Your Voice Working Group Autumn 2018

In October 2018 some groups of children from Year 6 and another school took part in an online treasure hunt. Their mission was to track down certain facts and information, using the web site. Only by completing this task could the mysterious treasure chest in the middle of the room be opened.

This challenge was part of ongoing testing and development of Norfolk’s Local Offer website which has been specially designed for young people, and those with additional needs, to provide help, advice and information for their growing independence (covering areas such as health, the law, personal finance, employment and education options). It was a real privilege to take part in this with those from the local authority as this will help other young people in the future.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, found the facts and were rewarded with goodies from the treasure chest

They will be coming back in December to ask for some more feedback from us to develop the service even further.

After the session we were pleased to receive this from Claire Jones who organised the sessions. It is lovely to know that the work our children carried out may help other children and young people in the future.

Dear all,

Thank you so much for allowing us to come in to meet with some of your pupils yesterday at Toftwood Junior School. The pupils engaged brilliantly with the Treasure Hunt which was an activity designed to test out how easy / difficult CYP find the Local Offer for children and young people.

The Treasure Hunt specifically aimed to examine how they navigated the website to find information, how easy or difficult this was, how accessible the information was for them and whether they thought they would use the information, now or in the future.

We have certainly got some food for thought about some aspects which we will reflect upon over the next few days and weeks. The second session is now booked for Wednesday 12th December, 9:30-10:30, again at Toftwood Junior School. It will be for all 18 pupils to come together so we can feedback to them what changes we have made as a result of their feedback.

At the feedback ‘We did’ session, the pupils will all receive a certificate for taking part. We will also bring the Treasure Chest back with us and so please let us know if there are any allergies so that we only put treats in the Treasure Chest that are okay for everyone.

We would like to give our grateful thanks to both head teachers for allowing this activity to take place with their pupils, all the staff who helped to make it happen and all the pupils for engaging so well with our activity – it was a great pleasure.

With best wishes,

Claire Jones, Local Offer Manager