Anti-Bullying Week & Odd Socks Day – Nov 2022

The Federation supported Anti-Bullying Week 2022 by taking part in ‘Odd Socks Day’ which is an annual event organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. On Monday 14th November all children and staff were invited to wear odd socks or brightly coloured/patterned tights to celebrate their individuality.

Throughout the week children also took part in discussions within their classes about friendship and the importance of kindness to others. We discussed what to do if we felt someone was being unkind and recapped the importance of our Golden Rules, PATHS rule and speaking to a trusted adult.
At both schools the children took part in special assemblies, with the Junior children learning more about cyber bullying and the effects it can have. Staff made links to our work on emotions and feelings in PATHS and what a positive friendship/relationship should look like, which is taught as part of our RSE learning.
At the Infant School the children in KS1 created ‘Helping Hands’ – naming 5 people they would go to if they felt someone was being unkind to them. In reception the children created their own odd sock designs to show their uniqueness! At the Junior School some classes created a ‘Kindness Wall’ for classmates to leave messages of appreciation for times when they had experienced an act of kindness from a friend or member of staff.