World Book Day 2023 – TIS


The children have had lots of fun dressing up for World Book Day and sharing their favourite stories. They played “Name that story,” which was a game involving guessing the traditional tale, when given some clues. The children also focussed on The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, Owl Babies by Martin Waddle and Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. They looked at photographs of the authors and answered questions linked to these stories.

Year 1

In year 1, the children focused on a series of stories by Tom Fletcher from, There’s an Alien in your Book and There’s a Unicorn in your book to There’s a Witch in your Book and There’s a Superhero in your Book.

The children planned and wrote their own book using the same template, including using imperative verbs and making the book interactive for the audience! They designed their own front covers and look forward to taking their books home to share with their families.


Year 2

In Year 2, the children looked at the book ‘Inside The Villains.’ The children thought of synonyms for ‘big’ and ‘bad’ to come up with new ways to describe the ‘big, bad wolf.’ The children then thought about designing their own villain, and wrote a character profile to include their appearance, enemies, strengths, weaknesses and favourite food! The children used their DT skills by creating their villain with moving parts. It was great to see the children thinking of imaginative characters and ways to make different parts of their character move. We made our own class book of villains so the children can enjoy looking at each others’ villains.