Spring 2 2024

In English this half term, we have been focusing on the topic of Myths and Legends. We have compared the two and found that legends are more based in truth and myths have more magical and mystical elements to them! Throughout the half term, we have been developing our story writing techniques and have been particularly focusing on creating settings for our very own myths. The children enjoyed using similes and effective adjectives to describe their own imagined lands! We have also been looking at using speech to add interest and move the story forward. The children have loved this topic as they can really let their imagination run wild!

In guided reading lessons, we have been reading Beowulf, which is an Anglo Saxon mythical story. The text contains some archaic language which can be tricky to understand but the children have enjoyed trying to decipher what it means and have even been inspired to use it in their own writing! The story of Beowulf is quite different to anything else we have read in Year 4! A lot of the children have enjoyed the change of pace and have been so engaged with the story and predicting what might happen next.

This term in Year 4, we have been learning about multiplication and division, length and perimeter, shape and fractions. The children have been building on their prior knowledge by implementing what they already know about fractions and applying it into their Year 4 work. The children were able to extend their mathematical vocabulary by explaining what improper, mixed and proper fractions are. We have looked at how to add and subtract fractions using the same denominator. Also, the children were able to use a fraction wall and a number line to find equivalent fractions. This can be very difficult but the children showed amazing determination and resilience.

The children particularly enjoyed learning about lines of symmetry in our shapes topic. They used a mirror to work out if a shape had a line of symmetry or not. As an extension activity, we challenged the children to find shapes around the classroom that had any lines of symmetry.  

This term in Year 4, the children have been learning about what a sacrifice is. This children have learnt about a variety of sacrifices such as giving up time and money in order to help someone else. All children were able to identify what different sacrifices have in common which helped them to answer our big question. The children particularly enjoyed their role play activity where they decided how they would sacrifice their money to give it to organisations that need it most. All children were able to explain why they thought their organisation needed the money and how they would spend it to help others.

Year 4 have had a fabulous time cooking fish cakes; learning the D&T cooking skills of peeling and coating. We started by peeling and cutting potatoes into chunks, before boiling them and mashing them. We added this to tuna and grated lemon peel, finally flavouring it with parsley. We then scooped a handful of this mixture to press into a fish cake. We then practiced the skill of coating these fish cakes in breadcrumbs to learn to how to create a coating. The fish cakes went in to the oven for 20 minutes and we were able to take them home to taste them. They were delicious!

This term in year 4 we have been learning how to edit pictures. The children have been writing Myth and Legend stories in English and have designed front covers for their stories by using their newly learnt picture editing skills. They have really enjoyed learning how to layer pictured on top of each other and learning how to use filters to change the mood of their picture.