Art Autumn 1 2023


In reception we have been exploring the creative areas to make lots of artwork. We have also been working on explaining what we have made and have practised sharing our knowledge of how to make things with others. We have been working hard at practising our safe scissor skills and using our imaginations to create with purpose. During our harvest morning we created hedgehogs using paint and fork

Year 1

The children have been learning about their favourite animals this term as part of their topic learning. They chose their favourite animal and used a photo of the animal to draw their own. They looked at the different shapes they could see and thought carefully about the sizes of the animals different body parts. They then painted their animals, thinking selectively about the colours they chose.

Year 2

In Autumn the children have designed and created their own medieval shield. The children thought carefully about the colours that they would use for their shield, many using typical Nordic colours such as gold, yellow, green. They then added their own icons to their shield, they did this by creating a stamp which they stamped onto their painted shield. The results were great!

P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\RP2\IMG_4768.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\RP2\IMG_4787.JPG
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Art Summer 2


In Reception this half term, we have been creating art using different materials. The children used bubble wrap to print and explored the different texture it produced. They used tissue paper to create a collage and thought about how it looked when they scrunched it up or laid it flat. The children also used cupcake cases to make the ears of their pufferfish.

Year 1

In Year One we have created a year group tree. We made bark rubbings of the trees on our school field. Then we gathered leaves and used crayons to create rubbings of these too. Finally we cut them out and laid them down altogether in the hall. We were very happy with the results!

Year 2

In Year 2, the children took part in an art carousel. They explored different artworks by artists such as Kandinsky and Van Gogh and then had a go at creating their own artwork in their styles. We were very impressed with the children’s work. They also exhibited their art work at Toftwood Tate this half term. They enjoyed showing around Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 children as well as showing their families all of their amazing art that they created throughout the year.

Art Summer Term

Year 3

This term we looked at the artist Jeannie Baker and created a collage using natural materials. We also used this knowledge to create our own window collages with our grown-ups during a parent afternoon. We used a variety of materials such as fabrics, tissue paper, crepe paper, foil and magazines.

As part of SAW (Science, Art and Writing) week, we created a sunrise of a prehistoric world and after researching dinosaur shapes, created a silhouette of a dinosaur to place on our watercolour background. We focussed on perspective using smaller silhouettes in the background and larger silhouettes in the foreground of our paintings.

As part of our school trip, we created a modern stained glass window – inspired by Norwich Cathedral’s modern trinity stained glass window.

Year 4

Inspired by our English unit of Africa, we created an African sunset using watercolours. We then researched the types of African animals and trees prevalent and used black card to create the silhouettes.

Year 5

Using our knowledge of the Norfolk Broads from our Geography unit as our inspiration for our art, we created a collage. We made mood boards, thinking about foregrounds, backgrounds, perspective and textiles.

Year 6

As part of our topic on World War 2, the children designed and made Anderson Shelters. They used their measuring, cutting and design skills to create their shelters and then evaluated them based upon their strength and appearance. The children worked very hard to make them look authentic; some even had little vegetables growing on the roof just as they did during the war.

Art Spring Term

Year 3

We used our knowledge of Stone Age cave art to create our very own stone age inspired painting. We emulated Neanderthal techniques by using sticks to daub paint on an uneven surface to create animal and hand images.

We also learnt about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and created our own flowers, using the different mediums of watercolours, sketching pencil and oil pastels.

Year 4

Using our knowledge of Islamic art, we created a tile block using thick string showing an Islamic pattern and then painted over this, pressed it onto the paper to create a Islamic inspired print.

Year 5

Inspired by our Art unit on Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, we created a piece of pop art using lino printing. We re-created our image four times setting a different paint colour over the tile each time. The images made were very striking.

Art Summer 1


In Reception this half term, we have been exploring art both in class and outside in Ted’s Den. We have been experimenting with different materials including pipe cleaners, buttons, gems, pebbles, leaves and sticks to make our artwork. We had to think carefully about the material we chose to represent different elements in our art frames!

Year 1

In Year One we have been looking at the artist Jackson Pollock during our Planet and Beyond topic. We learnt about the techniques he used in his artwork and had a go at creating some of our own splatter paintings. We discovered that flicking the paint created lots of different patterns including lines, dots and curves. We had so much fun making our Pollock inspired galaxy paintings!

We also looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and created our own sculptures out of natural materials on the school grounds. We used leaves, grass, stones and feathers to make pictures on the playground.

The children also used natural materials to weave. They found natural objects and weaved these between some pieces of string to create some lovely pictures. They also used the leaves to print into clay.

Year 2

P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\22-23\Year 2\Andy Warhol\IMG_4410.JPG P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\22-23\Year 2\Andy Warhol\IMG_4411.JPG We have been very busy in Year Two this half term. We explored the artwork of the American artist Andy Warhol, as part of our Art Around the World topic. We drew our own pictures and photocopied them to make four exact copies, in the style of Warhol. We then experimented with oil pastels to add bold colours to our work.

