PE Year 5 Autumn 1

In Real Gym, the children have been focussing on their creative skills.

They are learning to:

  • change tactics, rules or tasks to make activities more fun or more challenging.
  • respond imaginatively to different situations.
  • use variety and creativity to engage an audience.

They have thoroughly enjoyed using hoops, mats, ropes, balls etc to extend their creativity and make a sequence of linked movements, working individually, with a partner and in small groups. They also use, benches and the larger gymnastic equipment.

In outdoor PE, the children have been working on their cognitive skills.

They are learning to:

  • explain what they are doing well.
  • identify areas for improvement.
  • understand ways (criteria) to judge performance.
  • suggest patterns of play which will increase chances of success.
  • develop methods to outwit opponents.

They have been developing skills to use and adapt traditional games such as a bean bag raid.

LW5 are also enjoying their swimming lessons at the Leisure Centre.