Safer Internet Day 2024

On Tuesday 6th February 2024, the children at both the Infant and Junior school celebrated Safer Internet Day. Children at each school had an assembly informing them about the day.

At the Infants the children thought about how technology has changed, and shared examples of what they like to do most on the internet. They then thought about what they can do if they feel unsafe on the internet. Albie in Year 2 said “You can tell a trusted adult” with Addison in Year 1 saying that you could tell “your mum, dad or grandparents” and Jasper said that you can tell a teacher!

Throughout the week in their Computing lessons the children at the Infant listened to the story of ‘Mo and Jaz’ who were learning to be safe online when watching videos. “I liked how they stopped the video when they were worried” said Mia in Year 2. “I would tell my dad if I saw something I didn’t like” said Henry in Year 2.

In Reception the children shared the ‘Hatch Me Story’ and also thought about what to do if you are worried about anything online.

Across the Infant school the children shared the story Chicken Clicking in one of their story slots for the week.