Christmas Card Delivery 2019

The Federation School Council have been very busy over the festive period designing and creating Christmas cards to send to the local community. We discussed the importance of belonging to a community and how lucky we are as a Federation to have such caring and supportive neighbours.

Once the cards had been created five of our council members took time out of their lunch break along with two members of staff to hand deliver the cards around the neighbourhood. Lots of people came out to say thank you including our friends at Little Owls Day Nursery. The nursery children were very excited to see us arrive with our hats on. “I think they thought we were real elves!” one of the School Councillors commented. We all agreed that hand delivering the cards and seeing everyone’s smiles made us feel very festive indeed!

British Values – Democracy and the General Election 2019

In the run up to the General Election the Federation School Council have been discussing the word ‘Democracy’ and thinking about British Values. We talked about what the word Democracy means and how important it is to our country. We also thought back to when our classes voted and elected us during Hustings week and as School Council class representatives. We can see how important it is that everyone got the chance to have a vote.

thumbnail of British Values powerpoint

All year groups have been recapping the importance of our British Values during the run up to the General Election and as a School Council we looked at the five values and thought about how they fit into daily life at Toftwood Infant and Junior School Federation. Some of the Infant School Council members have started to make posters for their rooms. Please see below for some information about British Values and some of the ideas we discussed in our meeting.

Yr 6 – “Voting takes place in our school so that everyone can have their say.”

In our school we have children and staff from other countries and cultures. We like to find out more about them by getting to know them more.

Yr 3 – “We say welcome!”

Individual liberty is about voicing our opinions in class.

Yr 5 – “We often get to do this especially in RE and PSHE”

Infant children discussed how important ‘Golden time’ is to them.

Federation Chairperson Yr 6 – “The Golden Rules are brilliant for our school because they keep each child feeling safe.”

A sound understanding of this enables our children to learn what is right and wrong – invaluable skills to equip them as they get older and face more challenges and decisions. This relates to the Rule of Law.

This term, the Federation School Council wanted to make changes and improvements to their playtimes. The Infants requested that some older children came over as playground pals to support and mentor them during playtimes. This now happens and is working successfully. The juniors suggested that different areas of the playground are allocated to different activities so that everyone is included and can feel safe. This is now mapped out and followed by the MSAs who have acknowledged the improvements that have been made. Corridor monitors at Juniors also help us to feel safe around the school.

These suggestions were all raised by our Federation school council this term, highlighting the importance of our pupils’ voices demonstrating our understanding of the British Values in practice.

Children in Need 2019

On Monday 18th November children across the federation supported Children in Need through a non-uniform day. This year the School Council chose the theme of ‘Sporty or Spotty’ clothing and organised for the federation to take part in the Children in Need – ‘Big Morning Move’ workout. This workout was hosted by fitness coach Joe Wicks and lasted just under 20 minutes. Children across the Federation took part alongside other children around the country in order to raise awareness of the importance of keeping fit and healthy, whilst raising money for children who need extra care and support.

Our School Council created posters to advertise the event and collected the donations from each class.

A fun time was had by all and the workout was definitely a good way to start our day!

Thank you to everyone for the generous donations. The Federation raised an amazing total of £586.45!