We then learnt about Australasian aboriginal ‘dreamings’. We explored some material with aboriginal prints to look at the colours and techniques used. We cut out bold designs and symbols in black sugar paper to create waterholes, footsteps, people and animal tracks in our dreamings. We noticed aboriginal paintings use lots of repeating dot patterns, which we then incorporated into our own art by dipping cotton buds into paint.

The children also created some paintings inspired by the continent of Asia. We were inspired by the cherry blossoms that can be found in Asia throughout the Spring and the children recreated these with paint. They thought carefully about the colours they would need and were successful when mixing red and white to create the perfect shade of pink.

Art Spring 2


The children in Reception have been doing observational paintings of daffodils. They talked about the different colours and how the paint could be mixed to create lighter shades such as mixing yellow and white will make light yellow. 

Year 1

In Year 1 this half term, the children have been learning to sketch and shade to add depth and texture to their drawings. They used these techniques to draw a planet of their choice and were able to illustrate how the light from the sun creates highlights and shadows. We also discussed how we can make the planets look spherical using these techniques.


Year 2

In Spring 2 the children in Year 2 have started the ‘Art Around the World’ topic. They have learnt about the artist Wassily Kandinsky and they created their own painting and matching collage using his ‘Concentric Circles’ painting as inspiration. They will continue this topic in Summer 1 and create some more artwork in preparation for the art exhibition ‘Toftwood Tate’ when they will show the rest of the school and their grown-ups their artwork!

Art & Design Spring 1 – 2023

In spring 1, Year 5 studied Pop Art and focused on artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. The children were inspired by these artists and as a result produced their own Pop Art by printing with bold colours. The skills they focused on were: drawing, tracing, cutting (using lino cutters) and printing.

Art Spring 1


The children in Reception have been doing lots of Art related to their ‘Fantasy’ topic. They have been busy learning how to make pirate hats from folded paper, designing aliens and have taken part in a guided drawing session to learn how to draw Supertato.

Year 1

This half term we have been focussing on the different seasons. We researched about each season and looked at the different colours we could see and how the trees changed over time. The children then chose their favourite season and painted a scene to reflect this. They then cut out a tree using an outline of their hand and arm and used scrunched up tissue paper to look like leaves, blossom or snow depending on which season they chose.

Year 2

We have learned about the artist Claude Monet, in Year Two this half term. We looked at his famous painting ‘The Water Lily Pond’ and studied the techniques he used to create this. We then visited the pond in our school grounds to make observations about what we could see. We then used watercolour palettes to create our own pond paintings in the style of Claude Monet, carefully thinking about the colours and brushstrokes.

Art & Design Autumn Term 2022

Year 3, Autumn 2 2022

In Art this half term, the children have exercised their sketching skills by applying last half term’s work on texture, line and tone, when sketching Ancient Egyptian and Hindu artefacts from our History and R.E. units this term.

Year 4, Autumn 2 2022

Year 4 created a Mosaic, we were inspired by our history topic of the Romans. We used experimented with different colours and tile sizes in our sketch books before creating our mosaic using small paper tiles – known as tesserae – to create our final piece of art.

Year 6, Autumn 2 2022

In Year 6, we have been using our history topic of Ancient Greece as a stimulus for our art and DT. We wrote about mythological beasts and used our knowledge to design and make a Greek creature from clay. First, we thought about how to create different textures and then what details we needed to add.

Art Autumn 2022


In reception we have been exploring the creative areas to make lots of artwork. We have also been working on explaining what we have made and have practised sharing our knowledge of how to make things with others. We have been working hard at practising our safe scissor skills and using our imaginations to create with purpose. To celebrate Diwali we created our own diva lamps out of clay and decorated them using sequins. 


We have also been looking at birthdays and have made cakes using playdough, collaging with materials such as buttons, sequins and felt and even had a go at drawing and writing our very own birthday cards.


Year 1

This term, the children have been using paint to create pictures. They drew their favourite animal and then used paint to add colour. The children really enjoyed thinking about their favourite animal and its characteristics such as how many legs it has and what colour it is and including this in their picture. The children have also been able to create snow globes using printing techniques to add snow to their creation. The children enjoyed imagining what it would be like inside a snow globe and using this to inspire their own snow globe.

Year 2 Autumn 2022

During our Art lessons in Year 2 we looked at who Vincent Van Gogh was and the style of his paintings, to widen our knowledge of artists. When creating our own versions of Starry Night we created swirls with our brushstrokes to give a similar effect and carefully selected an appropriate colour palette for our piece.

We also had a go at using chalk and oil pastels to create a day and night picture. The children worked on their blending to create some beautiful pieces of art. They also incorporated the shadow of a tree to show it both in the day and at night.

Art & Design – Junior – Autumn 2022

Autumn 1, Year 3

This half term, we have learnt how to use shading to create different textures. We have looked at:

Year 3 have also learned about Antoni Gaudi and have imitated his style of work in designing and creating our own Gaudi-esque tile prints. We used rollers, paint trays and acrylic paints to create a repeating pattern of a portion of our tile.

Autumn 1, Year 5

Year 5 have been working hard to develop their art skills of light and shade, using various media of pencils, pastels and water-colours.

We have brought all these skills together in a sunset image of Stonehenge.