Summer 1 2024 Tri-Golf Event

On Thursday 2nd May, 10 children from Year 2 took part in a Tri-Golf event at Taverham High School. The children rotated around eight activities throughout the day and learned how to vary the swing of the golf club, control the ball and aim at a target. Each activity station was played in teams and the Taverham High School sports leaders were there to praise and encourage the children whilst developing key skills.

All the children who attended the event received a certificate with one child receiving a special certificate for their demonstration of honesty. Many of the children had never tried golf before this event and we were very proud of their enthusiasm and behaviour. A great time was had by all and we all agreed that this was a sport that we would definitely want to try again.

“I love golf now, this was the best day ever” – Annabelle, Year 2

Spring 2 2024 KS1 Adapted Sports4All

On Thursday 21st March, 9 KS1 children took part in the Adapted Sports Day at Taverham High School. The children were able to participate in 8 activities throughout the day. First, the children had a go at being blindfolded and rolling a bell ball to each other to try to listen to and get the ball. They also enjoyed a bowling activity where they had to aim to be the closest to a ball and then had to bowl over some skittles. The children also used a Frisbee and football to score goals in the next activity. There were also target throwing, curling and cricket activities. The children particularly enjoyed playing with the parachute as they got to run underneath when their colour was called.

The children ended the day by doing some races in which they had to move a beanbag from one cone to the other as fast as they could. Miss Degning, Mrs Hartley and Mrs Gibson were very impressed with the children’s self believe and confidence when completing each of the activities. Well done to all those who took part!

The Dance Festival

On Friday the 14th of March, a group of 11 children from Year 5 and 6 attended a Dance Festival at The Space in Norwich. The children performed with other schools to the theme of ‘Happy, Healthy and Active’. The children dressed up in bright coloured clothes and wore Emojis which helped them to think positive. They were given time to practise their dance on stage with lighting and music. Prior to the show, the children had been rehearsing at school since September and were really excited to participate.

They were lucky enough to watch Legacy (an all-boys dance troop) perform. They were amazed and inspired by the incredible performance. Some felt so driven that they wanted to continue dancing and potentially join a club outside of school.

Later that day, the children wore colourful face paint and took part in two performances in front of their friends and family. For some children, this was a completely new experience and Mrs Harvey-Parsons and Mrs Morton were so proud of them for having the courage to stand up on stage into front of hundreds of people. The adults were really impressed by their non-stop enthusiasm, determination to succeed, excellent teamwork and support they showed their peers.

It was a fantastic day enjoyed by the all children and adults alike!   

Well done everyone!

KS1 Girls Disney Football Festival

As part of the Barclays Girls Football Partnership, North Norfolk, South Norfolk and West Norwich and Dereham SSP working in conjunction with Norwich City Community Sports Foundation organised a KS1 Disney Inspired Shooting Star Multi Skills Football Festival on Tuesday 5th March which was attended by 10 of our year 1 and 2 girls. This  was a fun festival with a carousel of different football activities for the girls to try and enhance their skills whilst being encouraged by a disney inspired theme. 

CFS staff ran workshops and activities involving the girls’ favourite Disney characters, to get them active and practising their football skills.

For many of the girls, it gave them their first experience of football in a fun, safe and inclusive environment, where they could develop their football skills whilst combining the sport with their favourite Disney stories and characters.

Indoor Athletics February 2024

\\toftwood.local\data\Staff Home$\swicks\My Pictures\Saved Pictures\Athletics\IMG_3045.JPG We were very excited to take part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership’s Indoor Athletics tournament. A number of students participated in a number of field and track events against other schools.

We had a very busy morning at one of the sports halls at UEA. All the children participated in 3-4 events. Toftwood displayed incredible team spirit by cheering on all the athletes and made the school very proud.

The children competed a variety of track events such as obstacle relays, lap replays and over and under relays. As well as this, they competed in field events such as chest push, standing long jump, five strides, vertical jump, soft javelin and speed bounce. It was a very busy morning but our Toftwood athletes put all their effort into every event.

We all had a fabulous day and the adults were tremendously proud of the way they embraced the challenges of a sports event. The children demonstrated a mature, positive and well-behaved approach and their enjoyment in participating was apparent to everyone.

