DT Spring Term 2024

Year 3, Spring Term

The children have been busy, designing their own Three Age dwelling – based on their History topic of Stone Age to Iron Age.  They chose their own materials and constructed their dwelling.  They evaluated their designs and the materials that they chose.

Year 3 have created their own bookmark.  They have explored three different types of stitching (running, overcast and backstitch, creating samples of these to help decide which stitch they prefer for their design.  They have drawn and labelled a diagram of their design, and have, in many cases, adapted these as they have progressed from drawing to stitching!  The children evaluated their product, spending much time deciding whether they would like to change anything if they had the opportunity to do it again.

Year 4 Spring Term

This term in year 4, we have combined our Science topic of electricity and our Geography topic of mountains to create a working electrical board game. The children have loved using their scientific skills in a practical way and have created some fantastic board games, fit with light bulbs and buzzers. The children used their problem solving skills to ensure that their wires connected to the correct conductors in order for their games to work.

Year 4 has also completed their Food Technology project for this term: Fish cakes!

Through the process of producing fish cakes, they have learnt the D&T cooking skills of peeling and coating. We started by peeling and cutting potatoes into chunks, before boiling them and mashing them. We added this to tuna and grated lemon peel, finally flavouring it with parsley. We then scooped a handful of this mixture to press into a fish cake. We then practiced the skill of coating these fish cakes in breadcrumbs to learn to how to create a coating. The fish cakes went in to the oven for 20 minutes and we were able to take them home to taste them. They were delicious!

Year 5 Spring Term

During the spring term, Year 5 made a vegetarian curry. The children had a sequence of lessons whereby they carefully considered how to stay safe in the kitchen, discovered the different food groups, planned and researched a curry, made a vegetarian curry and then evaluated it. The skills that the children mastered were: chopping, measuring, peeling and squeezing. The children surprised themselves and enjoyed the curry despite it having lots of vegetables in!