Reception – Su1 2024

This half term, the topic in Reception has been ‘Once Upon a Time.’ The children have read a variety of traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks & The Three Bears. They have also listened to alternative versions of traditional tales such as Jack and the baked beanstalk, Goldilocks and just 1 bear and The 3 little wolves and the big bad pig.

C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_293110_82dxyncjejqnmt35ma4g6xqkv9dwykmz.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_293384_yzrt1d2v27mv4dmq3qqhqn2cfp9njy69.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_292681_2szg9wtgf2ynq3q9p746vtrh1pfa6ay8.jpg They have been applying their phonics skills through creating ‘wanted’ posters for the big bad wolf, drawing story maps and writing their own versions of the stories. The children have also practised retelling and acting out the stories, as well as playing with small world scenes. 


Reception – Spring 2 2024

This half term the children in Reception have been working really hard on recapping all of the digraphs they have learnt so far this year. This has included recapping the actions and songs to go with these actions. In phonics lessons, they have practised spotting these digraphs in words and sentences they are reading and they have also been trying to spell and write words that contain these digraphs. 

In continuous provision, the children have continued to access phonics and literacy related resources to embed the learning they have been doing in phonics lessons. They have been looking through the class book containing stories they have written, writing recipes in Ted’s Den and reading words on buried treasure! They have also been writing during their role play, writing medical slips for animals at the vets and booking dentist appointments.  

Literacy in Reception- Spring 1 2024

This half term the children have continued to work very hard in their phonics lessons and have been busy learning many new digraphs and tricky words.

Our topic has been ‘Fantasy’ and the children have been enjoying listening lots of stories such as Supertato, Room on the Broom and Aliens Love Underpants. They have also been acting out these stories using masks and props!

In provision, the children have been busy exploring literacy activities such as writing potions & magic spells, leaving notes for the fairies to read and using picture cards to sequence stories.

Reception – Literacy Autumn 2

The children in Reception have continued to work hard in their phonics lessons and have learnt all of the single sounds. They have also started learning some tricky words too and remembering that they can’t sound these out!

They have also been practising their blending and segmenting skills and have enjoyed activities in the tuff spots that help them to develop these skills. 

Lots of mark making and writing continues to happen outside of phonics lessons and the children have been practising their writing skills both inside and outside.

Reception – English Autumn 1 

The reception children have been so busy in their first half term at school! They have been familiarising themselves with their new learning environments both inside and outside and have been getting stuck into all the mark making and writing opportunities that are available. 

They have started daily phonics lessons and have began learning the single sounds through stories, actions and songs. 

Reception have also started the story scribing process and many of the children have been using their imaginations to come up with ideas to write their own story. They have also been creating registers, menus and labels for around the classroom. Some children have been writing a few initial sounds in their stories and practicing to write their name. 

Reception – Summer 2


C:\Users\i.coombes\Pictures\m_o_283029_yvs5b896peka27ngr7en26w6gvv4hjpv (1).jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Pictures\m_o_282857_pzw17ea9rcpmrq9stvrnpr38qntymcqs.jpg The children in Reception have been working hard to put into practise all the things they have learnt this year. They have been busy reading to themselves in their independent learning time, making up new writing games and practising their letter formation in notebooks and diaries.


They have also been practising their story writing skills and becoming much more independent, needing less help from an adult each time they write! Their topic has been ‘Around the World’ and the children have enjoyed writing about animals and habitats that they have been learning about.


In phonics lessons, the children have been working on their sentence writing and trying to make their sentences ‘super!’ This means using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.


Reception Understanding the World

Autumn 2020

This term in reception the children enjoyed exploring Ted’s den, looking at plants and trees, birdwatching and seeing what they can dig up in the digging area. We have also been learning about our bodies, naming the body parts and finding out what food keeps us healthy.