Art Autumn 1 2023


In reception we have been exploring the creative areas to make lots of artwork. We have also been working on explaining what we have made and have practised sharing our knowledge of how to make things with others. We have been working hard at practising our safe scissor skills and using our imaginations to create with purpose. During our harvest morning we created hedgehogs using paint and fork

Year 1

The children have been learning about their favourite animals this term as part of their topic learning. They chose their favourite animal and used a photo of the animal to draw their own. They looked at the different shapes they could see and thought carefully about the sizes of the animals different body parts. They then painted their animals, thinking selectively about the colours they chose.

Year 2

In Autumn the children have designed and created their own medieval shield. The children thought carefully about the colours that they would use for their shield, many using typical Nordic colours such as gold, yellow, green. They then added their own icons to their shield, they did this by creating a stamp which they stamped onto their painted shield. The results were great!

P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\RP2\IMG_4768.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\RP2\IMG_4787.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\RP2\IMG_4766.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\RP2\IMG_4770.JPG