Spring 1 2024 Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala

On Thursday 25th January, 8 children from Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to attend the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership (WNDSSP) Swimming Gala held at UEA Sportspark. The children took part in a variety of different races including breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. All of the children were incredibly supportive of each other and were enthusiastically cheering each other on from the side-lines!

The last races were relay races and the children were able to demonstrate their excellent team work skills in all three of our relays! All of the children should be incredibly proud of themselves! They were understandably a bit nervous to start with but they soon relaxed and had a fantastic time.

At the end of the gala, there was a short presentation of certificates (in which we got a couple)! The ‘determination’ sticker was also given to one of the Year 5 girls for being determined to do her best despite nerves.

KS1 PE Festival January 2024

On Thursday 18th January 2024, 10 children from Years 1 and 2 went to Easton Tennis Centre and participated in the PE Festival.

The children participated in eight different activities and worked well with other children from different schools. They had a go at games which involved throwing, catching and agility skills! The children really enjoyed the throwing activity in which they had to aim a ball at a hooped target; this was their favourite of the day!

They really enjoyed themselves and were well-behaved and polite throughout the whole day. We were so proud of how well they participated and challenged themselves at skills such as relay races, team games and parachute games. One child even received the passion sticker for showing a true passion for sport and trying his best in all activities!

KS1 Gymnastics trip December 2023

On Wednesday 6th December 2023, 8 children from Years 1 and 2 went to Norwich Gymnastics Club and participated in a gymnastics festival.

The children had the opportunity to use lots of the equipment including the beams, bars, vault and the foam pit. They completed a range of different activities, which allowed them to practise their jumping, balancing and rolling movements. Everyone had a fantastic time and all the children tried their best with the new skills; even when some of the activities were very challenging and a tad scary. We were so proud of how they had a go at everything!

The ‘determination’ sticker was given at the end of the festival to one child for demonstrating excellent bravery and determination on the beam. She found it quite scary to begin with, but had another go and did brilliantly.

The most popular activities were the vault and the bars. During both activities, the children finished by jumping or dropping into the foam pit which was great fun!

Year 3 Alternative Activities Festival – 29.11.23

M:\2023 - 2024\Year 3\HP3\Alternative Activities Photos\IMG_2442.JPG

On Thursday 29th November, 9 children from Year 3 participated in the Alternative Activities Festival at Norwich Arena. This involved a carousel of activities which involved various different skills. There was frisbee, bowling and yoga to name just a few!

M:\2023 - 2024\Year 3\HP3\Alternative Activities Photos\IMG_2348.JPG

The children particularly enjoyed the trampolining, where they had a small trampoline each and had to follow the instructors moves. It really warmed everyone up and got hearts and lungs working well.

M:\2023 - 2024\Year 3\HP3\Alternative Activities Photos\IMG_2414.JPG

Mrs Pawley was very impressed by the children’s self-belief in trying these exciting different sports. All of the children loved the day, trying the kayak machines and using the parachute for amazing games. They even managed to fit in a game of stuck-in-the-mud! Behaviour was exemplary throughout the day and everyone tried their best and had fun.

Well Done, Year 3!

M:\2023 - 2024\Year 3\HP3\Alternative Activities Photos\IMG_2346.JPG
M:\2023 - 2024\Year 3\HP3\Alternative Activities Photos\IMG_2443.JPG

Girls’ Football Competition

On Tuesday 14th November, a group of 16 girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 attended a football competition at GOALS in Norwich.

On competition day, the 8 girls who were part of the Year 4 team played really well together and showed great team spirit and enthusiasm. The girls reached the quarter finals which included an exciting penalty shoot-out. In total, the team scored 5 goals. Tia received the certificate for showing respect on the pitch, well done!

The 8 girls from Year 6 also played really well. They played 3 games in the morning and after being refuelled with lunch they played a further four games. These afternoon matches were all won and a total of 14 goals were scored! Millie received the certificate for showing respect on the pitch, well done!

The Toftwood team had a great day making Mrs Hodges, Mr Barnes and Mr Chapman very proud with their fantastic behaviour, great sporting attitude and for the respect shown both on and off the pitch. Well done everyone!