World Mental Health Day 2018

Across the federation we decided to take part in World Mental Health Day 2018 by wearing bright colours and talking about Mental Health. The staff in the federation well being team planned assemblies and activities to take part in throughout the day.

In assemblies at both schools we discussed what Mental Health is, different emotions and who we can go to if we are finding things difficult as well as age appropriate strategies to support positive mental health and well-being.

In classes we also talked about the importance of being ‘mentally healthy’, ways we can manage our own well-being, things that we find helpful and how we can understand and support others to feel happier if they are having a time when they feel sad, anxious or worried about something.

The children at the junior school also experienced mindfulness activities during the lunch hour too.

Infant School Assembly

Junior School Assembly

Reception children learning about feelings and who can help if they feel sad, anxious and angry

Children in Year 2 creating ‘Helping Hearts’ to think about how they can help themselves and others feel happier.

Year 3 all dressed up in their bright colours!

Year 5 children doing mindfulness outside in the sun!

thumbnail of World Mental Health Day assembly Infants

thumbnail of WorldMentalHealthDayAssembly – Juniors