D&T Autumn Term 2019

EYFS, Reception

Our topics for this term is ‘All about me’ and ‘Celebrations’.

The children made Harvest Vegetable soup.

Here are some observations of children designing and making;

‘The child had set up four poles of two different lengths in some wooden planks. He then got a block to try and fit on top of the poles. He tried several times to get it to fit but it wouldn’t work. He took out the shorter poles and went and found two more poles the same length as the original longer ones and fitted into the planks. It took a few attempts but he eventually got the block to fit on top of the poles. He was really pleased and jumped up and down with excitement. He then got another block and was very happy to be able to fit this on top as well. Well done for persevering to build your model.’

‘The child was making something with the mobilo this morning. He carefully fixed several pieces together and showed me, telling me it was a robot. He pointed out the arms and legs and showed me that they could move. I praised Hayden but wondered if his robot might need a head too! He looked in the box and found the pieces he needed to make his robot a head. He then attached a piece to the back on the arms and explained that it was a handle to make the arms move together. He continued to adjust his model and, a little later, showed me that he had added some discs to the handle. I thought it looked a bit like Buzz Lightyear’s jetpack and the child liked this idea! One of the discs kept coming off and he looked closely to work out why. He realised there wasn’t room for both of them and decided to take them both off and attach a different piece as the jet pack. He also added some long blue pieces as “wings” and told me, “now he can fly like Buzz too!”’

Key Stage One

Year 1

The topics for this term are ‘Animal Life’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’.

The children have made ‘fork’ biscuits.  They weighed the ingredients and took it in turns to mix carefully.  They then used their biscuits to build and make a little Winter Wonderland snowman treat.

The children also made apple crumble.  They peeled and chopped up the apples, weighed the ingredients and made the topping by rubbing the butter, flour and sugar together.

In Year 1 the children also designed and made a product for a specific purpose.  They were asked to design a toboggan for a small character doll.  As part of the introduction they were asked questions such as, what is a toboggan and what is it used for? The teachers then shared some toboggan facts. Each child became a designer and they had to think about what they might use to make a toboggan, and what they would need to measure it.  They had to ensure that the doll would fit safely on the toboggan.

The children were reminded to draw their picture clearly and to write all the materials and equipment they might need.

Year 2

This term our topics have been ‘Norwich’s Past’ and ‘Night time’.  In Design and Technology the children have designed and made a castle.  They designed the castle individually and thought about the equipment and materials they would need.  They made sure the design had a moving part such as a drawbridge, portcullis or flag pole.  They then worked in small groups and used all of the fantastic ideas together to make a team castle.  Everyone worked really well with their team and we all made sure we listened to each other and communicated our ideas in a fair and polite way.

After the children made their castles we evaluated the products.  This is a really important part of the Design, Make and Evaluate process as it allows us to think about what worked really well and anything that could be improved next time.

As part of our Medieval Day all of the children had the chance to make Medievel Pottage. This is a type of soup which was made using lots of vegetables.

In Year 2 the children also created a lantern by bonding fabrics together.  They designed their lantern first, writing down the equipment and materials they needed.

The children created their lanterns using materials and their design. Drawing on their knowledge of design as they worked.

The children had a battery operated tea light between two and they took it in turns to put the light in their lantern with the lights turned off.

They evaluated their lanterns and thought about what they could improve next time.