DT Summer 2021

In Reception, the children have continued developing their creative skills and designing abilities. The children have been taking time over their thought processes of what they are making and deciding what the best way to achieve something has been. Through their independent junk modelling and play, the children have expored the best resources to use to have the desired outcome. The children have also began to follow more complex instructions when designing and building, and have had lots of fun making paper aeroplanes to race!  


In Year 1 the children have used their design and creating skills in RE to create stain glass cross. The children experimented with seeing what colours they enjoyed most held up to the light and made their decisions with that in mind. In Year 2 the children have explored different mediums of creating a designed piece. They have explored collage to create a flag, during which they discussed and thought about the different texture of material that they wanted to use to help create their work. They have make junk model pictures of the ocean in SAW week, designing their picture first and then creating. They then evaluated their pictures and thought about what they would do differently next time. The children in year 2 also had the chance to explore the medium of clay and make sculptures of their hands, which they then painted.  

DT Spring 2021

Whilst learning at home and at school this term, there has still been the chance for the children to design and create. 

In Reception, the children have continued developing their creative skills and fine motor abilities. They have been able to explore using different materials to build and create with, linking to their fantasy and animals topic. Children have designed with a purpose and enjoyed sharing their creations online with everyone to receive compliments and ask questions. This is the start of how Reception children begin to evaluate what themselves and others have done, and we were able to continue this virtually this term.  

Year 1 

In Year 1 the children discussed traveling around on the moon in a moon buggy. They looked at some photos of moon buggies and talked about what features a moon buggy would need such as wheels and a steering wheel.  The children then worked hard as they designed and made their own moon buggies and tested them in motion. 

Year 2 

In Year 2 the children talked about different ways of travel. The children learnt about parachutes and designed their own. They thought about what materials would be best to use and how to ensure their parachute would fly and support a toy. The children chose their own materials to make their parachutes and tested them to see if their design and build had been successful. They then evaluated their parachutes and thought about what they would do differently next time. 

DT Autumn 2020

The children have been developing their creative skills and fine motor ability to use different equipment. All the children have had the opportunity to learn how to cut and thread and the children have been able to use their imaginations with various materials to make and create. The children will continue to develop their designing and making skills as the year goes on through more making!

Year 1

In Year 1 the children designed and made a product for a specific purpose. The children needed to design a toboggan for a small character doll.  As part of the introduction they were asked questions such as, what is a toboggan and what is it used for? The teachers then shared some toboggan facts. Each child became a designer and they had to think about what they might use to make a toboggan, and what they would need to measure it.  They had to ensure that the doll would fit safely on the toboggan.

Year 2

In Design and Technology the children have designed and made a medieval shield to link to their topic.  They designed the shield individually and thought about the equipment and materials they would need. They were all taught about the skill of printing and this is what they would use to add decoration to their shield. They also designed and made clay baubles. The children thought carefully about what they wanted to include in their designs and evaluated them after.  This is a really important part of the Design, Make and Evaluate process as it allows us to think about what worked really well and anything that could be improved next time.