Year 1 – Summer 1

This half term the children have been learning about both fiction and non-fiction texts. As part of their continuing topic of ‘Our Planet and Beyond’, the children wrote their own non-fiction booklet. The children learnt about the layout of different non-fiction texts, and what they should include.  Their final pieces contained a front cover and a contents page as well as information about planets, the moon and Earth. They really enjoyed sharing their own non-fiction books with children in Year 2.

The children also enjoyed writing a letter to either Mel Clarke, a Paralympian who competed in London 2012 Olympics and won a silver medal in archery, or Sophie McKinna, who has been in the Tokyo Olympic games and will be going to Paris to compete this year in shotput.

They have recapped their letter knowledge to write their own letters including the address, formal language and adding question marks after a question. We are hoping that we shall receive a reply and cannot wait to see the Olympics start this year!

Year 2 Summer 1

This half term the children in year 2 were surprised with instructions from the FLI (Federal literacy inspectors!) asking for help to create their own stories! Each day the children received challenges to support writing their own fiction book, including creating their own characters, settings and plot. The children loved making their very own books!


The children also watched a film called ‘Embarked’ and answered questions about what they watched using their Vipers skills. They used this film as inspiration to describe the city and countryside. They then designed their own treehouses and wrote instructions about how to build them.


Finally, year 2 looked at the Lifesize and Actual Size books. They were fascinated to see the different sizes of the animals as well as parts of the animals! They linked their English and Maths learning, by measuring the different parts of the animal using non-standard and standard measurements.


Reception – Su1 2024

This half term, the topic in Reception has been ‘Once Upon a Time.’ The children have read a variety of traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks & The Three Bears. They have also listened to alternative versions of traditional tales such as Jack and the baked beanstalk, Goldilocks and just 1 bear and The 3 little wolves and the big bad pig.

C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_293110_82dxyncjejqnmt35ma4g6xqkv9dwykmz.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_293384_yzrt1d2v27mv4dmq3qqhqn2cfp9njy69.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_292681_2szg9wtgf2ynq3q9p746vtrh1pfa6ay8.jpg They have been applying their phonics skills through creating ‘wanted’ posters for the big bad wolf, drawing story maps and writing their own versions of the stories. The children have also practised retelling and acting out the stories, as well as playing with small world scenes. 


RE Spring Term 2024


In Reception this term we have enjoyed reading ‘A Kind Stranger’, a bible story about the importance of showing kindness to those around us. We thought about why it is important to make good choices and be kind to others. The children discussed how we can be kind in school and linked this to our school’s Golden rules.

As it got closer to the Easter holidays we read another bible story called ‘The Happy Day’. This story taught us how Christian people believe that Jesus rose from his tomb after three days and how joyful his friends and disciples were. We learnt that this is why many people celebrate Easter and that our chocolate Easter eggs symbolise new life.

Year 1

This term in RE, Marsha and Todd visited the children and told them all about the celebration of Shabbat. They were able to link this celebration to when they learnt about the Jewish celebration of Hannukah in December. 

P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\CM1\Shabbat\IMG_6621.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\CM1\Shabbat\IMG_6616.JPG

In the later part of the term, the children also learnt about the Christian celebration of Easter and learned the Easter Story. 

Year 2

This term the children have been learning about how we may belong to a faith family. The learnt about how christenings are important when belonging to a faith family. The children acted out, and made their own Christening scene.

The children have also learnt about Passover and how it is celebrated. Marsha and Todd visited the children to talk about the celebration of Passover.They thought about the celebrations they take part in, and the objects that are important to them. They then created their own Seder plate.

P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\KA2\Spring 2\IMG_2679.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\KA2\Spring 2\IMG_2676.JPG

Art Summer 1 2024

Year 3

We have focussed on the artist Jeannie Baker and the text ‘The Window’ as an inspiration for our artwork. Using mixed media we created a Jeannie Baker inspired collage of a view from a window.

The children have used their knowledge of blending paints to create different shades and tones to replicate sky and grassland as a background and then used a variety of materials for collaging for texture. Once they were happy with their backgrounds, they gathered natural resources from the school grounds to recreate their window scenes. They thought carefully about placing natural resource on their collages.

Year 4

This half term, we have learnt about Claude Monet and have used his paintings to inspire a watercolour creation of water lilies. We have created a fact file of Claude Monet and have experimented with blending paints, using sponges and brushes to create a piece of art based on the impressionist’s famous paintings.

