus and have talked about how some people give chocolate eggs as a gift on Easter Sunday.

Matthew said, “He was in the cave and they put the big rock in front of it. He rose from the dead.”
Thomas drew a picture and said, “My family doing an Easter egg hunt.”

Year 1

This term Year 1 have looked at the Jewish festival of Purim and The Christian celebration of Easter.

We found out about how Jewish people celebrate Purim by wearing special clothes, eating sweet treats and taking presents to friends. We listened to the story of Queen Esther and how she saved the Jewish people and then made puppets of the characters in the story and had a go at acting out and retelling the story.

Some children also made Groggers which are used during the retelling of the story to make lots of noise whenever the name Haman is heard.

When learning about the Christian celebration of Easter we found out about why the cross is an important symbol to Christians and shared the story of Easter and learnt that it is sad but has a happy ending. The children also watched a film about how Christians celebrate and made their own Easter cards.

Year 2

In Year 2, the children have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. The children were really lucky to receive a special video from some previous visitors to our school who shared how they celebrate Shabbat. They were then given the opportunity to think about how they spend their time relaxing, and what they do with their families at the weekend.

The children have also thought about the Christian celebration of Easter and have been part of retelling the story as well as making Easter cards for our local community.

Please see the website of Lincoln House for a mention of our children. The link is

Shipdham Manor have sent us some photos of some of their residents reading their Easter cards:

History Spring 2021


Children talk about their past experiences, including days out with their family and special times such as birthdays. They find out about the past and how life has changed from a variety of sources, including photographs, objects and stories.

During the Spring term, the children learnt about dinosaurs. They found out lots of facts about dinosaurs using a variety of resources.


Year one

Year one studied the topic of ‘Our Planet and Beyond.’ The children learnt about the history of space travel including learning about the race to space and the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin. They have been introduced to time lines for the events of space travel.

Year two

During the topic of ‘Air, Land and Sea’ the children have learnt about Lord Admiral Nelson. They found out about important dates in his life and could use prior knowledge of how a timeline works to create their own timeline for Lord Admiral Nelson. Some of the children were able to expand on the information and wrote additional facts for each date.

Geography Spring 2021


As part of their topic on animals, the children have explored the animals living in a variety of environments including the seashore, farm and jungle. Activities included using the tuff tray and books.

The children have used our outside area to find out about the plants and animals living in our locality. We talked about the birds living around us, during an online assembly linked to the RSPB Big Bird Watch.

In Year 1 the children have been Weather Watchers and have been learning all about types of weather and climate in different parts of the world. They created their own weather forecast on a map of the UK. They have learnt how a tornado works and listened to a BBC weather forecaster telling them all about his job. Year one explored places using Google maps. The children used their prior learning about maps to create their own maps with a key and symbols.


Year two have been learning to locate places on globes and maps, progressing with their map work skills from year one. They have been naming and locating the world’s seven continents and the oceans. The children selected a country and found out additional information about it including key landmarks, weather and flags. They looked at, and discussed a selection of objects from around the world and matched these up to the correct continent on a map.


DT Spring 2021

Whilst learning at home and at school this term, there has still been the chance for the children to design and create. 

In Reception, the children have continued developing their creative skills and fine motor abilities. They have been able to explore using different materials to build and create with, linking to their fantasy and animals topic. Children have designed with a purpose and enjoyed sharing their creations online with everyone to receive compliments and ask questions. This is the start of how Reception children begin to evaluate what themselves and others have done, and we were able to continue this virtually this term.  

Year 1 

In Year 1 the children discussed traveling around on the moon in a moon buggy. They looked at some photos of moon buggies and talked about what features a moon buggy would need such as wheels and a steering wheel.  The children then worked hard as they designed and made their own moon buggies and tested them in motion. 

Year 2 

In Year 2 the children talked about different ways of travel. The children learnt about parachutes and designed their own. They thought about what materials would be best to use and how to ensure their parachute would fly and support a toy. The children chose their own materials to make their parachutes and tested them to see if their design and build had been successful. They then evaluated their parachutes and thought about what they would do differently next time. 

