Year 3 Alternative Activities Festival – 29.11.23

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On Thursday 29th November, 9 children from Year 3 participated in the Alternative Activities Festival at Norwich Arena. This involved a carousel of activities which involved various different skills. There was frisbee, bowling and yoga to name just a few!

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The children particularly enjoyed the trampolining, where they had a small trampoline each and had to follow the instructors moves. It really warmed everyone up and got hearts and lungs working well.

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Mrs Pawley was very impressed by the children’s self-belief in trying these exciting different sports. All of the children loved the day, trying the kayak machines and using the parachute for amazing games. They even managed to fit in a game of stuck-in-the-mud! Behaviour was exemplary throughout the day and everyone tried their best and had fun.

Well Done, Year 3!

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Girls’ Football Competition

On Tuesday 14th November, a group of 16 girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 attended a football competition at GOALS in Norwich.

On competition day, the 8 girls who were part of the Year 4 team played really well together and showed great team spirit and enthusiasm. The girls reached the quarter finals which included an exciting penalty shoot-out. In total, the team scored 5 goals. Tia received the certificate for showing respect on the pitch, well done!

The 8 girls from Year 6 also played really well. They played 3 games in the morning and after being refuelled with lunch they played a further four games. These afternoon matches were all won and a total of 14 goals were scored! Millie received the certificate for showing respect on the pitch, well done!

The Toftwood team had a great day making Mrs Hodges, Mr Barnes and Mr Chapman very proud with their fantastic behaviour, great sporting attitude and for the respect shown both on and off the pitch. Well done everyone!

Autumn 2 – KS1 Rugby Festival

On Thursday 9th November, ten children from KS1 took part in a Rugby Festival at Crusaders Rugby Club. The children rotated around seven activities, learning how to pass the ball, weave in and out, listen to their teammates and show good teamwork. These activities were run by year 9 and 10 students from Neatherd High School.

All the children received a certificate and two children were given a special certificate to celebrate their passion that they had shown on the day, normally one child gets this certificate but it was too close to choose between them. Some of the children had never tried Rugby before but all were very excited to learn and showed great determination and perseverance. They had a great time and all agreed it would be a sport they wouldn’t mind trying again! Mrs Morton and Mrs Hartley were so impressed by the behaviour of the children who attended the trip!

Autumn 2 – KS1 Cross-Country

On Wednesday 11th November 16 children from Years 1-2 competed in the WNDSSP’s cross country competition. The theme for the event was honesty, with the children needing to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Albie from Year 2 won a special sticker for demonstrating this theme, after he lost his shoe during the race and had to run a portion of the race with only one!

We were so impressed with the children’s attitude and behaviour, as they were excellent role models for our Federation.

Well done Toftwood!

Speed Stacking Festival

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On Friday 20th October, 10 children from Year 3 participated in a Speed Stacking Festival at UEA. This involved a carousel of activities which involved variations of speed, numbers of cups, and sizes of the stacks being built.

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The children played a range of team games that utilised important skills such as communication and listening to one another as the passionate sports leaders introduced the children to a sport they had never explored before.

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Mrs Pawley was very impressed by the children’s determination to learn a challenging new skill. All of the children loved the day, enjoying and improving in every cup stacking challenge. “I’m having so much fun!” one of the children exclaimed half way through.

Super Job, Year 3!

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Autumn 1 – Year 2 speed stacking

On Friday 20th October, 10 children from year 2 attended UEA Sportspark in Norwich to represent our federation in a KS1 Speed stacking event. The event focused on encouraging self-belief- “have a go and do your personal best!” The children had to work as a team to complete 12 different speed stacking activities, each with a different area of challenge- speed, teamwork, motor skills and strategy.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves and working together to complete the challenges, and had smiles on their faces all day! They became super speedy “speed stackers” by the end of the day!

C:\Users\e.bruce\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG_9421.JPG Well done to everyone that took part!


UKS2 Tag Rugby Festival

On Thursday 12th October, year 5 enjoyed competing in a tag rugby event. The festival was organised by the WNDSSP and some sport leaders from Langley School.
The children enjoyed a carousel of activities that introduced the skills required in this game: passing, tackling (grab the tag), running and then also practiced these skills in a hybrid game of tag rugby netball. After learning and practicing the skills required the children then took part in 4 practice games against other schools.

Mr Barnard was very proud of the effort put in and how the children built up their understanding of the game and tactics that could be used within the game scenarios. The children all represented the school well and always shook the hands of the opposition after the games (which was commended by adults from other schools).
Well done guys, you should be very proud of your effort
and determination shown throughout the day.

Autumn 1 2023 – KS1 Football Festival

On Thursday 5th October, 5 children from year 1 and 5 children from year 2 attended Goals in Norwich to represent our federation in a KS1 Football Festival. The event started working on some teamwork skills and then they worked through 4 different football activities.

They practised dribbling, passing and then finished with a match and penalty shoot out!

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed being outside, active and developing their football skills, and had smiles on their faces all day! For many, it was their first time playing in a football match and they have all said they would like to play again.

Well done to everyone that took part!

29.9.23 – Active Kids Festival

On Friday 29th September, 19 children from years 2 and year 4 went to Taverham High School for an Active Kids Festival. The children were able to try a range of activities involving throwing, catching, running and moving in different ways. The children worked independently, in pairs and in small groups working on their team work skills. They listened well to the Sports Leaders and enjoyed trying the activities with them.  It was lovely to see the children working in mixed year groups and supporting each other.

“I liked the throwing the ball one and the running one,” said Finley. “It was really fun,” said George. “That one was awesome, that’s my favourite,” said Fletcher, referring to the game Not in your back yard. “The sports leaders were really helpful,” said Josh. “I really liked it because I really liked all the different types of sports,” said Jessica.

Team day for Years Reception, One and Two

On Thursday 6th July the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 participated in Team Day. The children were put into mixed year group teams and completed 14 different multi skill activities over the course of a morning and afternoon. We were helped by some work experience students from Neatherd High School and some Year 6 Sports Leaders.

Some of the activities required the children to work as a team such as passing a ball over their heads then though their legs. Other activities required agility such as stepping in all the gaps in the agility ladder as quickly as they could. There were also activities to practise ball skills by dribbling a football around some cones on the playground and shooting balls into a goal.

All the children participated well and worked together to earn points for their team. The winning team was presented with a certificate at the end of the session.