Reception Autumn 1 2021

The Reception children have been settling in very nicely to their new school over the last few weeks. They have been exploring their new classrooms and having fun in the outdoor areas, including Ted’s Den. The children have been enjoying using the big playground at lunchtimes and eating their lunch together in the hall. They have been working hard in class and have already started learning about letters and numbers. They have also been very busy making new friends and getting to know each other. 

Summer 2 in Reception 2021

This half term, we have been learning all about continents!

We started the topic by looking at Google Earth and searching for places that we were familiar with. We zoomed in on our school and enjoyed seeing the playground and field from up above! We learnt that there are 7 continents and 5 oceans.

The first continent we looked at was Oceania, sometimes called Australasia. We looked at the Great Barrier Reef and talked about how we could look after the ocean and the planet. We learnt the names of some sea creatures that live there, and found out some facts about them. The children had a go at some bubble paintings and experimented with blowing bubbles in watery paint to create a sea effect picture. We also did a Science experiment where we tested various objects to see if they would float on water with no salt, a bit of salt and a lot of salt!

Our next continent was Antarctica! We found out that no humans live there, they only go for a short while to do scientific research. We learnt about how cold Antarctica is through exploring ice in the tuff spot and looked at animals that live there and how they survive in the cold. We also found out some facts using non-fiction books.

We then learnt about the continent of Europe. We looked at some of the landmarks around Europe, such as the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge and Loch Ness. We also looked at the United Kingdom and the countries that make up the UK. We have also been talking about the football and the Euro 2021 Championships! The children have been playing a small world football game, looking at flags from the different countries and had a go at making their own to take home and wave!

Summer 1 2021 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Once upon a time.’ The children have been busy looking at a variety of traditional tales including Jack and the Beanstalk, The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Ugly Duckling.

The children have also enjoyed listening to alternative versions of these stories such as, ‘Goldilocks and Just One Bear,’ ‘The Three Little Superpigs’ and ‘Good Little Wolf.’

We started the half term by looking at ’Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children planted their own bean seeds and have taken these home to look after, we have enjoyed seeing the progress photos on Tapestry and looking at how much they have grown over the weeks!

We have also read ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and conducted a science experiment! The children thought about what would happen to The Gingerbread Man if he fell off of the Fox and into the river. As a class, the children discussed what they thought might happen and then we did a test by putting some Gingerbread Men into a variety of liquids. Our predictions were that the Gingerbread Man would get ‘soggy,’ ‘mushy’ and ‘wet.’ Someone also predicted that the Gingerbread Man would ‘absorb’ the water! We tested the Gingerbread Men in lemonade, vinegar, oil, water and custard. The children were interested to find out that the Gingerbread Man that was in the oil, didn’t go soggy but stayed solid.

One of the most popular stories has been ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and many of the children enjoyed practising their acting skills by retelling the story to the rest of the class. They have also been busy learning how to make a basket like Little Red’s, by cutting out and assembling a net. The children have enjoyed exploring the woods small world tuff spots too.

Reception’s first indoor PE lesson – Summer 1 2021

The children in Reception had their first PE lesson in the hall this week, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! They had a range of equipment out to practise their gross motor skills, all arranged in 5 different circuits for them to go round.  

The circuits contained tunnels to crawl through, a bridge to climb over, textured beams to balance on, agility tables to jump off and the large apparatus to climb very high!  

The grown ups were very impressed with not only their great PE skills, but their good listening and team work too. Well done Reception!  

Spring 2 2021 in Reception

Our topic for this half term has been ‘animals.’ The first few weeks of the half term were spent learning from home and the children continued to access their learning remotely. During these few weeks, they learnt about farm animals and jungle animals. They learnt what baby animals were called and played a game where they had to match the baby animals to their Mummy’s. The children have also been singing and learning animal songs such as ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ and ‘Walking in the Jungle.’ Many of the children enjoyed taking part in Cosmic Yoga and had a go at some jungle and farm themed yoga sessions as part of PE.  

The Reception children have all been very creative and have enjoyed following the animal themed craft tutorials that have been posted on Tapestry. They have been making a variety of animals and also masks and hats which they wear to the Friday Disco!  

Reception Spring 1 2021

The topic for this half term has been ‘Fantasy’ and the children in Reception have been doing this in class and through our Remote Learning Offer.  

They have been learning all about witches, aliens, pirates and superheroes!  

The children have been busy following the craft tutorials that Mrs Brown, Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Partridge have been recording for the children to watch. We have seen some fabulous art work from the children in school and learning at home. This has included: planet paintings, paper frogs, treasure maps and wands! 

The children have also been taking part in live lessons and have been doing some wonderful writing and reading as well as learning lots of new tricky words and digraphs. They have been practising their letter formation, playing tricky word musical statues and digraph bingo! It has been so nice to be able to learn together even with some of the children doing their learning at home.

In maths, the children have been learning about time, weight, measurement, doubling and halving. They have been looking around their homes to see how many ways of measuring time they can find, exploring capacity with water and containers and doubling with the help of ladybird spots.  

Reception Autumn 2 2020

This half term our topic has been ‘Celebrations.’ We started by learning about Bonfire Night, we found out who Guy Fawkes was, talked about the fireworks that we had seen from our gardens or windows, and created some firework art using paint and a salad spinner! 

We also spent a week learning about birthdays! We wrote invitations and party food lists, created birthday cards and best of all, had a birthday party with our favourite songs! We have been able to find out when our own birthdays are and learnt the months of the year.  

On 11th November, we learnt about Remembrance Day and talked about why people wear poppies. We were able to make our own poppies to wear in class, and had a class assembly where we observed the 2 minutes’ silence.  

We have also been learning about Diwali; the Hindu festival of light. We have designed our own Mehndi’s, lanterns, rangoli patterns and Diva lamps. We were very lucky to have a dance workshop with Miss Helen where she taught us some dance moves and we helped to tell the story of Rama and Sita. We all enjoyed wearing Bindi’s and bells whilst we were dancing.