Music – Spring 2021

This term the children in Reception have enjoyed online Music and Movement sessions with Miss Helen. The children have explored ‘going into space’ and using their imaginations to explore on the moon as part of this adventure. They also experienced Chinese New Year with fan dancing and listening to instruments from China and pretending to be a Chinese dragon eating cabbages. 

The children have also listening to songs and taken part in learning actions to go alongside each week of learning. This has been something the children learning in class and taking part in sessions remotely have enjoyed together, and songs such as ‘Five Little Aliens’ and ‘Old MacDonald’ were very popular.

In Year 1, the children have shared a music assembly each week. This has ensured they continued to experience and share a variety of music from different genres and discuss how different music has had an impact on how they feel. Children across the year group have shared opinions about the music each week and discussed how different people have differing opinions about music. During Children’s Mental Health week the children have discussed how music can make you feel happy or relaxed and children shared some of their favourite songs/music. The children have also experienced online lessons this term where they have learnt about pulse and rhythm.

The children in Year 2 have been learning about South America and exploring the different parts and layers of the rainforest there. As part of this learning they have listened to rainforest linked music and talked about what they heard. Whilst listening they also drew the sounds they heard using whatever pictures or marks that came into their minds.

Children also got to listen to the sounds of different rainmakers and talked about how they could make their own version of these using familiar objects. 

Computing from the Spring Term 2021

This term, the children across the Infant School have really had to extend their computing skills as it has enabled them to be able to take part in their remote learning. The children have had to learn how to use Microsoft Teams, how to put their ‘teams hand up’ and how to mute and unmute themselves to answer questions as well as navigating through different teams that they are on for assemblies and interventions. We are so proud with how all of the children have coped and good they have been at adapting to online learning.

Both year 1 and year 2 have been completing their spelling using Purple Mash as well as using Oxford Owl and the Active Learn Bug club to help with their reading.

The children in year 2 have used Purple Mash to explore algorithms this term. They have created their own algorithms using 2code and have been able to debug any errors that occur. 

They also linked their computing work to their English story of ‘The Storm Whale’. They retold the story using 2create a story and added in pictures to improve their mouse skills and some children even added in animations and voice clips.

Music Autumn 2 2020

During November the Reception children enjoyed taking part in Nursery Week. Every day for a week the children got to listen to, discuss and enjoy different nursery rhymes and songs such as, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Hickory Dickery Dock’ and ‘5 Little Ducks’.

Although Covid19 has made music slightly different this year as we aren’t singing across the federation it’s important we share that Year 1 and 2 have been taking part in a ‘Signing Assembly’ where the festive spirit has been flowing and the children have learned to sign songs such as ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

Finally, at the very end of term the whole federation joined other schools and got to watch a musical pantomime performance starring Rapunzel. This was called ‘Rapunzel the Lockdown Pantomime’ and children from Reception classes right through to Year 6 enjoyed being part of the performance, listening to the songs and enjoying the traditional and quite silly jokes!

Year 2 children all agreed that they loved the panto and gave it a big thumbs up! They enjoyed the interactive parts and especially enjoyed dancing at their tables. Many children agreed that their favourite part of the show was when Gothel the evil sorceress was turning into a baby. They were pleased she got her comeuppance in the end! 

Here are some things the children had to say:

Isabella (Y2) – “My favourite character was Rupunzel because she had such a beautiful dress.  She has Disney plus and Netflix…I have that!” 

Georgie (Y2) – “I liked that it was old but they made it like us with YouTube, Netflix and TikTok”. 

Arlo (Y1) – “I liked when her mum turned into a baby.”

Leo (Y1) – “I liked all of it!”

Freya (Y1) – liked when “the boy got married to the girl’

Charlie (Reception) “I like the dance monkey music.”

Esra (Reception) enjoyed “when Rapunzel’s mother was climbing down her hair.”

Even though theatres across the country have had to close this year due to Covid19 it was lovely to be able to share a musical pantomime experience with children across the federation. We know that some children got to experience panto entertainment for the very first time and others didn’t have to miss out due to closures and restrictions.

