Year 5 Geography Summer 2021

Year 5 have been learning about the Norfolk Broads as part of our local area studies. The children were interested in the following quote:

“Human influence created the Broads and human influence is contributing to its destruction.”

The children were able to explain that the Broads were manmade in Medieval times, when they needed to dig peat for fuel, when the population of Norfolk increased. They subsequently flooded when sea levels rose.

They then went on to explore what is meant by “eutrophication” where human activity like farming means that nitrates and phosphates are washed into the Broads. This causes too much algae to grow on the surface, using up oxygen from the water and blocking the sunlight.

The children then shared their experiences of seeing algae build up in their fish tanks and ponds. We decided to explore this further by looking in our school pond.

Whilst we were there, we also practised some of mindfulness techniques, connecting with and enjoying exploring our beautiful surroundings.