We have also explored the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti. We have used mixed media to create the sculptures. We used foil to produce the shapes we wanted, then applied masking tape to it. Finally we very carefully added clay to create our sculptures, these range from animals to peoples in different poses.

Year 5

This half term, we have created collages inspired by our Geography topic of Norfolk landscapes. We have focussed on the perspective of fore and back ground and the effected of using mixed medias.

Year 6

This half term we have observational bird drawings. We used our sketching techniques of contour, cross, random and hatching as well as stippling to complete a series of observational drawings. After each drawing, we evaluated our art work and annotated the areas we felt we could improve and the things that we liked.

Music Summer 1


This term the children have enjoyed our topic once upon a time, where the children have been learning about traditional tales such as, little red riding hood, three billy goats and the ugly duckling etc.   The children particularly enjoyed the ginger bread man where the story was told through “Zorba the Greek.” As the tempo quicken in the song so did the tension in the story. They have also been watching Cbeebies Musical Storyland episodes such as to ‘The 3 Billy goats gruff’ where musicians from the BBC Philharmonic are joined by the storyteller, playing music and singing songs. Which you can watch here: –

The Children also enjoyed watching Miss Helens; perform the three little pigs, getting the children to join with building the houses and blowing them down as the big bad wolf using the music to help them express themselves!  

Year 1

In Year 1 we have been learning to play the song ‘Get ready’ from our Charanga lessons. The children have used the chime bars and talked in detail about the different notes each bar makes. They identified the notes needed to play the song and the children listened carefully to the rhythm/pulse of the song before we began to play. The Charanga lesson showed us when was the correct time to play each note and the children showed excellent concentration and perseverance. They were very proud to perform the song together as a class.

Year 2

During Summer 1 each Year 2 class had the opportunity to learn how to play the ocarina. The children learnt how to hold the ocarina and how to blow into it correct so it doesn’t squeak! They also learnt the notes D, B and G. They have learnt how to play songs using these notes and performed them confidently. All the children really enjoyed learning to play this instrument and many commented it was their favourite part of their music learning this year!

Art Summer 1


In Reception this half term, we have been exploring art both in class and outside in Ted’s Den. We have been experimenting with different materials including pipe cleaners, buttons, gems, pebbles, leaves and sticks to make our artwork. We had to think carefully about the material we chose to represent different elements in our art frames!

Year 1

In Year One we have been looking at the artist Jackson Pollock during our Planet and Beyond topic. We learnt about the techniques he used in his artwork and had a go at creating some of our own splatter paintings. We discovered that flicking the paint created lots of different patterns including lines, dots and curves. We had so much fun making our Pollock inspired galaxy paintings!

We also looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and created our own sculptures out of natural materials on the school grounds. We used leaves, grass, stones and feathers to make pictures on the playground.

The children also used natural materials to weave. They found natural objects and weaved these between some pieces of string to create some lovely pictures. They also used the leaves to print into clay.

Year 2 We have been very busy in Year Two this half term. We explored the artwork of the American artist Andy Warhol, as part of our Art Around the World topic. We drew our own pictures and photocopied them to make four exact copies, in the style of Warhol. We then experimented with oil pastels to add bold colours to our work.

We then learnt about Australasian aboriginal ‘dreamings’. We explored some material with aboriginal prints to look at the colours and techniques used. We cut out bold designs and symbols in black sugar paper to create waterholes, footsteps, people and animal tracks in our dreamings. We noticed aboriginal paintings use lots of repeating dot patterns, which we then incorporated into our own art by dipping the ends of paintbrushes into paint.

The children also created some paintings inspired by the continent of Asia. We were inspired by the cherry blossoms that can be found in Asia throughout the Spring and the children recreated these with paint. They thought carefully about the colours they would need and were successful when mixing red and white to create the perfect shade of pink.

Summer 1 2024 Tri-Golf Event

On Thursday 2nd May, 10 children from Year 2 took part in a Tri-Golf event at Taverham High School. The children rotated around eight activities throughout the day and learned how to vary the swing of the golf club, control the ball and aim at a target. Each activity station was played in teams and the Taverham High School sports leaders were there to praise and encourage the children whilst developing key skills.

All the children who attended the event received a certificate with one child receiving a special certificate for their demonstration of honesty. Many of the children had never tried golf before this event and we were very proud of their enthusiasm and behaviour. A great time was had by all and we all agreed that this was a sport that we would definitely want to try again.

“I love golf now, this was the best day ever” – Annabelle, Year 2