RE Autumn Term 2020


In Reception, the children have been learning about Diwali; the Hindu festival of light. Everyone designed their own Mehndi’s, lanterns, rangoli patterns and Diva lamps and we were very lucky to have a dance workshop with Miss Helen from Music and Movement, where she taught some dance moves which helped to tell the story of Rama and Sita. 

Year 1

This term the children have been introduced to RE, including discussing what RE learning is. The children have learnt that there are different religions and that it is important to respect different beliefs and faiths. The children started by learning about Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism. Everyone explored using their senses (building on our learning from science lessons) and discussed some of the key symbols, traditional music, traditional foods and artefacts. The children were interested to learn that different religions have different celebrations. To conclude the learning this term the classes have shared the stories of Hanukah and Christmas. The children shared how they celebrate Christmas and enjoyed learning about how Hanukah is celebrated also . 

Year 2

This term, the children have enquired about ‘How the Universe came to be?’ by creating their own stop animation stories based on the Creation Story. The children discussed the Christian story, as well as the Hindu Creation Story and the similarities and differences between these. Based on this, the children then thought about the three things that are most important to them and created their own lotus flower. They also talked about what Scientists believe and thought about how we should look after our environment together. The children have also had a Theology focus, by thinking about the Nativity Story. They looked at the importance of stained glass windows and created their own, as well as retelling the Nativity story. At the end of the RE sessions, the children discussed the value of prayers, and wrote about what they might give thanks for during the Christmas season.

DT Autumn 2020

The children have been developing their creative skills and fine motor ability to use different equipment. All the children have had the opportunity to learn how to cut and thread and the children have been able to use their imaginations with various materials to make and create. The children will continue to develop their designing and making skills as the year goes on through more making!

Year 1

In Year 1 the children designed and made a product for a specific purpose. The children needed to design a toboggan for a small character doll.  As part of the introduction they were asked questions such as, what is a toboggan and what is it used for? The teachers then shared some toboggan facts. Each child became a designer and they had to think about what they might use to make a toboggan, and what they would need to measure it.  They had to ensure that the doll would fit safely on the toboggan.

Year 2

In Design and Technology the children have designed and made a medieval shield to link to their topic.  They designed the shield individually and thought about the equipment and materials they would need. They were all taught about the skill of printing and this is what they would use to add decoration to their shield. They also designed and made clay baubles. The children thought carefully about what they wanted to include in their designs and evaluated them after.  This is a really important part of the Design, Make and Evaluate process as it allows us to think about what worked really well and anything that could be improved next time.

History Autumn 2020


Bonfire Night

Reception children undertook activities linked to bonfire night at the beginning of November. Activities included discussing experiences of bonfire night, watching videos of the celebration, finding out about firework safety, and creating firework pictures.

Year 1

Winter Wonderland

During the topic ‘Winter Wonderland’ the children learnt about Robert Falcon Scott and how his team tried several times to reach the South Pole. The children learnt that he recorded his travels in a diary, his ship got stuck in ice for 20 days and that unfortunately they did not make it home from the South Pole. The children enjoyed learning about how his team put a British flag at the South Pole when they finally arrived but were disappointed that another team had beaten Robert Falcon Scott’s team. After lots of class discussion the children were keen to record their learning onto fact sheets. They used what they had learnt and their knowledge from the Geography lesson to record full sentences. Many children said they would like to record their adventures in a diary like Robert Falcon Scott! 

Year 2

Night time

As part of our topic Night time the children have learnt about a siginificant person from the past, Guy Fawkes.  The children wrote about who Guy Fawkes was and why he is an important historical person.

They picked some items that Guy Fawkes might have used in 1605 and described how he would have used them. They then explained the difference between objects that Guy Fawkes could have used, compared with what he might have used today.

Norwich’s Past

Year 2 children have learnt about life in Norwich in the past. They studied the cathedral and castle in Norwich. Lessons included looking at artefacts relating to Norwich’s past, comparing old and new landmarks in Norwich, and finding out about castles and how they were defended. They also looked at the significant people Edith Cavell and William the Conquerer.