Spring RE 2024

Year 3

In RE, Year 3 have been learning about Islam and what Muslims believe about God. This has been a very interesting and detailed unit in which the children have discussed who the Islamic god Allah is, how Muslims show their dedication and belief to Him, and why prayer is an important part of their religion (see the pictures of the children trying out the Islamic position for praying). It has been excellent to see the children enquiring about the similarities and differences between Islam and religions they have previously learned about, such as Christianity and Hinduism. Please find details of our previous March visit from Janet Marshall, in which she discussed many aspects of Islam and developed the children’s interest in exploring a new faith, under our Year 3 tab.

Year 4

This term in Year 4, the children have been learning about what a sacrifice is. This children have learnt about a variety of sacrifices such as giving up time and money in order to help someone else. All children were able to identify what different sacrifices have in common which helped them to answer our big question.


The children particularly enjoyed their role play activity where they decided how they would sacrifice their money to give it to organisations that need it most. All children were able to explain why they thought their organisation needed the money and how they would spend it to help others.

Year 5

In RE, Year 5 have been focusing on our enquiry question of ‘What does the Resurrection mean to Christians?’ They have been looking at what happens on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and have been making comparisons between the different Gospels.

On Thursday 21st March, Reverent Laura delivered a workshop to each Year 5 class. The children started off by looking at a photograph of Jesus’ tomb, whereby the children discussed the photo, which depicts the Resurrection. The children commented how bright the picture was.

Reverent Laura asked the children why Good Friday had that name – the children thought it was because it was the end of the week! She explained that the day got its name because Christians believe that God loves us and is willing to die for us. The children discussed the meaning of names and Reverent Laura informed us that Jesus’ name means he saves. The children were very curious as to what their name meant and used the tablets to find the answer!

The last part of the workshop involved discussing the 5 meanings of Easter Eggs. The children were really fascinated that Easter Eggs are hollow, which illustrates the tomb being empty! Overall, the children discovered that the Resurrection is so important to Christians because it demonstrates a new life, a promise and a gift.


Year 6

RE Spring Term 2024

In this half term, Year 6 considered the big question; Creation and Science – conflicting or complementary?

We began the unit by looking at some of the natural and manmade wonders of the world before recapping our learning from year 3 on the creation story in Judaism and Christianity, and how it may conflict or complement scientific theories of the beginning of the world; this also went alongside their science topic of evolution. The children wrote some lovely poems about different aspects of creation.

We had some fantastic discussions about how people interpret their religious texts and leads to differing viewpoints, even within the same religion.